Antimi SmartWatch Review

Antimi Black Strap

The Antimi SmartWatch can be used as a watch paired with your smartphone (the manufacturers state that the watch works better with Android devices, though it will work with reduced features with an iOS operating system). It can also accept its own sim card and be used as an independent device. There is also space for a micro SD memory card. The watch even has its own camera.


In appearance, the Antimi SmartWatch resembles the Apple Watch, except the face is gently curved. There is a single button on the right-hand side, unobtrusively flush with the bezel. There is a Micro USB port on the left-hand side, covered by a protective flap. It is charged by the USB and gives about 6 hours of use. The back is removable for inserting, SIM and micro SD cards. The top of the watch contains the 2mp camera and the bottom has a speaker grille.

The functions of this watch vary widely compared to whether you are using it as a standalone device with SIM and SD card or paired with your smartphone. When used independently the watch will run Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

When paired with an Android devices The Antimi can be used to make and answer calls, send and receive messages, etc. as well as normal smartwatch features such as notifications, pedometer, activity tracker, etc. With an iOS device, the watch is limited to standard features such as notifications, pedometer for fitness tracking, calendar, etc.

  • Can accept a SIM and be used as a standalone
  • Built in camera
  • Micro USB port
  • Pedometer

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