MasterAir Pro 3 CPU Air Cooler Direct Contact Technology PC Case Fan Review

MasterAir Pro 3

A budget beating product, the MasterAir Pro 3 is a mini-tower design that offers great features. It has patented X-vents which directs a precise combination of air flow onto the heat sink. Thanks to the Direct Contact Technology 2.0 you get a 45% base in contact with the CPU – which leads to better heat dissipation and so maximises your PC’s cooling system.

If you require near silent operation of your PC then this is one to look at. The design of the brackets with anti-vibration pad ensures whisper quite running. Bear in mind that if you are planning to do any major overclocking, then the it does tend to run a little more noisily, this is not an issue if you are not going to have any heavy gaming sessions or do high overclocking though.

This is a 92mm so it will fit into cases where the standard 120mm would not work. Great for smaller cases or if you are doing your own case mod.

The Pro 3 has a stacked fin array that results in less airflow resistance and maximises that all important flow of air through the case – it never helps if the CPU one only blows already hot air onto the heat sink! The speed of the fans range from 650 to 3000 RPM.

Removing and replacing fans is made easy with the MasterAir Pro 3 with its intuitive bracket design, simply pin it to your motherboard using the push-pin bracket using only your fingers (less stress and strain on the motherboard), or choose the sturdier X-bracket.  All MasterAir Pro 3 CPU Air come with thermal paste.

  • Is near silent in operation
  • New CDC 2.0 base design
  • Very compact to fit smaller cases
  • Very well priced

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