9 Best Electric Toothbrushes in 2020

Tired of taking that extensive and tiring effort to brush your teeth? Well, it’s the modern world and with the latest and improved technology by your side, you can now say goodbye to the primitive and cumbersome methods. We can now brush our teeth like never before with just the touch of a button. The trending electric toothbrushes now allow you to make those impossible sweeps and reach hidden parts between the teeth which were impossible to clean using a regular toothbrush. The latest innovation in technology has now put on display features like Cross-Action, Double Sweep, and Dental Whitening and even advanced cleaning options that suit your sensitive gum!

When it comes to dental care, there are numerous cumbersome techniques recommended by your dentist but when it is a question of your smile, there really can’t be any compromise. The latest designs of the electric toothbrush, from the best manufacturers in the world like Oral-B and Philips, are now available to you. These are now equipped with state of the art technology, built-in smart programming, are luxuriously designed and are very handy to use. There is also a wide range of accessories and add-ons like attachable brush heads of varying designs and functions. Besides this, features like dual battery and Bluetooth are also available. Let’s take a look at some these advanced Toothbrushes so that you can choose the perfect electric toothbrush for you.

Best Electric Toothbrush in 2020

1. Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries Electric Toothbrush

Best Overall

Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries Electric ToothbrushHotRate Editors Choice


The latest addition to the Oral-B reign is the Pro 7000 Smart Series Electric Toothbrush with the slick black design. It is an electric powered smart toothbrush with a rechargeable battery and efficient Bluetooth connectivity. The professionals at Oral-B has inspired the latest improved design than all its predecessors, with a cross-action brush head that is able to surround each tooth at a perfect 16 degrees angle which is also enhanced by its 3D cleaning action which allows the brush to oscillate, rotate and pulsate. This enables your brush with the power to remove plaque with 100% efficiency unlike any other regular hand held a toothbrush. The Pro 7000 also comes with an amazing feature that prevents you from any injury while brushing. It possesses a pressure sensor that is triggered when you brush too hard and it lights up to prevent you from harming your gum from over-brushing. Unable keep track o exactly how long you need to brush? There overall 6 modes as well as a timer to assist you to brush your teeth for a minimum of two minutes straight which is the standard length of time recommended by dentists.


The Oral-B Pro 7000 is an automatic, electrically rechargeable, smart toothbrush weighing only 2.6 pounds and is equipped with the updated Oral-B application to is programmed to help you focus specifically on the essential areas to brush. Not only that, it also helps you keep a track of your regular brushing habits, keeps you up to date with important and useful dental care tips and also smartly senses and prevents over brushing. The Cross Action round brush head is a sure mark of its state of the art design, as it is equipped with perfectly angled bristles that take care of all your dental needs efficiently and smoothly.

This oral b electric toothbrush has a range of total 6 different modes which are Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive, Whitening, Deep Clean and also Tongue Cleaner. To top all the magnificent features it has, you have the Oral-B trust, which as you already know is the world’s number one dentist recommended brand. It is the ambitions of the professionals at Oral-B to give you a state of the art dental product that serves all your needs and boosts your confidence whenever you smile. As it is an original Oral-B product it is compatible with the following replacement toothbrush heads: Cross-Action, 3D white, Floss Action, TriZone, Deep Sweep, Prowhite, Ortho, Power Tip and last but not the least Dual Clean.

Overall the Oral -B Pro 7000 is blockbuster when it comes to Electronic toothbrushes. It seems that the Pro 7000 is a little too equipped for the taste of its buyers. Many of its features have not so much appeal towards everyday use and yet it doesn't seize to amaze us with its amazing features.

Key Features
  • Cross-Action feature that allows surrounded cleansing of teeth
  • Bluetooth Smart guiding application with self-timer
  • A total of 6 cleaning modes for every specific need
  • Slower charging
  • Not the cheapest

2. Oral-B Pro 5000 SmartSeries Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Premium Choice

Oral-B Pro 5000 SmartSeries Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush


The techs and specs regarding the classy white Oral-B Pro 5000 electric toothbrush are great. Another member of the smart series but not much unlike its family competitor the Pro 7000, it is also a very efficient, easy to use, high specification toothbrush with a rechargeable battery. It is one of the first toothbrushes to be introduced by Oral-B with a Bluetooth feature with a first of its kind connectivity. This specification is particularly designed to keep your brush connected with your smartphone and keep you up to date with the nature and changes in your daily brushing habits.

