AOKII Outdoor Bluetooth Sport Smart Watch Review

AOKII Watrproof

The AOKII Outdoor is sporty smartwatch with activity tracking features for you to manage your fitness levels that can sync to your smartphone, the AOKII Outdoor Bluetooth Sport pushes the definition of being a smartwatch a little.

It is big and bulky, looks a lot like your standard men’s sport watch and boasts incredible battery life of 8 – 12 months. But this is because it does not have a smartwatch style display – instead it has a standard digital watch LCD display with icons to show you notifications from your phone. When your phone rings or you receive a text you will be notified by a sound and the appropriate icon will light up to inform you of the activity.

Apps are not installable and texts, etc. cannot be read on the display.

It counts your steps, calculates your calorie burn, tracks the distance you have covered and acts as a remote control for your smartphone’s camera.

It is IP67 waterproof rated, which the manufacturer claims makes it waterproof to 5 atmospheres. Do not be misled, this rating means that it can endure a little water and can be worn whilst washing hands, etc… but should not be used in the shower or whilst swimming.

Take a look at the full unboxing video here:

  • Long life
  • Good fitness / activity tracking
  • LCD Display
  • Waterproof

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