Seiko Coutura Watch Collection

Seiko Coutura Watch Collection

The Seiko Coutura isn’t just your ordinary watch. It’s a watch that has been designed for superior function and design. As well as keeping perfect time, the Coutura has a chronograph, alarm functions, and solar movement.

Seiko was founded in 1881 in Japan. A young man by the name of Kintarō Hattori is the genius behind the brand. Hattori owned a jewelry and watch shop in Tokyo. In 1892 the company started producing wall clocks that they named Seikosha. The word “Seiko” in Japanese means success or exquisite. The intent was that when anyone had a Seiko timepiece they knew it carried the success of the brand behind it.

In 1924 Seiko created it’s first wristwatch. And they’ve been making reliable, high quality watches ever since. The Seiko website highlights every watch in their collection, including the Coutura series.

Seiko’s Reputation

Throughout the years, Seiko has gained the reputation of making top quality watches that are both reliable and durable. When Seiko first started making watches they focused on providing new technology and functionality with their timepieces. In 1973, Seiko created their first LCD quartz wristwatch, with a six-figure display. In 2008, Seiko was behind the first watch that was created to be used in space.

Once they had a hold on technology and superior craftsmanship, Seiko turned their ambition to creating watches with appealing designs that would make their brand stand out from all the others. They make their watch parts in-house, which allows them to stay competitive in a tight market.

Seiko makes watches for both men and women. They have several different collection series, each with a unique design so there’s a watch in their lineup for everyone. Seiko models include automatic, mechanical, and quartz watches, as well as chronometer watches that are one of their bestsellers.

Seiko Coutura

The Coutura is one of the top Seiko collections. One of the biggest attractions of the Coutura is its elegance. The SGEB76 Coutura is one of the most popular models – it has a stunning sapphire crystal to protect the watch face, and a bold date calendar. The gold crown and accents, as well as the two-tone stainless-steel bracelet, make this a great watch for the office.

Seiko SNA694

The SNA694 is another of Seiko’s top watches. This chronograph alarm watch has a brushed charcoal face set in a gold-tone casing with a matching gold bracelet. The three subdials aren’t just functional, they make this Seiko look official and ready for business.

Seiko Coutura Perpetual

This Coutura is sleek and attractive. The watch face is a distinctive blue color and includes a date display and chronograph. The stainless-steel case is a great background for the blue. Also in the Coutura Perpetual model lineup is the Kinetic Perpetual. Kinetic watches are powered with the movement of your body, so it never needs a light source for power nor does it need a battery or to be wound up. The stainless-steel case and bezel hold a black watch dial. The silver tone hands and indexes look great against the black background.

Seiko SNAE56 Chronograph

This model is one of the more expensive Seiko Coutura models…and it’s worth every penny. It looks classy, with a two-tone design sitting on stainless-steel watch strap. It’s a popular watch for the sport enthusiast – surfing, snorkeling, sailing, and swimming – the SNAE56 is water resistant to 100m. The watch face is made with Hardlex crystal – Hardlex is Seiko’s signature crystal designed for its superior capability for protection. The dial is easy to read even in darker light conditions. The watch has both alarm and chronograph functions, making it a great watch when counting down the seconds. Made with top quality Japanese quartz movement, this Coutura is a watch you can rely on for accurate time-keeping.

Seiko Kinetic Retrograde

Another kinetic watch in the Seiko Coutura lineup, the Retrograde comes in two styles. The first has a beautiful rose-gold finished bezel with a brushed black dial face. The other has a white dial face and a silver watch strap. The date display is different from most other watches, showing the day as well as the date. Both watches are ideal for water sports, with a water resistance up to 100m

Final Thoughts on the Seiko Coutura

When you’re looking for a stylish watch that you’re proud to wear, the Seiko Coutura should be at the top of your list. As with any of the Seiko watches, you can count on the quality of them. Made with parts that are in-house, you know that Seiko counts on and trusts their craftsmanship. Their Coutura lineup of watches is both functional and classy, with some models ideal for the office while others have a sporty look and function for play on the weekends. There’s sure to be at least one Coutura that grabs your attention.