No wonder this oral b toothbrush is a part of the Smart Series! Remember when the dentist always told you to floss after brushing but no matter how hard you tried, somehow you forgot. Well, the Pro 5000 happens to be a Floss Action brush, which means (unlike a regular brush) its head is specially crafted to provide you with floss-like clean, that is healthy for both your teeth and gum.  Similar to the Pro 7000 the Pro 5000 is also equipped with a pressure sensor which is a trademark of the Oral-B Smart Series. This oral b electric toothbrush is equipped with advanced sensors that can detect the amount of pressure you put on your teeth while brushing and alert you via a light signal in order to prevent you from over-brushing. This reduces the chance for you to harm your gum or teeth and prevents gum bleeding caused by friction.

When it comes to professional-grade features the Oral-B Pro 5000 is far from a disappointment. Other than the fact that its Bluetooth feature provides you with real-time info as to your habits or brushing tendencies and the Oral-B application also helps you out with practical dental tips to help you improve your teeth health. It's Floss Action head is equipped with micro pulse tips which enable you to reach the most conceal portions of your entire dental set. Don’t forget how amazing its 3D cleaning action is, as it is able to oscillate and rotate in order to ensure not even a single sign of plaque affects your teeth. The quality of Oral-B is self-assuring and in reference to that, we can say that its Floss-Action feature is bound to surprise you because of its round head and MicroPulse bristles is indeed meant to give pleasurable and refreshing floss-like clean. The Pro 5000 is also able to customized with the following modes; Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive, Whitening and Deep Clean.

The Pro 5000 shares several similarities with the Oral-B Pro 7000. Both are convincingly equally equipped. However, the Pro 5000 is also a smart application toothbrush with interactive features and is a good buy for those who like for a next generation toothbrush.

Key Features
  • First of its kind Bluetooth connectivity feature
  • Highly sensitive pressure sensor that prevents over brushing
  • A total of 5 cleaning modes on offer
  • A limited number of changeable brush heads

3. Philips Sonicare HX9332 Electric Toothbrush

Great Value

Philips Sonicare HX9332 Electric Toothbrush


This particular Electric toothbrush is also known as the Diamond Clean toothbrush, the Philips Sonicare is a masterpiece from the number one recommended Sonic toothbrush. It is designed and crafted to assure you perfect dental freshness so that you can put on your diamond bright smile. Not only does it removes plaque with 100% efficiency but also whiten your teeth in less than a week as well as improve your gum health in less than two weeks. It is equipped with trademark sonic technology redesigned with the purpose of stimulating gums by driving fluids through the use of it 5 Sensitive. Its keeps getting better and better, it has a built-in quad-pacer; this engages the brush in thorough brushing and efficient cleaning throughout your mouth. With the Sonicare HX9332, you have Philip’s guarantee that you will see noticeable results in only 28 days, or else all you will have your money back. With the luxury of charging glass and USB charging travel case, the HX9332 is equipped with the most advanced Sonicare technology along with a dual charging system.

What is all this hype about Sonicare technology? Well, Philips very own Sonicare Diamondclean technology is able to use the most powerful and efficient Sonic tech that can clean teeth with the capacity of 31000 brush strokes per minute. The graceful and accurate sweeping movements of the Philips electric toothbrush drive fluids in even the most inaccessible corners of your teeth and along your gum line. This provides you with cleaner teeth and healthier gums. It’s specially designed to remove stain buildups from consumption of coffee, tea, red wine and even cigarettes. The philips electric toothbrush’s gentle brushing is meant to preserve any sort of gum recession and diamond shaped form assists in removing plaque at least seven times more efficiently. All these features coupled with a stylish diamond-shaped look, no wonder why it’s one the best Electric toothbrushes to have which is also preferred by dentists worldwide. Don’t miss out on the chance to let your teeth shine like crystal!

The Sonicare HX9332 from Philips is an exciting toothbrush to choose. It offers amazing features that are too good to be true but it may just be too much of a crunch on the wallet. Then again if you are looking for an extra package in terms of bothering quality and quantity then the Philips Sonicare HX9332 is your best bet!

