Seiko Prospex Watch Collection

Seiko Prospex Watch Collection

For over 100 years, Seiko watches have been creating and producing top quality watches that deliver both great styling and superior functionality in the world of watches. In Japanese, the word “Seiko” means “exquisite”, and that’s exactly what Seiko watches are – they’re an exquisitely designed timepiece that you’ll be proud to show off no matter you go. Every watch in the Seiko Prospex collection has been created with you in mind. To give you options and choice in choosing a superior watch that fits your lifestyle and personality.

Seiko History

Seiko starts off in 1881 in Japan, when a young man by the name of Kintaro Hattori started repairing and selling watches. After a successful few years, in 1892, he started the “seikosha”, which translates to an exquisite house. In an old factory in Tokyo, Hattori made his first clocks – and the world’s best watch company was off to a great start. After making clocks for a number of years, Seiko added something new to their company. In 1913 they produced their first wristwatch and named it the Laurel. Seiko now had a lead on the rest of the world’s watchmakers with a unique brand – a wristwatch that people were eager to get their hands on.

The Seiko Collection

Seiko continues to pay their own unique, exquisite attention to their collection of watches. Each model has been created with its own exclusive design and styling. And Seiko strives to be the first to come out with new and innovative watches that lead the way in new technology and function. The Astron was the world’s first GPS solar watch and is still one of the leading GPS timepieces on the market. The Coutura, for both men and women, is a high quality kinetic watch that the environment loves. With it’s chronographs for men, and pearls and diamonds for women, the Coutura is a great example of what Seiko can do. And then there’s the Seiko Prospex, a watch with a huge presence.

Seiko Watch Movement

One of the most important parts of a watch is its movement, the part of the watch that keeps it working. Seiko has designed a superior Japanese movement in watches that can’t be beat. Made with high quality parts and pieces, Seiko makes incredibly efficient quartz movement watches. But just what is a quartz movement watch? The watch runs from the vibrations of a small quartz crystal in the watch. The crystal vibrates when the flow of power from the battery moves over it. This is what keeps the watch ticking. And Seiko has this movement down to a fine science.

Seiko is also known for its kinetic movement, which is what powers many of Seiko’s watches. Kinetic watches run on the energy that’s created when you move your wrist. No battery needed or to be replaced. Kinetic watches are becoming more popular, with their slant on being environmentally friendly.

Sea, Sky, Land, or Street

Within the Prospex collection, choose from watches for diving, for flying or for adventures on the back roads. Or choose one of the models from the street lineup – with their masculine look they’re great for the city man who wants to dress up his look for the office.

Seiko Prospex

The Prospex is just one of the great collections in the Seiko brand. Every model in the lineup is beautiful for both men and women. They’re modern looking with an elegance to them and a classic styling that you won’t find in other watches. One of the models in the Prospex collection is Seiko’s dive watch for men. Robust designing, strength and durability, and with more functionality than you know what to do with. With a larger watch face, the Prospex Dive has a thick stainless steel case with a heavy coating. You’ll feel this watch when you’re wearing it as it sits securely and comfortably on your wrist. Seiko ensures that every watch design they create is made for comfort as much as style.

Prospex Has Purpose

But don’t think that the Prospex lineup just looks good when you’re wearing one, they have a purpose as well. With the dive watch, the aluminium inserts on the watch face and the 60 minute dive scales are easy to read. The bezels rotate uni-directionally for ease of use. With its water resistance, whether you’re going diving or playing near the water, your Prospex is well protected. And on the Prospex land watch, the screw down crowns are nicely tucked out of the way, adding an almost vintage feel to this model in the collection.

Final Thoughts on the Seiko Prospex Collection

No matter what Seiko Prospex model catches your eye, you’ll be completely satisfied with its style and function. And turn heads when you’re wearing it. Head off to Seiko now to find the Prospex that’s right for you.