Thermalright True Spirit 140 Power Review

Thermalright True Spirit 140

This is a very compact 140mm computer cooling fan that should not present any problems with clearance issues in regards the mainboard components or RAM modules. The Themalright True Spirit has TDP (Thermal Design Power) of 360W and boasts 6 x 8mm heat pipes. This is a high performance product that can compete even under the harshest conditions.

The ULTRA style heat sink fin array, with copper base levels gives the True Spirit and excellent heat sink quality. It supports many platforms which makes it very versatile.

The True Spirit comes with a 140mm fan (make sure your case is big enough) and a large Heat Sink. It cools efficiently, keeping the heat levels low even when overclocking. It allows for a much higher overclock than comparative ones. It is easy to install and it comes with clips that are compatible with 120mm and 140mm fans.

Even though it is very tall (it measures 170mm in height) it is very narrow and this helps to accommodate 2 fans without encroaching on the memory Heat Sink or the motherboard. This on its own will make it very desirable for high powered users looking for an alternative to expensive AIO cooling system.

The one down side of this product is the installation, it has 10 tiny screws which makes it very difficult and finicky to mount.

  • High performance
  • Compact
  • Very good value for money
  • Great looks

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