Sony Alpha a6400 Mirrorless Camera Review

Sony Alpha a6400 Mirrorless Camera Review

A Reasonably Priced Option For Most Photographers

If you’re looking for a vlogging camera or a camera for YouTube, it’s fairly easy to feel barraged by the number of cameras that are being heavily marketed as the best. We’ve found a mirrorless camera that is reliable and a good value, and it’s perfect for people who are looking to get into serious photography.

It’s a bit too expensive to recommend to casual photographers and beginners, but it has everything that an intermediate or expert photographer needs to perform their craft. The a2600 excels in most areas, and it doesn’t really lack anything that a photographer really needs.

Advanced Eye Tracking

We’re all used to being able to track a subject’s face by now. To take that one step further, Sony has included individual eye tracking features to the a6400 camera. The eye tracking features can target both eyes at the same time, or they can target individual eyes for extra control.

The system is automated. So, you don’t have to worry about waving the camera around like a mad man while you’re trying to track your subject’s face.

Silent Pictures

Most cameras are fairly loud when it comes to taking several dozen pictures within a few seconds. It’s just a flaw that’s present in most systems. The a2600 doesn’t suffer from that flaw, though. It can take up to eight pictures every second without making a single noise.

That feature is great for capturing every special moment during a major event without disrupting the event. It’s less important for selfies and other casual photography tasks, but it does a huge difference when it comes to things like children’s plays, weddings, and other events that require silence.

Enhanced Processor

To take pictures that are 100 percent accurate, you usually have to invest a couple thousand dollars into a professional camera. The a2600 doesn’t cost nearly that much, and it can take life-like pictures with ease.

That’s due to its enhanced processor and 24 megapixel camera. It produces images that are crisp and clear with every button press, and it out performs the vast majority of mirrorless cameras in its price range.

Low-Light Stills That Impress

Low-light conditions are a photographer’s worse nightmare a lot of the time. The a2600 isn’t like that, though. It utilizes an enhanced ISO to provide ISO 102400 images in extremely low-light conditions. The processor can also record in low-light conditions up to 32000 ISO, and that allows you to confidently shoot in the dark without getting a bunch of muddy pictures.

4K in Slow and Quick Motion

The a2600 is capable of recording and snapping pics in 4K, and it can do so in slow motion and quick motion modes. That makes it a great option for people who are out to shoot movies or record things such as skate clips and intricate nature scenes.

This feature isn’t commonly found in other cameras in the a2600’s price range, but it is extremely useful, and that makes it a bonus for the a2600.

HD LCD Monitor

You can’t really judge your digital images accurately on most digital cameras. They tend to have poor-quality displays that don’t accurately represent how the image you took actually came out. You just have to wait until you print them out.

The a2600 has an HD LCD display that remedies that issue. The LCD display is capable of rendering your images exactly how they will appear when you print them out, and you can always judge each image accurately.

The display is also able to be manipulated by touch. That makes it a lot easier to use than screens that rely on a camera’s limited button scheme. The touchscreen is sensitive and responsive. So, we don’t think anyone will have any problems using the camera with ease.

Accurate Auto-Focus

Auto-focus features are typically unreliable, and a lot of content creators turn them off due to that flaw. The advanced auto-focus features included with the a2600 are able to reliably track subjects with ease. That makes it easy to capture intricate videos of fast-paced subjects, and it makes it easy for content creators to use the a2600 as a camera for YouTube.

Extreme sports photographers are some of the people that will benefit the most from the auto-focus features that are present in the a2600. The auto-focus can keep track of an individual subject during the most fast-paced moments possible, and it makes it easier for photographers to capture intense moments with confidence.

Adjustable View Display

The display on the a2600 isn’t just HD. It’s adjustable to suit your personal preferences. You can rotate and tilt the display however you want, and that allows you to find the viewing angle that you prefer.

People who are looking for a vlogging camera will appreciate that feature, because it allows you to see whatever your subject is regardless of what angle you’re using the camera at.


Mirrorless cameras aren’t common in this price range. They remove glare entirely, and that ultimately leads to better image capturing abilities and recording abilities.


The a2600 is a professional quality mirrorless camera for less than $1000. That’s not something that a lot of other cameras can boast bout. It has 4K capabilities, a high-end display, and the fastest auto-focus features around. It also takes stunningly high-end pictures in poor-light conditions. That’s an added bonus for amateurs because of how hard it can be to control lighting.

We recommend the a2600 to people who are either beginning to take their photography serious, or people who are looking for a more compact option for their serious photography activities. It’s not perfect, but it’s really close to reaching that point, and it doesn’t cost as much as options that do give photographers everything they want.