Apex Medical XT Auto Machine Cpap Machine Review

XT Auto Machine

Apex Medical XT Auto CPAP is everything you may ever need in a CPAP machine with the added bonus of being small, compact and highly portable.

This little machine is feature packed including PVA; auto-adjusting algorithm; leak compensation; auto altitude adjustment; clock with alarm functions and data recording and storage. A heated humidifier is an optional extra on this machine.

The Medical XT is highly travel-friendly being. About the size of a grapefruit, it will easily fit into your luggage. A strong travel bag is supplied with the machine which will hold not only the machine but masks and hoses. It has its own power supply, so no need for bulky power bricks.

The Medical XT is an auto-tritating machine that adjusts the pressure breath for breath, it monitors the pressure needed in order to ensure that your airway is open throughout the night and adjusts accordingly. This is one of the great features included in this CPAP machine.

The leak compensation feature ensures that the pressure is adjusted as soon as a leak is detected, increasing the efficacy of the machine.

The Medical XT Auto has an extremely quiet operation at a mere 28Db of sound.

The machine will record data such as apnea Index; hypo apnea index and snore index which is displayed on an LCD screen. The SD card can be used to store the data. It is very important to be able to monitor your progress so that you can adjust your therapy accordingly, and as you are sleeping when the problem occurs, this is no easy task. The Medical XT Auto makes it easy and you can store the data to show to your doctor should you need too.

  • Very light, compact and easy to travel with
  • SD card for data storage
  • Auto-tritating feature
  • Quiet operation

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