Key Features
  • Cross-Action feature ensures 100% plaque removal
  • Equipped with the latest sonic technology that cleans teeth by driving fluids
  • Two extra replaceable heads
  • Priced slightly on the higher side as compared to its competitors

4. Oral-B Pro 1000 Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush

Oral-B Pro 1000 Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush


Who doesn’t love a shining smile? It adds a lot to our personality, besides happy peppy faces are loved by all. But it is not easy to get that brilliant smile, a lot of attention and care is needed when it comes to a perfect sparkling smile. This ‘shine’ and ‘sparkle’ we are talking here, of course reflects how great your teeth are. To flash an absolutely charming smile, you have to have absolute healthy teeth and here lies the problem. Everybody wants healthy teeth but not everybody knows what products to use.

If you too are facing the same problem, then Oral-B Pro 1000 Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush is one easy solution for you. It is a specially designed toothbrush which not only makes your brushing experience a lot more fun but also satisfies you with the brilliant end results. Manufactured by the most trusted brand Oral-B, this electric rechargeable toothbrush comes with great specifications. Opting for this toothbrush will automatically evolve your brushing habits which in one way or other you are not taking proper care of. Our teeth should be taken very good care of and this all starts with a good toothbrush.

It is always important that how you brush your teeth but it is equally important that what you brush your teeth with. Electrical toothbrushes are always an advantage over the regular toothbrushes. They cost more but they guaranty a deep and much effective cleaning of our teeth ensuring that we will not end up paying huge fees to the dentists every other year. The dentists recommended Oral-B Pro 1000 is one effective electric toothbrush with uses effective oscillation and rotation mechanism to go properly inside the places in our teeth. It is an improved toothbrush which works long in one charge. The battery support is very good and in one full charge cycle, it completes 1 week including a two-time cleaning of your teeth.


This oral-b electric toothbrush is designed with a small rechargeable base which is highly preferable for all those who have small spaces available and it comes with a warning light which automatically fades when there is a need of charging. It is designed with a special pressure sensor which stops the brushing automatically whenever there is extra pressure exerted on your gums. Also, this oral b toothbrush is styled and designed in a fashion which is very comfortable to hold and very easy to brush. It comes with easy to switch brush heads which are needed to be changed regularly.

If a little bit of extra noise is not an issue, Oral-B Pro 1000 Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush will give you a very great brushing experience. This is dentists’ choice and using this you can simply achieve that confident smile which can charm all.

Key Features
  • High-performance design for a better performance
  • Small rechargeable base and a warning light to indicate the usage of battery
  • Special pressure sensor technique
  • A little louder compared to its competitors
  • On the pricier side

5. Philips Sonicare Platinum Electric Toothbrush

Philips Sonicare Platinum Electric Toothbrush


Teeth are the most neglected part of our body. Who pays attention to the oral hygiene until or unless it gets worse, landing you outside a dentist’s clinic. And after that one meeting with the dentist, you suddenly become so careful and particular about your gums. But, till then, a lot of damage has been already done and all you can do is to stop it from getting any worse. This is every day and everybody’s story. But this is not a good habit and we all should pay a good attention when it comes to cleaning your teeth daily. One measure step in your oral hygiene routine is to choose a proper toothbrush which can provide a proper cleaning of your gums.

Philips Sonicare Platinum Electric Toothbrush is one such product which you can fully trust your teeth with. The Philips is one of the most trusted brand, most of the dentists all around the world suggest it.


Most loved and preferred toothbrush, FlexCare is backed with the trusted sonic technology which performs 31,000 brush strokes per minute. This delivers high-performance cleaning, going deep between the gums. This toothbrush helps to remove the plaque seven times more efficiently than the regular manual toothbrushes. This fine brushing results into healthier teeth. There come two extra interCare brush heads which are very easy to switch when required. The high-performance brush is well supported with 3 modes combining 3 different intensity levels which are personalized as per the required individual brushing.

The soft brushes of this sonic electric toothbrush clean your gums smoothly and prevent any form of gingivitis. There are also pressure sensors which automatically stop the brushing whenever it comes near to causing any extra pressure on the gums. Super battery backup helps this brush to go for good three weeks, once charged fully and it also comes with a battery indicator which blinks at the time charging is needed. With the first use, you can feel the power of the advanced technology involved. This Philips electric toothbrush gives you an after the-professional-cleaning experience and you can notice the better results within two weeks of its usage.

