Veezy Gear 2 Solid Stainless Steel Bluetooth Smart Watch Review

Veezy Gear - Gold

The Veezy Gear 2 Solid Stainless Steel Bluetooth Smart Watch accepts a SIM card to allow it to work as a standalone device without needing to be paired with a smartphone. It delivers full smartwatch functionality when used like this or when paired with Android, but only has limited functionality when paired with an iOS (Apple) operating system. You do not need to remove the back to insert the SIM card as there is a sim tray on the underside of the right-hand side.

What looks like the traditional winder on the right-hand side is actually a 0.3mp camera that can be used for photos or videos (you need to install a micro SD card in the watch to be able to use this feature).

The Veesy looks like a standard dress watch with a large round black face. The display activates when you raise your wrist or press buttons. It is a little on the bulky side. The band is standard 22mm and can be switched with ease.

  • Built in camera
  • Accepts sim card to become standalone
  • Magnetic charging
  • Accommodates all operating systems

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