Best Travel Wallet in 2020

Best Overall

VENTURE 4TH RFID BlockingTravel Neck Wallet

VENTURE 4TH RFID BlockingTravel Neck Wallet
  • Incredibly durable nylon construction
  • ID window for holding boarding passes
  • Pockets secured by velcro and zippers
Premium Choice

Alpha Keeper RFID Travel Money Belt

Alpha Keeper RFID Travel Money Belt
  • Some of the best RFID protection around
  • Comes with tons of storage space
  • Water resistant and highly breathable
Great Value

Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Hidden Money Belt

Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Hidden Money Belt
  • Slim but capable of holding your phone
  • Breathable mesh layer for better comfort
  • Made from a patented TravelDry fabric

If you’re planning on going overseas or even across the country, the wallet you currently use may not be up to snuff. Whether you’re a regular traveler or just looking to have a more secure experience on your family vacation, a travel wallet can provide you with a clean and convenient way to store all of your important documents and protect them from potential pickpockets. The peace of mind the best travel wallet can provide is hard to match.

But there are a lot of companies churning out travel wallets, and not all of them meet the standards that we expect for our readers. That’s why we’ve put together a review list of 10 for the best models and a guide for smarter shopping.

10 Best Travel Wallets

1. VENTURE 4TH RFID BlockingTravel Neck Wallet

VENTURE 4TH RFID BlockingTravel Neck Wallet


A neck travel wallet is a great way to feel safer when you're traveling in a foreign country, and this model from Venture 4th ticks off all the important features you should look for at an affordable price. The construction here is solid. Water resistant nylon is reinforced with double stitched seams to provide a sturdy build that will last a good long time, and it's both comfortable and lightweight for easier travel.

Just as thoughtful is the organizational design of this travel wallet. This travel wallet employs three of the best designed storage compartments, allowing you to flexibly arrange your important currencies and documents so that everything is easily accessible when you need it. There's even an ID window to offer you the best and most convenient way for getting through security checkpoints.

Key Features
  • Incredibly durable nylon construction
  • ID window for holding boarding passes
  • Pockets secured by velcro and zippers
  • Backed by a risk free satisfaction guarantee
StyleNeck travel wallet MaterialNylon Water ResistanceYes Pockets3 + ID window Dimensions5.9 x 0.2 x 8.3 inches

2. Alpha Keeper RFID Travel Money Belt

Alpha Keeper RFID Travel Money Belt


If you need more storage capacity than the aforementioned neck travel wallet can provide, look to this affordably priced money belt from Alpha Keeper . All seven of the sleeves here offer RFID protection, so you can arrange your cards and paperwork however you want without worrying about putting your security at risk, and the RFID shielding is triple layered for the best security around.

And the spacious compartments here can store more than just your passport, cards, and other travel essentials. It's expansive enough to hold your keys, phone, or just about any other essentials you may bring with you. And the breathable mesh backing provides a more comfortable experience if you want to wear this money belt underneath your clothes.

Key Features
  • Some of the best RFID protection around
  • Comes with tons of storage space
  • Water resistant and highly breathable
  • Comes with seven extra RFID protection sleeves
StyleTravel money belt MaterialNylon Water ResistanceYes Pockets2 + 7 RFID protected sleeves Dimensions0.4 x 10 x 5.5 inches

3. Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Hidden Money Belt

Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Hidden Money Belt


While this money belt from Lewis N. Clark is best worn hidden while out and about, it's one of the most stylish models around if you do decide to show it off as you travel. And it provides some of the best protection from rain and the elements due to the special TravelDry fabric from which it's constructed.

The front is also protected by rip-stop fabric to provide you with some of the best security against theft, abrasions, and cuts as you travel. This travel wallet's smartly designed pockets allow you to better organize all of your important effects, and the RFID blocking consists of a copper and nickel layer that secures you capably against electronic intrusion.

Key Features
  • Slim but capable of holding your phone
  • Breathable mesh layer for better comfort
  • Made from a patented TravelDry fabric
  • Front constructed of rip-stop fabric
StyleTravel money belt MaterialTravelDry fabric Water ResistanceYes Pockets2 Dimensions0.5 x 11.5 x 5.2 inches

4. Zero Grid RFID Blocking Neck Wallet

Zero Grid RFID Blocking Neck Wallet


Whether you're looking to protect your valuables from traditional or more high tech theft, this neck travel wallet from Zero Grid offers you some of the best features available, and it does so while sporting both a minimalist design and one of the most tantalizing price tags on the market.

