Best YouTube Gaming Channels in 2020

The social media sites have taken over as the new mass communication device. The increasing use of Facebook, twitter, Snap chat, Instagram, and YouTube has led to many changes in the gaming world. Once, there was a time when one had to collect money with devotion to buy their favourite game only to end up not liking it and having their money wasted. However, with the growing trend of YouTube gaming channels, it is easier to get a view or review of the game that you are thinking of buying and spending all that pocket money on.

However, it is also not easy to pick the best YouTube reviewers to give you reviews or commentary on any video game. You do not want to sit on your expensive gaming computer desk to only have your time wasted. For a gamer, the perfect mouse – see our gaming mouse reviews, perfect desk and the game matters, so to save your quality time, here’s a list of the top YouTube gaming channels to subscribe for informative, well researched and hilarious reviews.

1. Achievement Hunters

achievement-hunterWhen we are talking about the gaming world, it is hard to miss the Achievement Hunters. Once you see their subscribers, you will understand how huge their channel is. To entertain and inform about 3 million subscribers is not an easy task. However, with their rotating cast in almost every episode, they have their viewers gripped to their favourite gaming desks and chairs. What’s interesting is that they have a wide style of videos which has something or the other for everyone.

The Achievement Hunters is a team of 6 members who has you on your toes with their hilarious commentary and exemplary reviews. They come from a well-established company, One of their most hysterical videos is ‘the Grand Heist’. To never miss an episode, you should know they upload on a scheduled basis on their channel. You can check out their site to get a glimpse of their gaming world and also, to see if they reviewed your favourite game.

2. Vanoss Gaming

vanoss-gamingEvan Fong is one of the most famous YouTube video game commentators. Even though Evan was not a die-hard video game fan from the beginning, he somehow became got engaged in his gaming channel on YouTube. He dropped out of college in his second year to concentrate on his channel. His unique style of commentary and collaboration with other channels like Adam “SeaNanners” Montoya, H2O Delirious and others has made him achieve over 11 million subscribers.

Vanoss consistently updates on his channel for about three or four times a week. Those who follow him are sure a fan of his remarkable editing skills. Vanoss has worked as creative director on the game called Dead Realm which was released on 30 July 2015.

3. Super Bunnyhop

super-bunyhopWith hundreds of different gaming channels on YouTube, it is rather difficult to choose wisely for the one who provides you with a balance of information and entertainment. The host, Mr. George Weidman, is a man, who takes gaming seriously. He understands how important it is to have the right instructions about the gaming world. Unlike many other YouTubers, his videos have content that engages you and leaves you more informed than ever. The insightful videos are full of facts and not just random yelling that has can make one cringe. He does not attempt to be funny or corny but has a rather exceptional approach in his videos.

The sharp and bright commentary never has a dull moment for the viewer. For a gamer, the videos are highly informative with perceptive and quick-wit comments. One can also see his remarkable work in his Metal Gear Solid Series.

4. GassyMexican

gassy-mexicanTo have a compelling voice like his is truly the best gift one can ever wish for. Not only is he an amusing commentator but also, he masters the gaming world. His skills are exceptional. Though he started his channel in 2016, he became popular more recently due to his involvement in Machinima and The Creatures (a group of gamers). The most entertaining factor is his impressions and antics that he pulls out of nowhere during the show. One moment you’ll be sitting and scrolling with your gamers’ mouse through his videos and the next, you’ll be clutching your stomach controlling your laughter and grabbing hold of your headset whist watching his gameplay. His incredible reviews with the most rib-tickling comments have everyone stuck to his channel.

He uploads his videos in the format of a series, there are a whole set of playlists for the games if you want to check it out.  One of his most hilarious works is in the video the Slender multiplayer with Facecam. It is one of the most entertaining videos you will ever come around.

5. Extra Credits

extra-creditsAre you tired of playing the same games over and over again? Or even if you buy new games, they have nothing new to offer and excite you as a player? Thus, the gaming mouse that you bought recently is going to dust. Don’t worry, for Extra Credits will certainly help you out. This engaging YouTube channel has been around for a while now. The channel has 972,865 followers on YouTube with 181,153,453 views, their subscribers and viewer number go up only!

The mystery behind creating your favourite video games and even more engaging video graphics is solved here. Sometimes, you are more interested in a video game than the other even though the graphics are good, Extra credits help you realise why you do so and what are they made of and what makes them even better. The videos shared by Extra Credits help you explore gaming concepts like gamification, the uncanny valley, and perfect imbalance and much more.


There are other several informational and humorous YouTube gaming channels out there. However, this is a list of a mixture of all the channels that are damn right funny with exceptional commentary skills, some of them have a more serious tone than the other and focus on providing information to their gaming buddies. But, of course, all of these channels are sure to keep you engaged in the gaming world.