Seiko Sarb033 Watch Review

Seiko Sarb033 Watch Review

There’s not a watch in the Seiko collection of timepieces that isn’t exceptional. And the Sarb033 fits right in with the rest. For many years, Seiko was more popular in Japan and in Europe. Now North Americans are seeing more and more how wonderful these watches are. Even better – Seiko is designing watches that they know have a strong appeal to buyers all around the world.

This appeal comes from Seiko making a variety of watches that other brand names don’t. Seiko is a master at making Kinetic watches – these self-charging quartz watches are in high demand from consumers who want a reliable timepiece. Then there’s the Seiko’s Spring Drive watches that have no battery but use quartz automatic regulation for keeping time. There’s the Grand Seiko, a collection of watches that enthusiasts around the world covet for their unique design and one of a kind craftsmanship.

And of course, there are Seiko’s wristwatches, with some of the best entry-level watches in the industry. Each collection of watches pays particular attention to different styles and functions. Some Seiko watches are more dressier than others, designed to impress. Others are more minimalist, taking a basic look and elevating it so the basic becomes sophisticated. Still other Seiko watches are in demand for their functionality – the chronograph watch is one of Seiko’s best sellers.

The one thing all these watch collections have in common: they continue in the tradition of excellence that began with Kintaro Hattori in 1881 when he started his Seiko brand of superior timepieces.  The Seiko Sarb033 is just one of these superior watches. And for good reason.

Seiko Sarb033

The Seiko Sarb033 was first released exclusively in Japan. It’s one of those watches that is superior to other watches in so many ways. The Sarb033 has many similarities to other well-known expensive watches, such as the Rolex DateJust…but the Sarb is much more affordable. The watch is beautiful and has a simple elegance to it that’s refreshing with so many other timepieces on the market that feel “cluttered”. The Sarb is ideal as a dress watch that you can easily wear under a suit, giving you a professional and business-like look. At the same time, it has a ruggedness to it that stands out no matter where you wear it.

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Sarb033 Sizing

Some watches sit too small on your wrist, giving the timepiece a feminine look. Other watches are too big, demanding too much attention. The Sarb is just right. It’s 38mm and has a thickness of 11mm, making it just the right size for most wrists. And it fits well under the cuffs of your shirts and suits for the office.

Timeless Design

One of the things that makes the Sarb so popular is its design. A design that’s timeless and never goes out of style. The black face has large silver indexes that stand out boldly. The addition at the 3 o’clock mark is a black date window that’s easy to read even in low light.

As well as a nice basic look, the Sarb033 has an international flair to it. It’s a great mix of conservative and minimalism combined in one watch.

Sarb033 Features

There are lot of features on the Sarb033 that add to its popularity. The automatic movement has 50 hours of power reserve – plenty of time so you know that you can rely on your Sarb even if you haven’t charged it in a while.

The stainless-steel watch case is brushed silver – there’s no bling on this watch. Professionally set into the watch case is a carefully set sapphire glass, which provides protective covering for the watch face.

The watch face itself has a unique look that you don’t find in other watches. The Dauphin hands look elegant against the black background. The hour hands are a beautiful silver-tone. The watch bezel is sleek without being too feminine – it has slightly raised matte positions that move around in both directions.

Watch Straps

As with all Seiko watches, you can swap out the watch strap for another. The stainless-steel bracelet nicely complements the Sarb033 and comes with a push-down clasp that securely locks the watch on your wrist. If you’re not into the classy look of stainless-steel you can choose a sophisticated genuine leather strap in either a chocolate brown or a standard basic black. Both colors go with the styling of the rest of the Sarb033.

The construction and materials of the Sarb033 are exactly what we’ve all come to expect from Seiko. No matter how long you own your Seiko, the sapphire crystal will remain unscathed from scratches and blemishes. And the steel case lasts through the years, not losing any of its shine. We consider the Sarb033 to be a luxury watch that’s available at an affordable price.

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