MasterLiquid Pro 240 All-In-One MasterFan Review

MasterLiquid Pro 240

This cooling system is the first to sport the new FlowOp Technology. This refers to the holistic design and the flow of liquid around it for specific optimisation and quieter, more powerful and longer lasting that other products.

It uses the 240mm aluminium radiator (which at only 27mm is a slimline model) to give it maximum compatibility. The fins are an all-black design and are very densely packed, they are also squared rather than rounded, and this gives them a greater surface area for heat absorption from the radiator channels. It is not designed to refilled or expanded.

The Pro 240 AIO is designed with FEP tubing instead of rubber; the tubes are flexible and anti-kink and long enough to do the job.

The pump unit on this product is what is most noticeable. It is tall and has two separate chambers. The top one is where the water flows up to, the lower one is where the water is jet-sprayed in a concentrated flow. The pump uses a custom driver that is very quiet.

It comes with two MasterFan 120 Air Balance Fans. These fans have nine blades and they are meant to bring balance between airflow and static pressure. They both have neatly braided four-pin PWM cables. They have rubberised mounting corners and do not mount directly on to the radiator but on to a supplied rubber bracket, this acts effectively as a rubber washer between the two.

Overall the mounting process is easy and quick, with one exception, there is nothing to hold the backplate construction in place and holding it there while you place the first nuts becomes a rather tricky endeavour.

  • Very quiet operation
  • Compatible with most CPU’s
  • Well built
  • Nice aesthetics

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