DreamStation Auto Cpap DSX500T11 for Sleep Apnea Review

DreamStation Auto

The DreamStation Auto is an extremely easy CPAP machine to use, packed with great features. It is light, small and comes with a travel bag for easy pack up and go.

The DreamStation Auto comes with a lot of different features which include: heated humidifier; heated tube; auto-adjusting pressure; opti-start; flex comfort; SmartRamp and auto on/off to name but a few.

The heated humidifier connects directly to the machine with a dry box technology to reduce the chance of leakage into the machine. The humidifier can be set to provide constant heating throughout the night, or to an adaptive mode which automatically adjusts the heat levels depending on the ambient humidity during the night. The heated tubes also help to give you a comfortable nights rest by maintaining the heat and moisture levels. You can use the heated tube separately from the humidifier.

The auto-adjust will ensure that you get a great nights’ sleep by monitoring your breathing for flow limitation and adjusting for any that do occur. The SmartRamp feature monitors pressure levels and ramps them up if needed.

The DreamStation Pro monitors for various events during the night including hypopneas; flow limitation; snores; leaks and more. It can also detect more than your classic OSA and alert you to them so you can take action. These symptoms include things such as clear airway apnea and periodic breathing.

The DreamMapper App is free and will allow you to track your progress. The built-in Bluetooth will send all the necessary data to the DreamMapper keeping you informed at all times. A large navigation dial, bright front facing display and simple menus also help you to operate your machine effortlessly. If you’re on a budget, this is the best CPAP machine for you.

  • Lightweight and easy to use on the go
  • Heated Humidifier
  • Simple and easy to operate
  • Heated Tubes

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