Seiko Presage Watch Collection Review

Seiko Presage Watch Collection Review

From the day it was released, the Seiko Presage collection was an immediate hit. The Presage has a very unique style – and it’s available in multiple different models, each with their own addition to the styling.

What makes Seiko watches so special? Seiko has been making watches for over 100 years. They have an amazing reputation for being great high-end watches, with all the parts made in-house. And Seiko is the creation behind the quartz watch, with their high level of accuracy.

Variety and Price

If it’s in your budget, you can certainly spend a lot of money buying your Seiko. But one of the great things about this watch company is that they also have some very affordable watches in the collection. And when you buy a Seiko watch, you can be assured you’re going to have it for many years to come.

Continuous Great Design

One of the signs of a great watch company is their consistency of superior design. Seiko takes its time introducing new collections to their lineup…and new models within the already existing collections. They don’t just come out with a new model because they can – they bring out a new watch when the time is right and there’s a need for it. 2018 saw the release of the SJE073J1 Presage. The watch is a limited edition – a wonderful watch that’s new and different from the other Presage models. It’s slimmer than the rest and has a remarkable accuracy, to within +15 to -10 seconds per day.

Hardlex Crystal

Seiko watches are strong and durable, and for good reason. Seiko has developed their own exclusive answer for protective covering for their watches – hardlex crystal. Hardlex is a mineral crystal that will stand up to any hit or impact. No more wearing your good watch on a day of play only to find it scratched. The mineral crystal ensures your Seiko is well protected.

Here are four of the most popular Seiko watches in the Presage collection:

Shippo Enamel

The Shippo Presage is truly one of the best in the collection. Named after a Japanese enamel, the watch is polished almost to perfection. The watch face is a deep, marine blue – Seiko claims the design is intended to reflect all the colors of the ocean. The construction of the case lets the sides of the watch face angle inwards just a bit, so the watch fits nice and comfortably against your wrist. The bezel of the watch is screwed down, with another bezel on top to give the watch even more protection. This is one of those watches that if you buy it for a gift, you’ll have a hard time giving it away.

Seiko Presage SARY075

Considered to be a classy dress watch, you could wear this Seiko anywhere and it will fit in just fine. Keeping in with the blue theme, the SARY075 has a watch face that’s a light blue in color – with a unique sun ray design to it that stands out no matter what the light. The elegant hour markers are a nice silver on the watch, sitting at six, nine, and twelve – they’re just the right size to easily see. At the three mark there’s a date display…but it’s a subtle date display that doesn’t take up a lot of room on the watch face. The perfect watch when you want to make a statement!

Presage Cocktail

Just to show you what Seiko can do the Cocktail is one of the most sought-after Presage watches. This is another Seiko watch that can dress up anything you’re wearing. It’s the watch you’ll turn to when you’ve got a special night planned. The watch dial is stunning and the engraving of a ray of sun seems to reflect the light even when there’s no light shining on it. Both the minute and hour hands are beveled, keeping the watch face simple and classic. The second hand is a steel blue in color, contrasting beautifully with the rest of the watch face.

Presage Automatic Enamel

This watch is a little more formal than some of the other more basic Presage models. The style and shape of the watch is much like the Chronograph Seiko collection. The case of the watch is elegant and polished giving it a bit of a sporty look. Of course, it’s the watch face that really stands out on this Presage. The enamel is a unique color and looks almost vintage like with the classic Roman indices on a pale white background. Like all Presage watches, this one is partially hand made with exceptional materials.

Convinced that the Seiko Presage is for you? With so many great watches to choose from, you’ll have a hard time deciding which one is going to look best on your wrist.