This Philips Sonicare Platinum Electric Toothbrush is the best for the dental care, thanks to its advanced plaque removal design. Take care of your gums and smile more often with this electric toothbrush.

Key Features
  • Seven times plaque removal design, superior to any manual toothbrush
  • High battery efficiency
  • Automatic pressure sensors and strong brush head technology
  • Too many options, might be an issue for some people

6. Philips Sonicare Essence 5600

Philips Sonicare Essence 5600


It is advised to brush your teeth daily and that too twice a day. It becomes very boring sometimes and most of us often do it just for the sake of doing it. It appears monotonous and extremely dull and in all this jadedness we often neglect the importance of this routine. This whole process is important for keeping our teeth healthy and clean. In the ignorance, we cause damage to our teeth which, over the time become a grieve suffering. In order to save our visits to dentists, we need to take good care of our gums and should brush them with a proper toothbrush. Philips Sonicare Essence promises to take proper care of your teeth.

This Philips electric toothbrush which is launched under the brand Philips is a high-performance toothbrush. It comes in a packaging with a mode and 1 extra brush head. The toothbrush is designed to perform significantly deep cleaning, removing twice the plaque than any regular toothbrush. This Philips Sonicare Essence 5600 comes in a very comfortable model which is trendy and is very easy to hold. This design gives you a very effective hand control and a powerful grip.

This sonic electric toothbrush supports angles brush head which not only reaches to the often-unreached back of the teeth but also gives a dynamic overall cleaning. The fluid is reached deeper in between the teeth making the cleaning more effective. The brushes are very soft which gives a gentle cleaning to your gum line. The rechargeable battery is good to go for up to two weeks, once fully charged. It also comes with a warranty of two years. In order to make your brushing experience more comfortable, this electric toothbrush supports smartimer, which automatically sets the brushing time for 2 minutes. It is one comfortable toothbrush to travel with, thanks to the travel case it comes with.

The designing of Philips Sonicare Essence 5600 is very easy which improves your overall brushing experience. The brand is trusted and the travel case provided saves the fuss of carrying it around. Overall, a good product to go for!

Key Features
  • Smooth and every comfortable grip
  • Angled neck and deep cleaning which removes plaque two times compared to regular brush
  • One full charge lasts for two months
  • Only one extra brush head is provided
  • No advanced cleaning, can be a bit of a drawback

7. Oral-B Deep Sweep 5000

Oral-B Deep Sweep 5000


The #1 dentist used toothbrush brand worldwide, Oral-B has come up with world’s first ever toothbrush with much amazing features-Bluetooth communication, triple cleaning action,3D cleaning, pressure sensor, 5 unique cleaning modes, 2-minute timer pulses for switching area and rechargeable. With a 4.5 star customer review it has earned the market.

The Bluetooth communication between the brush and smartphone has come back with fascinating brushing habits. The triple cleaning action features three specialized bristle zones on a brush head delivering stunning results by removing 100% more plaque and leaving behind a remarkable clean to your teeth. On the other hand, 3D cleaning sweeps side-to-side, removes plaque by rotating and pulsating to crush and remove all those plaque. The visible lighting pressure sensor lights up only when brushing is done too hard.

With 5 unique cleaning modes-daily clean, gum care, sensitive, whitening and deep clean this oral b electric toothbrush has surpassed all regular toothbrushes. The 2-minute adjustable timer pulses every 30 seconds alerting you to switch important areas of the mouth. The electric rechargeable brush head refills excluding pulsonic and battery refills. This oral-b electric toothbrush also provides an amazing battery life of up to three weeks or 42 uses on a single charge. This brush is compatible with wide range of oral-B heads which makes you suitable to brush.

The box includes one oral-B smart series handle, one deep sweep brush head, one premium charger with refill head storage and one travel case. Weighing 1.4 pounds (0.635 kilograms), it is extremely light weighted and easy to handle. . It also comes with a two year manufacturer’s warranty, which can be extended to two years and six months by registration.

Its high technical features are second to none in this cost bracket. If looks and plaque removal are your priorities, then this is a must have in your home.