The RFID shielding on the wallet for travel itself is supplemented by seven optional sleeves that offer an extra layer of RFID protection. The elastic strap is reinforced to prevent anyone from cutting it loose, and it's also highly adjustable to suit both men and women. The pockets themselves employ strong zippers to keep everything from your cards to your phone out of sight and firmly secured.

Key Features
  • One of the most affordable neck travel wallets
  • Comes with seven optional RFID sleeves
  • Employs a breathable, moisture wicking back
  • Adjustable and soft elastic neck strap
StyleNeck travel wallet Material210D ripstop nylon Water ResistanceYes Pockets3 + 7 RFID protected sleeves Dimensions4.2 x 5.8 x .05 inches

5. Lewis N. Clark RFID Blocking Stash Neck Wallet

Lewis N. Clark RFID Blocking Stash Neck Wallet


This model takes all the best qualities of the Lewis N. Clark money belt and applies it to a hidden neck travel wallet design. The TravelDry technology provides some of the best water resistance you'll find in a travel wallet, and the zippers are self repairing so you won't have to worry about damage from accidentally over stuffing this travel wallet.

The multiple compartments allow you to neatly integrate cards, cash, and anything else in a way that suits your organizational needs. Meanwhile, the adjustable strap and slimline design makes this a suitable choice for either a men's or women's travel wallet. The two zippers on the sides each access separate compartments for more sensible organization.

Key Features
  • Breathable mesh layer for a comfortable fit
  • Available in black, taupe, gray, navy, and olive
  • Made from high-quality TravelDry fabric
  • Incredibly slim design suitable for men and women
StyleNeck travel wallet MaterialTravelDry fabric Water ResistanceYes Pockets4 Dimensions8 x 5.5 x 0.5 inches

6. Zoppen Passport Holder Travel Wallet

Zoppen Passport Holder Travel Wallet


The majority of travel wallets on the market are unisex in design, but Zoppen has created a series of fashionable passport holders that are suited specifically to the needs of women. The wrist strap is an unconventional design choice that offers the best easy access to all of your valuables, making it a great choice for shopping abroad. It also includes a ring for connecting directly to your key chain.

These travel wallets are available in 17 bright and vibrant designs so you can coordinate your travel wallet with your outfit. The PU leather from which this wallet for travel is constructed is both stylish and soft, and it includes a number of spacious pockets that include a dedicated pouch for your passport or other IDs.

Key Features
  • A travel wallet designed specifically for women
  • Tons of storage space in a tiny frame
  • Available in a ton of different patterns and styles
  • Spongey cushioning for a comfortable fit
StyleWrist travel wallet MaterialPU leather Water ResistanceNo Pockets7 card slots, passport pouch, boarding pass compartment, cell phone pouch, zipper pocket, SIM card pocket, pen holder Dimensions8 x 5.5 x 0.5 inches

7. Alpine Rivers Money Belt – RFID Blocking Hidden Travel Wallet

Alpine Rivers Money Belt – RFID Blocking Hidden Travel Wallet


The construction on this money belt designed for travel is impeccable. It's made from 210D nylon that's resistant to rips and waterproof, and it comes with powerful RFID protection to keep your information safe wherever you travel. But this belt is ultra lightweight and comfortable to wear as well, so it will feel great no matter what exotic lands you travel to.

The two zippered pockets on the front are accompanied by a hidden pouch for your most sensitive and important documents like a boarding pass, passport, or credit cards, and the attached carabiner clip can be attached to your keys or USB cards.

Key Features
  • Lightweight design for easier travel
  • Supported by a best in class one year guarantee
  • Comes with seven RFID blocking sleeves
  • Xtreme elastic trap can accommodate sizes 26" to 56"
StyleTravel money belt Material210D nylon Water ResistanceYes, waterproofed Pockets5 + 7 RFID protected sleeves + carabiner clip Dimensions11.25 x 5 x 0.5 inches

8. Kate Spade Laurel Way Kaden Travel Wallet

Kate Spade Laurel Way Kaden Travel Wallet


Kate Spade is determined to prove that a travel wallet can also be fashionable, and they've succeeded with aplomb. This wallet looks like it's what you should wear when you travel to Monte Carlo, but it's affordably priced at well under a hundred bucks.

