BenQ XL2730Z Full-HD Gaming Monitor with S-Switch Review

The XL2730Z by BenQ is quite popular amongst professional gamers, not only as one of the best 144 Hz gaming screens but also because of it QHD resolution. It has an outstanding VESA Standard Adaptive-Sync technology which works hand in hand with its 1ms GTG response rate that has bagged an all new flagship in the gaming arena. It is recognised for its smooth as well as fast gaming performance and its ability to process fast moving actions without any smearing or ghosting. Let’s not forget about BenQ’s new Motion Blur Reduction Technology that tactically enhances your gaming experience to be ultra-smooth and free of blur. Enjoy at the most 20 levels of colour vibrancy that inculcate all types of gaming preferences. The XL2730Z is also able to detect and fine-tune any sort of brightness thanks to its new Black Equaliser Dynamic Colour Engine technology that can take your visual optimisation to a whole new level. There is also an Auto Game Mode in the XL2730Z that is able detects the genre of the game currently in action and changes the settings according to the games corresponding requirements. This particular feature allows promotes the interaction between fellow gamers as one can share the game modes via cloud storage.

The BenQ XL2730Z is undoubtedly manufactured for the ultimate gaming experience as visible from its improved resolution and faster response rate. It has an exclusive RevolutionEye technology is meant to allow gamers to have an incredible gaming experience like never before and also enables them to be comfortable as well as relaxed at the same time. The credit for this speciality of the XL2730Z goes to its Black eQuilzer feature that takes visual adjustability to a whole different ball game. It is programmed to detect the light input source on the screen and automatically fine tunes the brightness level.

Its colour vibrancy can go up to 20 levels that allow gamers to adjust it according to their particular type of gameplay. A good gaming screen must always have the ability to make their user attain a comfortable posture while gaming otherwise their neck might feel cramped. The VESA Standard Adaptive Sync technology supports AMD Radeon graphics cards in order to deliver a perfect gaming image, and preset screen allows on screen adjustability. Furthermore, the dimensions of the screen are designed with the purpose of assisting the gamer to a more comfortable posture while it has an ergonomically optimised top-handle along with majestic aluminium built that increases mobility and style.


  • Enhanced clarity due to its Motion Blur Reduction
  • Colour vibrancy increases up to 20 levels, allowing for a great gaming experience
  • Black eQuilizer enables visual clarity even in the dark that comes in quite handy

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