MasterBox 5 Black & White Mid-tower Computer Case Review

MasterBox 5 Black & White Mid-tower Computer Case

Everyone wants to have a personal computer which suits their specific needs. To avoid being in a situation where you may need a specific component for your requirements and you don’t have it, it is better to assemble your own PC. What is the first thing we would need to assemble our PC? A Computer case, right? You need a lot of components, and they should not only fit but also be assembled in a sturdy manner so that they don’t fall off or they’re not just hanging inside and causing tension on the wires leading to overheating.

To avoid all of this, we need a cool computer case. Taking care of all your needs, the company Cooler Master presents MasterBox 5 Black and White Mid-Tower Computer case which can support all kinds of components and satisfy your all kinds of requirements. It is one of the best computer cases available in the market.

The MasterBox 5 Computer case has a fantastic straight forward design which has cut-outs at the most optimum places for easy component installation and usage. It has a very flexible mid tower design and supports all kinds of components. It uses multiple interior layouts to make the installation way easier for you.

It has a sexy back and white design to give your computer its charm and is also available in more dashing colour combinations. With a form factor of 19.7 x 8.7 x 18.7 inches and weighing 16.3 pounds, it has ample space for all your stuff to place inside. All of this helps you in keeping your system clean because of the numerous routing holes and covers for your PSU.

The flexible mounting in the MasterBox 5 Computer case provides you with the ease and comfort which you would have wished for. It supports all the large and high-end components to be placed or removed easily like it has removable SSD brackets, HDD bays or support for high-end graphic cards too. Also, it has support for three USB ports. This kind of flexible modularity allows you to have multiple configurations on your personal computer.

Not just that, it has expansion support too which means that you can add additional components without using separate bases for them because the case already has specific cut-outs to support most of them. Take, for example, the motherboard cut-out, which allows you to fit up to E-ATX or the spacious interior that lets you expand the limits of liquid cooling with up to 360mm radiator support. And then there’s the feature of clean cabling which means that the chassis has hidden space in all the available system setups for cable management to avoid a mess in your computer’s case.

Another thing you want from your chassis is an efficient cooling system. The Cooler Master’s MasterBox has a compact cooling system which allows for cooling down your components whichever way you choose given the amount of space in the case is capable of all types of cooling setups. Click here for our latest review of the top cases for computers.

It supports the all in one cooling setup or the air cooler or even the DIY water cooling setup, so be assured that your computer would not heat up. So go ahead and purchase the Cooler Master’s MasterBox 5 case with Internal Configuration, ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX Support, and Nine SSD mount positions or in other words, everything that you name for.

  • Very flexible to support all kind of components
  • Support for all types of cooling options
  • Spacious mid tower chassis
  • Support for expansion and clean cabling

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