MasterBox Lite 3 Micro ATX Mini Tower Review

MasterBox Lite 3 Micro ATX Mini Tower with Black Interior, Fits Up to 240mm Radiator

This is a mid-tower chassis introduced by Cooler Master in its Master series. The computer case offers a mid-tower case design which features multiple interior layout possibilities. The MasterBox 5 comes in two colour variants which are Black and White. The case comes along with several accessories that include case screws, zip ties, a fan adapter, radiator screws, Warranty information, a brief manual, and a side panel lock.

This is a mid tower chassis which comes along with the technology of both air as well as water cooling compatibility, and this it can do without sacrificing the airflow. There is scope for upgrade with the installation of 2/3* x 120mm or 2 x 140mm fans in the front and for the rear, 1 x 120mm fan. In the front, the bezel of the MasterBox 5 has a MeshFlow panel which can be required quickly without doing away with the side panels.

So, you can install the fans without removing the entire front bezel. There is a 120 mm of the fan which comes already pre-installed on the front panel of the chassis. In the front, there are 2 USB 3.0 ports given along with a headphone jack, a microphone jack and the usual power & reset button. At the bottom of the PC case, you will see large feet, externally removable PSU filter, and additional holes to mount and tie down points.

Then there are 3 slots provided where one can mount HDD or SDD along the bottom panel of this best gaming case. On the backside of the case, you will notice that there are vented PCI slot covers, an optional vertical PCI slot, a 120mm pre-installed fan and an I/O panel. When you remove the window-borne side panel of the case, you see that the interior is painted entirely black to match the looks of the case from outside.  Within the chassis, there are six routing holes, PSU shroud, a significant CPU cut-out and a myriad of slots for other sorts of mounting devices.

There is a pre-installed SSD mounting plate mounted on the upper right corner of the case. In addition to that, you can also mount HDD or SDD in the HDD mounting cage space that is let out in this best budget PC case. The subtle looks of this coolest computer case clubbed with its features of meeting all the basic need of a good work PC or a simple gaming PC is what makes this piece desirable. This is a budget friendly chassis which has a versatile layout. And not just that, it has the possibilities of growing with the end user.

  • The design is simple and modular
  • 5.25’’ drives are compatible with it
  • Comes at a very budget friendly price
  • Permits to install extended VGA adapters up to the length of 410 mm
  • The front and PSU intake dust filters are designed such that can be easily cleaned
  • The device supports all – single, dual and triple fan radiators

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