PowerLead Pwah PL-N20 Smart Watch Review

PowerLead Pwah PL-N20

It looks like a standard wrist watch with great styling. The outdoor persons dream smartwatch with waterproofing, anti-sweat, and anti-dust. The PowerLead has a movement pedometer, built-sensitive sensor which will let you keep track of your motion, and using the APP you can analyze and monitor the motion data to help improve your fitness regime.

By connecting remotely to your cellphone you can take pictures whenever and wherever you are, so you can record those adventures without having to carry a heavy camera along with you. Also to assist you in exploring without worry, it provides precise movement navigation and an outdoor professional electronic compass to make sure you always know where you are going and allows you to explore new and exciting routes. As we said this watch is waterproof, it has an IP68 rating to 30 meters so even when swimming you can keep this with you.

The PowerLead Pwah is compatible with both Android and iOS, has a 7 hour standby, self-timer remote control, sleep test, Bluetooth functionality, alarm clock and calorie consumption counter. Comes with a 12 month warranty.

  • Waterproof to 30 meters
  • Camera when connected to smartphone
  • Movement pedometer for fitness tracking
  • Electronic compass

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