This travel wallet's minimalist black design is accentuated by a gold Kate Spade logo and an elegantly understated zipper. This isn't the travel wallet to take with you if you're looking for modern security features, but if you're comfortable with your travel destination, it's a great way to look stylish while still having a compact and portable means to carry the essentials.

Key Features
  • One of the most stylish travel wallets
  • Large enough to hold all your travel essentials
  • Kate Spade buckle crafted from gold
  • Soft material for comfortable access
StyleFashion travel wallet MaterialSaffiano leather Water ResistanceNo Pockets3 slip pockets, 10 card pockets, pen holder Dimensions8.5 x 5 x 1 inches

9. Apadi Travel Family Document Organizer

Apadi Travel Family Document Organizer


If you're looking to travel with your whole family, the best option for keeping everything neatly organized is this model from Apadi. It sports a slim frame but offers enough space to hold up to four passports in addition to your tickets, cards, phone, or more. It's the best choice for large family vacations, but even solo travelers will love the spaciousness that this wallet provides. The removable wrist strap allows you to secure it while you travel or keep your hands free by tucking it in your front or back pocket. The outside pocket is conveniently designed to give you access to cash, boarding tickets, or anything else you may need to reach for without having to open your wallet all the way up.

Key Features
  • Passport storage for four people
  • Ziparound design for securing your documents
  • Stylish and streamlined design
  • Available in a dozen different colors
StyleFamily document organizer MaterialPU leather Water ResistanceNo Pockets4 Dimensions7.8 x 3.7 x 0.5 inches

10. Travelon RFID Blocking Zip Wallet

Travelon RFID Blocking Zip Wallet


Sometimes simple is better, or at least that's the philosophy behind this wallet from Travelon. If you're not worried about carrying your wallet harnessed to your neck, it's easily one of your best choices. It's slim but long, capable of comfortably holding your passport along with anything else you might need.

There are dedicated pockets for your change, paper currency, and receipts, and the convenient ID wallet makes the process of working your way through security checkpoints that much easier. And its svelte design means that it can fit comfortably in either the front of back pocket of your pants without discomfort.

Key Features
  • An understated and more traditional wallet
  • Zipper closure for better sense of protection
  • Interior lined with soft polyester
  • Available in four different stylish designs
StyleFront of back pocket wallet MaterialNylon or polyester Water ResistanceNo Pockets6 card slots, 2 paper pockets, zip pocket, ID window Dimensions8 x 4 x 1 inches

Best Travel Wallet Buyer’s Guide

A review can provide you with a better understanding of what each travel wallet offers on an individual basis, but the best travel wallet for you is going to be predicated on a better understanding of what makes the perfect travel wallet in the first place. In the guides below, we’ll dig deep into the important specs and features that passport wallets should possess. These are some of the best travel accessories you can take with you, but if you really want to shop carry the best model, you’ll want to pay close attention to our review section but also carefully check out our guides where we cover important tips, questions, and advice for maximizing the valley out of the wallet you carry.

Key Specs and Features

For the most part, the features you’ll want in a travel wallet aren’t that different from the features you’ll want in a conventional wallet. Below, we’ll provide tips on the specs unique to a travel wallet so that you can travel with a sense of security.


The goal of a travel wallet is to keep your most important belongings safe as you travel, and while anti-theft and RFID protection can go a long way towards making your travel peaceful and harmonious, the right safety strategy for travel is often to be as inconspicuous as possible. That’s why the best travel wallet is designed to ensure that potential thieves don’t even know you’re carrying a wallet.

You want to make yourself as unassuming a target as possible when you travel, and that’s why neck travel wallets and travel money belts are such prominent choices in the travel wallet market. The former can be tucked underneath your shirt as you travel to provide you with ready access to everything you need without being noticed. The latter tends to offer you more space to store your possessions when you travel, and they often come with a document organizer built in, but they’re more inconvenient and conspicuous when trying to access your cards, passport, or loose change.

But not everyone is worried about protection. And that’s why we’ve included a few fashion wallets for people who value their image and aren’t concerned about theft. The models by Zoppen and Kate Spade aren’t packed with security features, but they’re a good way to travel if you want to be seen and leave an impression.

RFID Blocking Technology

The trait that many people see as separating a travel wallet from a more traditional wallet is the inclusion of RFID blocking technology. As the world becomes more technologically advanced, so too do the methods of theft become more sophisticated. RFID skimming has become big news in the security world in recent years. It’s a method by which thieves can download the information from your cards from yards away without even having to get in contact with your card, essentially serving as the perfect crime.