Key Features
  • Light weighted and cheap and easy to handle.
  • Two-minute timer for better cleaning
  • Bluetooth connectivity for real-time data sharing
  • No tongue cleaner
  • Single brush head

8. Philips HX9362 Pink Rechargeable Toothbrush for Women

Philips HX9362 Pink Rechargeable Toothbrush for Women


Philips has stupefied us yet again, this time, by releasing one of the most loved and best selling electric toothbrushes, the Sonicare Diamond Clean. This pink electric toothbrush is a favorite among the women for its aesthetically pleasing looks available in four vivid colors, and effectiveness over a manual toothbrush. With up to31,000 brush strokes per minute, its 7 x plaque removals and better gum health as compared to a manual toothbrush is simply irresistible.

This Philips toothbrush offers five unique cleaning modes - Clean, White, Polish, Gum Care, or Sensitive; which cater to different requirements of the user.  Along with the pre-adjustable timer and quadpacer to provide 30 second notifications, its illuminated display shows the selected mode, which makes it user friendly for the layman.

The Sonicare’s unique charging glass feature uses conduction technology, which is pretty high-tech and impressive. It also provides an amazing battery life of up to three weeks or 42 uses on a single charge. Thus there is little need to run to the charging point every time you want to use it. It can also be charged with the USB charging travel case on-the-go. No more worries during power cuts!

The box includes two Diamond Clean brush heads, which reportedly output an additional 44% better dental cleaning. More bang for the buck! With such affordable pricing from Philips, you just can’t complain. Weighing in at just 6.4 ounces (181 grams), this sonic care toothbrush is extremely lightweight and easy to handle. This Philips electric toothbrush also comes with a two year manufacturer’s warranty, which can be extended to two years and six months by registration. Better safe than sorry!

The Sonicare uses a Mini USB travel charging instead of the more commonplace Micro USB ports. Adapting to the Mini USB can turn out to be cumbersome. It’s amazing features and unique technology is the best budget buy for your family.

Key Features
  • Ultra soft heads for sensitive teeth
  • Quiet performance and waterproof
  • Limited charging options

9. Smilex AU-300E Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush

Smilex AU-300E Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush


When an electric toothbrush wasn’t enough, Mr. Robert Bock heralded a new era in the field of oral hygiene by inventing the “ultrasound toothbrush”. The latest model, manufactured in Japan and marketed in the USA under the brand name of “Smilex” is the most recent addition to the emerging business. Firstly, going by its looks, its design looks high end, embedded with technical finesse. This is contrary to its affordability, which makes it lucrative. It is equipped with a “hard head” in place of the regular “brush”, which emits direct ultrasound effectively. The results can be felt within days, admittedly reducing gingivitis by 28% and bleeding gums by 60%.

Secondly, Smilex can be used with any toothpaste so you don’t have to compromise on your favorite one. It is accompanied by two brush heads, one soft bristle, one medium bristle, and one massaging head, thus making it an all rounder, suiting to your variable needs. Thirdly, it is quiet, soft, and weighing in at just 13.6 ounces (385 grams), is extremely lightweight as compared to its counterparts. But this does not compromise with the durability of the product as a thicker neck checks breaking, which is a common cause of concern for the users of other electric toothbrushes. Fourthly, this slimex electric toothbrush charges wirelessly through induction, which makes charging a hassle free process. There is no need to fret on a 3 pin/ 4 pin charging point or adapter. The adjustable timer & two vibration frequencies also cater to people according to their needs.

Finally, the unlimited lifetime warranty is a hearty giveaway, which entitles to buying a replacement Smilex at half the cost of the then listed retail price.

Also, it does not serve as an alternative to flossing, which might be a letdown for some people. Its ultrasound technology is path breaking revolution in dental hygiene. Its therapeutic effect, gum massage and 5unique cleaning mode features are just too hard to resist.

Key Features
  • Easy to use and great battery life
  • Smooth bristles
  • Administers effective removal of plaque
  • No setting for sensitive teeth

Buyers Guide Questions

Is an electric toothbrush worth the investment?

Waking up to the hangovers of last night, unable to even understand why you should wake up or if it’s morning already and then to wake up & begin with the hard work of brushing your teeth seems to be one of the most tedious jobs of life! Especially in contemporary era, where majority of the things are done by the support of technology, continuing with that same old manual toothbrush is so orthodox. Even if you fight your laziness and do brush your teeth, do you follow the proper 2-minute time span brushing rule? Well, this is where the need for an electronic toothbrush arises.

