Samsung WQHD LED 1440p Computer Monitor Review

Speaking of Samsung WQHD LED, it has proved to be a much better option if you are looking for a brightly lit monitor gaming experience. It is close to the ideal 6500K temperature, having 6760K colour temperature. It is clearly one of the best 4k screens in the market today, here’s why. Starting with the sleek design, it has a very profession and clean look. It is simple to move and tune it into a different angle, as and however you need. The stand does not move, and thus it makes easier when you have to readjust the screen several times. The Samsung’s port slots make everything easier, having so many in places.

There are single dual-link DVI, DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 1.4 connections along with numerous USB ports. The ports are on one side than being on the rear, making them very easily accessible and tidy to look at. Such is the obsession of Samsung with remarkable designing. Even if the assembly is quite heavy as compared to other 1440p monitors, it is still very slim. The product dimensions without stand are 29.18″ x 17.36″ x 2.69″ giving you an ultra-wide screen gaming experience. The Samsung WQHD LED has a matte screen coating, decreasing artificial lights’ reflections to the minimal. This screen would look perfect on any decent gaming desk, like the ones we reviewed here. The pointy and distinctive design of this screen is due to the screen’s bezels been angled inwards.

One drawback being not having 100 percent colour coverage out of the box, it is a very sleek screen that knows how to display all the images beautifully. Samsung even has made available a VESA mounting plate in the box, so that you may just hang the screen on a stand or a wall. This cuts your hardware costs for buying whole new extra equipment for the very same purpose. The VA technology is known for giving good viewing angles, great brightness levels and accurate colours. A pair of 3.5mm audio jacks provides an amazing sound experience, not wanting to let you leave the area. The screen hits a 96.1 percent of sRGB gamut, which is an excellent result. The special gaming mode makes it smooth and lags free when you want to have a gaming experience. However, keep in mind, that this is no gaming system.


  • Superb ratio colour and colour accuracy at all angles
  • Near 100 percent sRGB coverage, 96.1 percent to be accurate
  • Versatile colour and sleek design, gives the gaming setup a stylish look

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