Bose Might be Creating a QuietComfort 35 II Gaming Headset

When it comes time to talk about the best headphones with noise cancellation, there’s one name that stands above them all: the QuietComfort 35. And gamers might have a lot to be excited about if current rumors are to be believed because data mining from Bose’s app reveals a QuietComfort 35 II could be right on the horizon – and it seems to suggest a focus on the specific needs of gamers.

APK Insight has made a name for themselves on account of their quick but comprehensive job stripping files for mobile applications (known generally as APK files) and mining them for information. And while Bose Connect – the app used to manage your headphones wirelessly – may seem innocuous on the surface, it actually has a lot to reveal.

Among more mundane additions to Bose Connect’s code, like better Facebook integration, is a reference to a mysterious device known as “Tibbers”. The fact that it’s a reference to a League of Legends character creates a clear connection to gaming, but APK Insight didn’t have to dig deep to find more information. This mysterious device is known deeper in the source code as the “Bose QC35 II Gaming Headset”.

With that information in place, a whole lot of other data makes a great deal more sense. A diagram within the app update shows headphones incredibly similar to the already existing QuietComfort design, with two major differences: the addition of a seemingly detachable mic and the lack of Bluetooth functionality. All signs point to the notion that the QuietComfort II will be less a replacement for the existing headphones and more a specialized model focused explicitly on the needs of gamers.

So how valid is the rumor? Valid enough to consider as far more than just a rumor. Considering that Bose left not just a name but a full video diagram in their update makes it incredibly hard to discount. But the fact that Bose hasn’t said anything about the leak means that we still don’t know when it will be released.

We’re inclined to think that we’ll see this gaming centric take on the QuietComfort sooner rather than later. While Covid-19 has thrown some businesses into disarray, the leak would suggest that development is very far along on the QuietComfort II, and the management hardware has already been configured. And with the latest generation of consoles coming this holiday season, it’s likely Bose will want to make the most of the market.

In either case, you can count on HotRate to keep you in the loop. We’ll continue to follow the story as more information releases, and you can continue to visit our front page for the latest news on gear and gadgets – and particularly on gear and gadgets targeted towards the needs of gamers.