Martian Watches Notifier Smartwatch Review

Martian Notifier Black

The Martian Watches Notifier is essentially a standard circular faced dress watch where the lower third of the face includes a single line 96 x 16 pixel display LED display. Attractively styled with a shiny stainless steel bezel and can accept any standard 22mm band. When paired with the custom app on Android or iOS, it will receive notifications and alert you with a flashing LED and customizable vibration patterns paired with scrollable text in the display.

The small display helps extend the lifespan before it needs recharging to 6 days whilst the time is displayed using conventional analog hands on a standard analog display.

The watch will alert you when you move out of range and will help you find a misplaced phone by broadcasting a request for it to make a sound when you are in range of the phone.

The watch itself cannot run apps, it only receives notifications. Activity stats it receives are notifications from activity trackers.

There are two batteries in the watch – one for the analog watch and a separate rechargeable battery for the smartwatch functions (recharges with micro USB). You can use one of the watch buttons as a remote control trigger when the app is set to ‘Camera’ mode.

  • Custom vibration patterns
  • LED display
  • Find my phone
  • Receive notifications from smartphone

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