Azza CSAZ-GT 1 Full Tower Computer Gaming Case Review

Azza CSAZ-GT 1 Full Tower Computer Gaming Case

If you are a gamer, then you definitely have specific expectations from your computer, and that means you can’t afford to use conventional computers that have been designed by a particular company. This is so because the company that produces top of the line model of a particular component and that company isn’t one.So, going for assembled PCs is the most favourable option for a gamer to have an excellent gaming experience. The first thing that comes to mind when you have to assemble a PC is a shell, and you know that you want a dashing one to give you that classy vibe while using it.

Azza presents an incredible gaming case with everything that you might need for gaming. The Azza CSAZ-GT 1 Full Tower Computer Gaming Case is an all rounder case and is one of the coolest computer cases available in the market. Its support for XL-ATX, E-ATX, Full ATX, Micro ATX and all NVidia and ATI graphics cards up to 400mm in length prove that it has an incredible flexibility. The Azza CSAZ-GT 1 Full Tower Computer Gaming Case has an amazing design with a spacious inside and can support all of your components.

It comes with an all black sleek design to suit the needs of all. It has an R-ATX design which means that you can rotate the motherboard tray by an angle of 180 degrees to add graphic cards on the top of the tray and all of this is just next to the fan to readily dissipate all of the heat generated by the cards and hence maintain a cool system. This makes it one of the coolest computer cases available in the market. With a form factor of 25.1 x 9.8 x 23.2-Inches and weighing only 31lbs, it has an uncompromised performance at an unbeatable price.

This exceptional shell is very flexible and supports all kinds of components including the ultra performance modules so that you don’t have to decide if the component is compatible with your case or not. It provides maximum compatibility amongst most of the gaming cases available in the market.

The Azza CSAZ- GT1 has an awesome cooling capability because it uses an ideal aerodynamic airflow technique to take care of all the heat being generated inside the case. A shell is expected to have slots for cooling systems so that you can decide which one you’d like to use.

The Azza computer case meets your expectations without any doubt. It comes with an already tremendous cooling system with outstanding fan placements and still offers a slot for a liquid radiator for water cooling system. It has a total of 5 fans in it which have been distributed to all the sides of the case. There is a 230mm fan at the top, 140mm fan on the bottom, 120mm fan on the side panel, 120mm fan in the rear and one 90mm LED fan at the front.

Not just that there’s a top mount radiator for water cooling system that supports up to a 480mm radiator and the bottom mount supports up to a 240mm radiator. If you are a gamer or a high processor user then, the Azza CSAZ-GT 1 Full Tower Computer Gaming Case is a must for you because if you want to install a component in your case, there would be no chance that you would experience a compatibility issue.

  • Reversible motherboard tray to orient the graphic cards
  • Excellent cooling system
  • Maximum number of components are compatible with the case

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