ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 Gaming Router Review

ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 Gaming Router Review

Asus Has Done It Again

Asus has done it again. They’ve created an extremely powerful product, and they’ve offered it at a reasonable price. We’re speaking about the ROG Rapture GT gaming router.

Asus is known for making quality products, and the ROG Rapture GT doesn’t stray from their usual quality. It’s one of the best gaming routers you can buy, and it manages to pack a lot of features into its futuristic design.

A gaming router isn’t the most well-known gaming peripheral on the planet, but it’s a necessary one. In this review, we’re going to break down the key features of one of the best options on the market. This isn’t something that you can buy with spare pocket change, but all of your hard earned money will be put to great use with the ROG Rapture GT.

Tri-Band Routing Technology

The Rapture GT doesn’t boast the fastest download and upload speeds, but it does offer plenty of speed across the largest coverage area possible.

With the power of an AC5300 and 4×4 MU-MIMO technology, the Rapture GT can reach speeds of more than 5000 megabytes per second. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it means that it’s fast enough to handle download and upload speeds of roughly 5GB per second. That is incredibly fast, and it ensures that your games will play smoothly. As long as your server host isn’t running some outdated piece of junk, you’ll easily become the person with the highest internet speed in your game’s lobby.

If smooth gaming is something that you demand during your gaming experience, you’ll want to buy a monitor with the best refresh rate possible. Your game won’t lag nearly as much with the Rapture, and you’ll be able to notice a difference between your current monitor and a higher-quality one.

VPN Fusion For Maximum Connectivity

The Rapture also allows you to use a VPN and standard network at the same time. That means that you can let the family eat up bandwidth on your normal network, and you can play on your own private network. This helps to keep your family’s internet activity from ruining your gaming experience.

As an added bonus, the VPN provides a more secure network for you to work on. So, you’ll be able to surf the web without worrying about cyber attacks. The best part is that you can do it all at the same time with the Rapture GT.

ROG Game Dashboard

The ROG Game Dashboard is exclusive to Asus gaming routers. It allows you to customize a number of proprietary programs that help you enhance your gaming experience.

The dashboard allows you to easily access Game IPS, WTFast Gaming Private Network, and VPN Fusion. Those programs allow you to access servers with lower ping levels, and they increase the speed of your private network exponentially.

AiMesh Compatible

Sometimes, you may find yourself wanting to connect several WiFi routers. With most standard routers, that can be a challenging ordeal. The Rapture GT makes it easy.

The AiMesh firmware is obtained via an online update. You can download it for free once you set up your Rapture GT. AiMesh makes it extremely easy to connect several home WiFi routers to each other. You’ll have to make sure that all of your routers were made by Asus, but it’s extremely easy to do once you set it up.

This allows you to divide your bandwidth between different people or devices in your home. The AiMesh firmware allows you to create a complete home network with 20/40/80 bandwidth, and it provides a 1024-QAM data rate.

Sleek Design

Are you tired of having some ugly, white, square shell sitting on your computer desk? Standard routers are ugly. They look extremely basic, and they tend to clash with all of the other high-tech gear that makes up the average gaming system.

You should think about it. You probably spent a ridiculous amount of money for a futuristic computer case, Razer gaming mouse, and a high-end monitor. When you look at your desk, there is probably one piece of gear that stands out. That is probably the ugly router providing your WiFi connection.

The Rapture GT isn’t built around looking pretty, but it was built in a way that looks better than any other router available. The black shell is extremely slim, and it’s accented by several black, triangular pillars that stand out from each of its four sides.

The edges are crisp, clean, and perfectly molded. Considering the amount of effort that goes into the visual design of every other gaming peripheral, it’s only fitting that your router matches the rest of your gear.


The Asus ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 is one of the best pieces of gaming equipment you can buy. It’s not the fastest router available, but it packs enough power to provide the smoothest gaming experience possible. In addition to its speed, it packs a lot of other features into one of the most appealing designs on the market.

The ROG Rapture is a piece of gear that won’t underwhelm you. Not only will it match the quality of the rest of your gear, but it will also look just as exciting as some of the fanciest computer cases you can buy. It’s simply that good, and you can’t go wrong by adding it to your collection of gear.