Inchor Smart Watch Sport Bracelet Review

Inchor Sport Bracelet

If you are looking for one of the best smartwatches that will not only give you what a normal one will, but also record your steps and activity to track fitness levels, provide you with notifications and look slim and elegant on your wrist then look no further than the Inchor Smart.

The Inchor Smartwatch Sport Bracelet looks like a small black bubble on your wrist. It is thin, slim, light and shiny black. The band is not changeable and is made from a soft comfortable rubber. It will look at its best on a slim, ladies wrist unlike most of the bulky clunky smartwatch designs out there.

The dial is displayed in bright digits in the middle of the display only when you touch it. Tapping the face rotates between the different display options – basically time, day and date, activity tracker. Mostly the display stays off, helping to enable the long battery life that this offers.

It may not have all the other bells and whistles and 3rd party apps but it is designed primarily as a fitness tracker and that is a function it performs very well. You do need to view most of the data after it has synced the data to it, but it measures steps taken, distance covered and calories burned with a good deal of accuracy so you can plan your fitness regime. As to other smartwatch functions it does the basics notifications well enough in an elegant round-faced package that looks good on your wrist.

As usual, this smartwatch supports both Android (4.3 and up) and iOS (7 and up) smartphones with an app that must be downloaded from either the App store or the Play store. The app syncs tracking data and allows it to display notifications (e.g. you have received a mail / text) but you will need to look at the phone to read the mail / text.

Its battery life is claimed at 5 days, but that will depend on how often you activate the LED touch display. It is rated IP67 water resistance and holds around 5 days’ worth of activity tracking data without needing to be synced. The Inchor is rated the best cheap smartwatch of this year by us.

  • Round faced design
  • Great fitness tracker
  • Magnetic charging
  • Great price

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