A manual toothbrush comes not just with the perk of easily fighting the morning laziness but it has a plethora of more advantages to offer along. The reasons for buying electronic toothbrushes will convince you for going for an electronic toothbrush for sure. There are too many perks of mechanical toothbrushes which will make it worth the investment for you, no matter the investment amount. This is that one product which will never give you a guilt trip after possessing it because of its blinding goodness.

The first and foremost reason for going for the electronic brush’s venture is the ease. The ease with which one uses this brush and meets the agenda without even putting a lot of efforts is what attracts most of the people towards these top electric toothbrushes. When you have a machine in your hand, thing undoubtedly get easier in life. Similarly, when you possess an electronic brush all you have to do is that you have to place the brush at an angle of 45 degrees and begin the play. The target toothbrush or we may call it ‘the smart brush’ will do all the work from thereon. There is nothing to be worried about beyond this point while brushing using a vibrating toothbrush. If you are suffering from any disease like arthritis or limited mobility, then this product is definitely the thing for you.

The second perk of owning one electronic toothbrush is that the efforts put in as compared to the result we get are really low. For a very meager amount of pains taken, the result that this product gives you is way better than that given by a manual brush (even when you put much more efforts as compared to this product). Researches and studies have shown that electric brushes are better at doing a good cleaning job of teeth. It has also been well establishing and studied upon that electronic brushes are comparatively way better when it comes to fighting plaque and gingivitis in your mouth. Also, sometimes people end up brushing their teeth too harshly and in return injure their gums. The pressure sensors installed in the top electric toothbrush ensure that not enough pressure is placed on the gums and no injury takes place.

Thirdly, the idea of having a mechanical toothbrush which waits for your mere instruction and then works on your own is way too fascinating. This is a product that will give you morning a techno-freak boost in this contemporary techno-freak world. All the more, this is more a sort of a gadget for children. This looks very appealing to children and would love to use this device even for fun. Hence, children not brushing their teeth are no longer a problem now, as these best electric toothbrushes for kids just paved the way for you.


In addition to all this, the feature of having a built-in timer is the most important characteristic of an electronic brush. This built-in timer feature will ensure that your brush is working constantly for 2 minutes and as soon as 2 minutes are done, its stops the work. This is yet another feature that gives us the reason for calling these brushes ‘the smart brush’. This will help you in further maintaining the quality of your teeth as the advised time for brushing your teeth is averagely 2 minutes. But not all of us make a note of it and follow these guidelines. But once you own this smart product, even this problem will be solved for you.

After giving you this huge list of reasons why mechanical toothbrushes are the totally in and demanded thing right now, you should not ponder much upon whether to possess this heavenly device.

What makes a good electric toothbrush?

The desire of possessing an electronic toothbrush cannot be tamed anymore now that you have already gone through its perks. Since, you can no longer run away from these desires, how about learning a bit more on which brush will be or should be the one to fulfill your desire. Hence, in order to understand which electric brushes you should go for, you should first go through what all features make a good electronic toothbrush.

‘Good’ being a subjective term is difficult to be explained to others. We can only discuss the most beneficial features of an electric brush in mind when you are going out to buy it. Let us discuss these essential features to be borne in mind:

  • Built-in timer – The facility of having a built in timer is must for an electronic brush. After all, that is what makes an electronic brush a smart brush. The advised average time for brushing your teeth is 2 minutes. Hence, you should ensure that the brush that you are buying comes with a built-in timer of 2 minutes.
  • Grip – Like any other brush, manual or electronic, the grip of the brush is the most important thing to be borne in mind while buying a brush. There should be a firm and comfortable grip of the holder over the brush and this should not be overlooked in any case.
  • Battery life – The battery life of an electronic brush is as equally important as any other feature of this device. The life of the battery of brush should last, at least, for days if not weeks before running out. The battery should be charged once and then run for days before dying. Hence, always go for the best battery toothbrush.
  • Small Heads – The toothbrushes that are electronic should ideally have a small head. The reasoning behind having a small head of the toothbrush is that the small head structures can easily reach the areas which are otherwise very hard to reach with a comparatively bigger head brush.
  • Bristles type – The type of bristle chosen by you should be solely dependent upon your personal needs. They should be such that satisfy your individual health requirements like floss action, the sensitivity of your teeth, braces care, etc. to ensure better cleaning.
  • Warranty – Usually, the electronic brushes of a good brand and decent quality come with a warranty of 2 years. Therefore, even if something goes wrong with your brush then you are covered for the same.

