DreamStation BiPAP Pro with Humidifier and Heated Tube CPAP Machine Review

Dreamstation BiPAP / CPAP Machine

Respironics DreamStation BiPAP is a low-profile design sleek looking device. It has a multitude of features that are designed to help you get the best nights rest possible. The DreamStation Pro BiPAP or BiLevel Positive Airway has a fixed CPAP and a fixed BiPAP mode built in. It also sports a humidifier and heated tube.

The BiPAP functionality is slightly different to CPAP in that it delivers alternating levels of a higher pressure to keep the airways open and a lower pressure level allowing you exhale easily.

The DreasmStation is one of the best Sleep Apnea machines on the market. The BiPAP Pro includes features such as Bluetooth connectivity; intuitive menu system; daily progress feedback; top mounted hose outlet that rotates 180 degrees; two step air filtration; SD card for data storage; and detachable humidifier. It is easy to operate even when lying down in bed and you can monitor your sleep patterns using your personalized DreamMapper App Account.

The LCD On-Screen Display allows you to easily view the results of your sleep analysis. The screen is well lit when the user interface is in use, but as the lights of the room dim the system is designed to decrease lighting on the LCD screen as well.

Monitoring your progress is simple with the DreamStation. It allows you to evaluate your progress daily and it confirms that your BiPAP machine was working correctly throughout the night. The DreasmStation Pro also gives you 30-day alerts and reminders for maintenance of your machine.

The machine itself is lightweight and easily transportable. It has a very low noise level which is great for you and your partner. This is why we classed this as the best CPAP machine if you are looking for a premium model.

  • Humidifier included
  • BiPAP and CPAP functionality
  • Small & lightweight
  • Low noise level

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