NZXT Phantom 410 Mid Tower Computer Case Review

NZXT Phantom 410 Mid Tower

NZXT’s next best thing is right here in the market, available for everybody to possess this master piece. This computer case offered by NZXT is the mini-me version of their successful product NZXT Phantom Computer Case. This PC case manages to have all the genes which its elder brother has as its identical to its bigger version, and it also manages to give the same satisfaction to its users.

The computer chassis comes with clearance for the top of 240 mm dual radiator. This characteristic enables the water cooling solutions. The case comes with the Adjustable interior pivot of 120mm or 140mm fan slot that gives directional air flow. There is a single side fan installed in the case of 120mm / 140mm which has an acrylic window for the purpose of cooling as well as interior viewing. In the front of the case, there is a special space dedicated to the USB headers and audio & microphone input.

There are 2 USB 3.0 headers and 2 USB 2.0 headers built in the body. For a great performance of your personal computer, there is also a 30W specially set up 3 step fan control. And to manage the wires, the wire management supports about 25 mm of room for having a great cable management system. All the cables are also coloured black to go with the looks of this gaming PC case. To add to the looks, NZXT has added contrast to their fan located inside the chassis and made it a white one (in case of a black case).

The interior of the best PC case is the same colour as the outside of the case. One can easily get access to the interior by doing away with the thumb screws on the side of the panel. You no longer have to stick to the same HDD cage as this chassis comes with a removable HDD case. The top cage can be removed and gained additional 40 cm of space as well as the two remaining drive bays and here, you can easily install large graphic cards.

This easy replacement of HDD will also let you install some more graphic cards or video card. Although, when the case stays intact as it came, there is still 30.5 cm of space which is generally enough for the majority of the users. The interior is really spacious and can hold up to 6 hard drives. There is about 30 mm of spacing given behind the motherboard tray which is a great feature. In addition to all this, there exist 3 external 5.25-inch bays where each one of them has a locking mechanism same to the H2 and the Phantom.

In the rear side of the chassis, the PSU bay manages to be simple yet effective. There are four rubber bumps installed within on which the unit rests, this prevents vibrations from the chassis away and maintains the processor to work with silence. Above these, there are 7 slots for motherboard expansion given in the cabin itself. Each one of the slots is protected using a single metal mesh cover which is held firmly in its place by the thumb screws.This yet another cube computer case by NZXT deserves the same love and affection by the users as is hugely enjoyed by its elder sibling.

  • Comes with tool-less systems that are really meaningful
  • An easy fan controller is installed for about 4 units
  • Scope of a lot of cable management possibilities
  • Has the capacity hold a 240 mm or 280 mm radiator
  • Capable of holding large graphic cards and CPU coolers

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