And while authorities believe that the risk of skimming crimes aren’t that prevalent, it’s still a risk and one that makes people who travel regularly particularly vulnerable. We recommend a travel wallet because of that added layer of protection. It’s better to have a feature and not need it than end up stranded at your foreign travel destination without any money. In addition to built-in RFID protection, many travel wallets come with detachable sleeves that can be wrapped around your cards for an extra layer of protection.


Long periods of travel can quickly result in wear and tear on your wallet, and that’s why the best travel models tend to come in highly durable materials. Nylon is a common choice because it requires little in the way of maintenance and offers great water resistance. Different grades of nylon offer different levels of protection, but most of the best travel wallets are going to offer resistance against cuts and abrasions.

If you’re looking for something more fashionable, a few of the travel wallets we’ve reviewed are made of leather. These are softer, comfortable, and more stylish, but they require more maintenance and generally aren’t protected from the elements. A few companies make use of specially formulated fabrics designed to resist rain and other elements while you travel.

Water Resistance

The best travel wallet is one that can survive just about anything, and most travel wallets come with some level of water resistance. Unfortunately, there’s nothing quite like the IPX system that’s used to rate the water resistance of electronics. Even if a travel wallet is marketed as being a water resistant wallet, the level of resistance isn’t always consistent. If you’re planning to travel notably rainy, nylon is always a good choice for a wallet, but your best option is the TravelDry fabric used by Lewis N. Clark.


If you’re doing serious travel for the first time, the one thing that might surprise you is how great an organized approach can be. Whether you’re talking about your suitcase or your wallet, having convenient access to your essentials can make boarding trains and planes and paying for goods easier. The sort of document organizer that comes in a travel belt is a great way to make sure you can access your essentials readily.

But many neck travel wallets come with convenient access too. The more organized the pockets the better, because that way you can reach into your travel wallet without having to fumble around and draw the attention of potential thieves. Try to strip down your travel essentials to the true essentials, but keep in mind that it’s better to leave space for more than just what you leave with. Make space in your travel wallet to accommodate loose change, tickets, or anything else you might acquire during your travel time.

Also look for specialized pockets and compartments. Many models of travel wallet come with a pouch for carrying your phone, a carabiner for attachment to your keys, or any number of other features specific to the needs of travel.


At HotRate, we love thin wallets. As traditional cash gives way to cards, the advantages of a spacious and bulky wallet are becoming less prominent. But a slim wallet is an especially valuable asset for travelers. If you want to go unnoticed by thieves and not give yourself away as a tourist, having an inconspicuous wallet is your best choice. We don’t recommend any particular size for any given traveler, but one of our best tips is to aim for the most compact wallet you can find that still has the space you need to hold everything essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Keep in My Travel Wallet?

You should think of your travel wallet as an accessory distinct from your traditional wallet, and one of the best travel tips we can provide is to look closely at what you normally carry with you and purge everything that’s unnecessary so you can have the perfect resources available. Consider the demands of your vacation. If you’re going overseas, you can probably just trade your drivers license in for your passport, and try to trim down your cards to one or two. If you lose your travel wallet to theft in a foreign land, you want to make it as easy as possible to get your life back in order.

What is the Best Neck Travel Wallet?

We love the model from Zero Grid. It’s a highly durable choice that’s also incredibly affordable, and it offers a decent amount of storage space despite its slim design. Add in the dedicated RFID sleeves and the hard to rip fabric design, and you’re left with one of the most balanced all around travel wallets we’ve encountered.

Are Passport Wallets a Good Idea?

We consider passport wallets to practically be a necessity when you travel. The truth is, the passport is the very last thing you want to lose. It’s more important than your cash and cards. For that reason, look for a wallet that comes with a passport holder or invest in a dedicated passport holder in addition to the wallet you use for your cash, tickets, and cards.

What is an RFID Travel Wallet?

An RFID travel wallet has an extra layer of shielding built in so that thieves can’t access the digital information from the cards you carry remotely. It’s a feature that’s prominent in almost any travel wallet you’ll find today.

Final Thoughts

In the pantheon of travel accessories, the travel wallet is arguably the best and most important. These are the perfect way to safely travel and have easy access to all of your important documents. But if a travel wallet isn’t quite what you’re looking for, we have you covered. Be sure to check out our review guides to the best money clip wallets, the best wallets for men, and the best front pocket wallets.