ARCTIC Freezer i32 – CPU Cooler PWM Sharing Technology Review

ARCTIC Freezer i32

This is an all-in-one liquid cooling system that is low-cost but high in features. One of the most interesting of these features is that there is a F12 fan included that only spins up once the CPU is under load.

In the box you get your standard accessories – but that is not many as you might expect as Arctic’s i32 only supports Intel sockets. You get the Arctic F12, a slim heat sink unit with 4 copper heatpipes (the heatpipes are off-centre to enable greater heat dissipation), fan clips, washers, pides, etc.

Installation of the i32 is fairly easy, although there are some smaller bits that make it quite fiddly, for example having to install a rubber washer on the four corners of the fan. Once you have mastered the washers, it is simple to snap together using the two standard clips.

The F12 is very quiet when idle as it only spins up when the CPU is under pressure, and even then the noise levels are negligible.

  • Near silent
  • Semi-Passive
  • Compact
  • Well priced

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