These are essential features that are to be met and should not be overlooked in any case while making electric toothbrush deals. Apart from all these features, there are more additional features that one can consider while going for this gadget-blessing.

The extra features in a brush can be, firstly, a quad pacer. This feature intimates you after every 30 seconds so that all the quadrants of your mouth are worked upon and not left out. The pressure sensor feature ensures that you do not end up hurting your gums while brushing merely because of applying more pressure than expected. The charge-level display is just another bonus feature so that you are well-prepared for coming times and never run out of battery unexpectedly. Having a travel case along with the brush makes it easier for you to carry your brush in a clean and safe environment for any and every kind of trip that you plan. The feature of having multiple brushing modes enables you to switch modes for the kind of teeth or personal health of mouth varying from individual to individual.

Also, the ADA Seal of Acceptance plays a great role in deciding whether the quality of the product that you are about to buy is decent or not. Their review also ensures that the product can be trusted in matters of working and effective cleaning.

With all that has been said and proved, you should not still be confused regarding buying a powered electric toothbrush. Stop thinking, go ahead and make your mornings easier!

Reviews To Suit You

  1. Great All-rounder

The Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries Black Electronic Power Rechargeable Toothbrush is undoubtedly the finest electric toothbrush out there. With real-time feedback, this electric toothbrush ensures that most important areas are brushed properly as well. The real time feedback of the Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries Black Toothbrush is not just limited to that. This oral b electric toothbrush also keeps a track of your habits and senses when you brush your teeth too hard. If you start brushing your teeth too hard, the sensors light up to prevent you from over-brushing your teeth. The cross action round head of the brush along with well-designed bristles help in superior cleaning experience. The bristles are angled at 16 degrees for best results in cleaning plaque from the teeth. The 3D cleaning oscillates, pulsates and rotates to break up and remove plaque from all parts and ensure a healthy set of teeth. The Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries Black Toothbrush also comes with 6 sensor modes and a timer that reminds you of the 2-minute brushing practice that is good for teeth. The Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries Black Electronic Power Rechargeable Toothbrush also comes with Bluetooth connectivity that shares real-time data so that you can take care of your teeth in the best way possible. Quite truly a great all-rounder – the Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries Black Electronic Power Rechargeable Toothbrush!

  1. Best Value for Money

In this era of smartphones and other smart devices, there’s no point using manual toothbrushes to take care of your oral health. An electric toothbrush is really the way forward, as it can help you in cleaning your teeth in the best way possible. The Oral-B Pro 5000 SmartSeries Electric Toothbrush is one such electric toothbrush you can rely on. This electric toothbrush features a round brush head along with MicroPulse bristles for an effective brushing experience. The bristles are designed for best interdental cleaning, as they can reach deep between the teeth and remove more plaque as compared to other toothbrushes. This electric toothbrush can also be rightly called as a smart toothbrush, thanks to its Visible Pressure Sensor that lights up instantly when you try to brush your teeth too hard – a bad dental practice that is not recommended by dentists. The Oral-B Pro 5000 SmartSeries Electric Toothbrush also features Bluetooth connectivity for seamless sharing of real-time data of your brushing practices so that you can avoid the practices that are detrimental to your oral health. Last but not the least, this electric toothbrush comes at an affordable price, and it truly offers the best value for money!

  1. Top Quality

Brushing your teeth with a manual toothbrush is not an effective way to take care of your oral health. It is not only insufficient to remove plaque stuck between the teeth; it does not give you any feedback on whether or not you’re brushing your teeth properly. An electric toothbrush helps you overcome that difficulty. The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush features the Sonic technology that offers up to 31,000 brush strokes per minute for a complete and efficient cleaning of your teeth. The brush focuses on a sweeping motion that helps in driving fluid in all parts of the teeth, especially in between the teeth for better, healthier teeth. The electric brush also has five modes that allow you to select the cleaning type according to your requirements – white, clean, polish, gum care or sensitive. This smart sonic care electric brush also features two timers so that you brush for two minutes, which is what most dentists recommend. The 30-second timer reminds you to brush all four quadrants of your teeth properly, without neglecting any part of your teeth. This Philips electronic toothbrush comes with a USB charging case to allow you to charge it anywhere you want – with ease! With all these top-notch features on offer, this Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush is surely the top-quality electric toothbrush you can go for!