Corsair Carbide Clear 600C Inverse ATX Full Tower Case Review

Corsair Carbide Clear 600C Inverse ATX Full Tower Case

Corsair, the most reliable brand in the line of gaming products, has just released a new and improved PC case, and it is just as good as the hype makes it out to be. A sturdy and well-built computer case, it is easy to build, with a tool-free design that allows it to be easily opened and put back together if the user has to do so for repairing and upgrading the system. Installation of hardware is made just as easy, with side panel access to the components, easy and efficient cable routing systems using tie downs and rubber tubes to hold the cables.

The Corsair Carbide is ready for the installation of a water cooling system, with space two radiators, a 280 mm one at the top and a 360 mm one at the bottom, as well as a 140 mm rear fan mount for maximum and optimum cooling. The fan is larger than an ordinary fan and hence will tend to be quieter than a regular case fan. This cooling system is arranged in a reverse ATX layout, where the airflow is systematically directed to the hottest areas inside the computer case, the GPU and the CPU, thereby keeping the entire case more effectively cool.

Made entirely of metal, with no plastic sides, the Corsair Carbide is a gorgeous, sleek case with the flashiest look to be found in any brand. It has a single entirely glass side panel, which provides a panoramic view of the components inside it, as well as improving the looks of the case drastically, giving it a luxurious, expensive feel. Its glass side panel is very easily opened, with a hinge and a door handle which allows you to access the components as easily as possible.

There are three AF140L fans included in the case, the three of which are quieter, more efficient, and push larger amounts of air in and out of the case to promote maximum airflow with the minimum sound produced. A three-speed fan controller allows you to control the fans and make sure they run at a speed the user wants them to, so when you’re playing a particularly taxing game; you can make the fans run at a faster, more cooling speed.

There is a Power Supply Unit provided on this Corsair model, a PSU of the best efficiency and quality, which can be used by the user or removed for upgrades as per preference. The same can be said of the 5.25-inch bay cover, which is easily removable. Most of the plainer, less attractive drives and cables go behind this polished hardware, and so makes the whole case look more attractive by default. It is ridiculously easy to clean, with easy to access dust filters present on the front of the case and at the bottom, and can be easily removed by just popping them out, then cleaning them and popping them back in.

At only 22.4 pounds (10 kg), this Corsair Carbide is light for a full tower case and has the dimensions of 10.2 x 17.9 x 21.1 inches (25.9 x 45.5 x 53.6 cm), so it can fit in a vast majority of hardware, and everything a gamer or regular PC user requires for the smooth functioning of their system.

This Corsair model includes a variety of factory mounting positions, for all requirements, and supports the use of liquid CPU and GPU coolers. It has two USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ports, with room for optical drives and other fancy upgrades. The Corsair Carbide is well worth its cost and proves to be more than enough for the hardcore gamer. Overall, for a computer case that is spacious, beautiful and supports all hardware available currently in the market, it is well worth its price and is a must-have at any gamers’ station.

  • Attractive and affordable.
  • Quiet and sleek.
  • Multiple mounting options.
  • Spacious and sturdy.

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