Seiko Premier Watch Collection Review

Seiko Premier Watch Collection Review

If you love watches, you’ve no doubt already heard about Seiko. But just what makes a Seiko watch one of the best brands on the market today? Since it was founded in 1881, Seiko has been paying great attention to breakthrough technological advances in timekeeping. They continue to stretch their line of magnificent watches with their careful craftsmanship, using watch parts and materials that are made in-house. This not only allows them to give you the best prices for top-quality watches, it also allows Seiko to be on top of cutting-edge new ways to make their watches.

Through the years, Seiko has come up with some innovative timepieces that lead the way in the world of watches. The world was in awe when in 1969 Seiko released the first ever quartz wristwatch. And again in the 1970s when Seiko released the world’s first titanium diver watch as well as an LCD quartz watch. With all this success behind them, the world is just waiting to see what Seiko can do next.

Accuracy of Time with an Elegant Design

Seiko’s Premier collection of watches are more than just modern pieces of timekeeping – they’re a watch that surpasses other brands, with their accuracy of time and their elegant designs. The Seiko Premier collection includes several different models, each with their own functionality and design.

Seiko Premier Perpetual Kinetic

This Seiko Premier is a perpetual calendar watch, and it’s both quartz and kinetically powered. This means that behind the watch case there’s a rotor that winds, powering up the quartz movement. It’s this movement that maintains what at first can seem a complicated calendar system for a watch – the month, leap year, today’s date, and a 24-hour time marker. Why all the fuss about the calendar date function of this Premier? It’s right in line with Seiko’s promise to always provide accuracy in their watches.

The front of the watch is where the detailed design comes in. The Perpetual is less dressy than some other Seiko watches, with big, bold vintage-style lugs, the tapered crown guards, and the 42.9mm width of the watch case. The numbers on the watch face are dauphine faceted, adding a unique appeal to this watch. The Novak Djokovic model comes with a rose gold and black color tone – the watch is striking and will always turn heads no matter where you wear it.

Seiko Premier Quartz – SRK035P1

The Seiko SRK035P1 is another exceptionally designed watch in the Premier watch collection. The watch has a classic design and is almost minimalist in its styling. The watch face is uncluttered and seamless, with the navy-blue watch hands standing out beautifully against a matte white watch face. This color combination makes it easy to read the time when the lighting is low. The watch case is a basic stainless steel black and comes with a leather calfskin watch band with a silver clasp to ensure it doesn’t slip off.

This Premier is solid to wear and fits comfortably around your wrist. The watch has almost a sporty look to it, with it’s simple and effective sapphire crystal protecting the watch face. Go ahead and wear this Seiko when you’re around water – the watch is water resistant in up to 30m of water.

Seiko Premier – SKP393P1

The Seiko SKP393P1 is one of the dressier Premier watches, designed with a classic elegance in dress watches. The watch seamlessly blends a modern design with slightly vintage look. The case design is sleek and graceful – with a watch size of 43mm it’s just the right size so that it has a large watch feel to it without being so large that you always know you’re wearing it. Each model has a different color tone, with the gold-rose toned steel being one of the most popular for its unique design. Placed on a black case, the watch looks substantial and you’ll be proud to show it off either in the office or on the weekend when you’re relaxing away from work. The crystal watch face is sapphire, adding to appeal and making this Seiko Premier model look much more expensive than it is.

Why You Need a Seiko Premier

Seiko has some very expensive watches in their lineup. The Seiko Premier collection comes in right in the middle. You’re paying more than some Seiko watches, but you’re not paying so much that you go over budget on a timepiece. And the saying is correct when you apply it to Seiko watches – you get what you pay for. And what you’re paying for is a top-quality timepiece.

The Seiko Premier is a watch that’s built to last. It’s a timepiece that’s as well constructed as it looks. It’s a timepiece that you can wear anywhere and look great. If you’re looking for a new watch that makes you happy when you wear it, the Seiko Premier is the watch for you. Check out more watches on Seiko’s website: