The Seiko Astron Watch Collection

The Seiko Astron Watch Collection

There’s something stylish and elegant about the Seiko Astron on your wrist. Seiko’s original Astron watch was the first of its kind – it was the first quartz wristwatch that was commercially available on the market. And this watch led the way, with more and more watch brands following in Seiko’s footsteps.

The Astron collection of watches are made with steel and titanium, with the titanium treated with a revolutionary coating that makes it more scratch-resistant than regular titanium. The strength coated sapphire crystal watch face adds even class to the Seiko Astron.

GPS Satellite Function

The Seiko Astron of today is just as beautiful and magnificent a watch now as it was in 1969. The Astron is a solar powered analog wristwatch that adjusts itself to any of the 39 time zones in the world just by the GPS satellite signals that it receives. The Astron beats out other watches with its GPS function. With this function it manually and automatically syncs to a satellite signal to ensure that the local time is accurate.

Solar Powered

As well as the GPS function, the Astron is solar powered, which means it’s very low on maintenance. No battery needed, the Astron runs on light – sunlight and artificial. All models come with a 6-month power reserve. With only a few minutes of sunlight a day, the Astron will be fully powered and able to run the GPS.

Unique Watch Dial in Ceramic Bezel

Each of the Seiko Astron models comes with a ceramic bezel. Seiko believes that ceramic receives better signal reception than steel. The watch dial is stunning no matter what model you choose – it’s deep and has a unique look. On most models, the hour markers look as those they’re part of the bezel ring. The dial has a nice low glow when in artificial light. In sunlight, the dial has a slight blue glow almost, like a sun beam that emanates from the center of the dial…in shaded light the blue becomes a dark purple color.


There are two subdials on the Astron. Both sit on polished steel that’s been slightly raised so the dials are easier to read. The subdial functions are a manual setting and once you set them they won’t need to be set again. The functions of these subdials include time zone detection, 24-hour time, airplane mode, and another time zone.

The Seiko Astron SSH003 comes with a second time zone function. The subdial in the 6’oclock position displays the home time. The subdial in the 9’oclock position lets you select the time zone. A third subdial in the 3’oclock position is the date display. Astron models come with this unique date display, bold white date and numbers on a black background which makes it easy to read in all light conditions.

Astron Case Size

The Astron watch case is sleek and thin, and that’s part of the appeal of this collection of Seiko GPS watches. At 45mm wide, the Astron is comfortable, hugging the wrist just right. The ceramic bezel has a solid back case that screws in rather than pops, keeping the inside workings of the Astron safe and secure. The Seiko SSE113 has a beautiful black case coated in PVD titanium, giving it a sophisticated business look.

Some models of the Astron come with a crown that has a nice curled finish to it, making it easy to grasp the watch casing. The Astron SSH002 has Seiko’s signature Zaratsu polish, giving the watch a mirror-like finish.

Watch Strap Options

Astron models are available with either a bracelet watch strap or a rubber strap. The rubber is ideal if you’re looking for a sportier look in your Seiko that you can wear on the weekends. Comfortable to wear, it has almost a utilitarian look to it.

Bracelet straps add a lot of elegance to the Astron. With this look, the watch is great for the office or when you want a dressier style. The Seiko Astron SSH003 is comfortable and lightweight. Made of titanium, the bracelet has a clasp that you can adjust and re-adjust, such as when the weather temperature is warmer.

Final Thoughts on the Seiko Astron

The Seiko Astron is one of Seiko’s finest watches, it’s functional, stylish, and will make heads turn wherever you wear it. When Seiko designed the Astron they gave it a unique design, making it stand out from other GPS watches from other watch brands. They didn’t hold back when it comes to using top quality materials and fine craftsmanship.

What makes each of the Astron models so unique? The great attention to detail, the exceptional finishes on the watch, and the easy to read functionality of subdials and GPS time zone capability. The Astron is a high-end watch that delivers what it promises., take a look at Seiko’s website to see their full collection of Astron watches: