RESPAWN-200 Racing Style Gaming Chair Review

RESPAWN-200 Racing Style Gaming Chair Review

Are you looking for a chair that’ll help you pull off those overnight gaming binges? You’ve come to the right place. 

There are a lot of different gaming chairs on the market, and they come in several different price ranges. We have found one chair that provides all of the comfort you need, and it does so at an affordable price. 

The RESPAWN-200 is a feature-packed gaming chair that is bound to impress you upon first glance. If you don’t believe us, take a look at its main features.

2D Armrests

Being able to adjust the arms of a gaming chair is a necessity. Gaming chairs are meant to be luxury items, and you should be able to set your chair up the way that makes you the most comfortable. 

The RESPAWN-200 has 2D armrests. That means that you can move them up and down, and you can move them farther away from the chair’s seat for more wiggle room. The 2D armrests aren’t the most advanced, but they allow enough movement to let you set the chair up in a way that doesn’t squeeze your hips or hurt your elbows. 

Meshed Backing

When you’re in the middle of a game, the intensity of the game can cause you to sweat. With chairs that are completely made from leather or PU, that probably is compounded. It usually means that you have to clean your chair when you get up. 

The RESPAWN-200 solves that issue by adding a breathable mesh to the part of the chair that your back rests on. The mesh allows air to flow, and it helps to keep you from sweating all over it. 

Leather Materials

The entire chair isn’t covered in a mesh. It wouldn’t be visually appealing if it was. The cushions around the mesh are made from a high-density foam, and that foam is covered with bonded leather. 

The leather seat cover adds a level of sophistication to the RESPAWN-200, and it makes for a comfortable seat material, too. 

Support for Your Lumbar and Head

A good headrest is an absolute necessity for any gaming chair. After all, your head will be resting on it pretty often. The RESPAWN-200 has an adjustable headrest that allows you to move it to the exact position that fits your posture. 

In addition to a good headrest, the RESPAWN-200 also has a removable lumbar cushion. The cushion is designed to relieve stress on your back, and it can keep you from developing any nasty back problems in the future. However, lumbar cushions can be annoying during short sessions. So, we’re happy that the RESPAWN-200’s is removable. 

Both of the support cushions are covered with the same bonded leather that is used for the seat. So, you won’t have any problems trying to clean off any spilled Dorito crumbs.

275lb Weight Capacity

While most gaming chairs have nylon tubes, the RESPAWN-200 has a tube made from solid steel. That raises its durability quite a bit, and it allows the chair to hold up to 275 pounds. 

This is one of those features that most people won’t think about, but it increases the lifespan of the RESPAWN-200 considerably.

A Color for Every Gamer

The majority of the RESPAWN-200 is matte black. However, it has large accents that are changeable when you order. By default, the chair is black and white. You can order the RESPAWN-200 with white, red, blue, grey, and green accents. That allows you to pick the perfect RESPAWN-200 to match your gaming rig. 

Recline In Style

You can’t call a chair a luxury if you can’t even recline in it. Luckily, the RESPAWN-200 allows you to recline a full 130 degrees, and it has a tension system that prevents it tipping or reclining too far. As an added bonus, you can raise or lower the chair with the pull of a lever. 

Engineered to be Ergonomic

Fancy lumbar cushions and headrests won’t help at all if your chair isn’t contoured to your body in the first place. The RESPAWN-200 was built with your body shape in mind. It’s perfectly contoured to promote the healthiest posture possible, and it’s designed to reduce the amount of fatigue that you experience while gaming.

Suitable for any Room 

The RESPAWN-200 may have a tall backing and spacious seat, but it’s not a massive chair. It’s only 35 inches tall, and it’s 23 inches long. It’ll easily fit into any room that you’ve dedicated to gaming, and it can fit under pretty much any gaming desk

Built for Professionals

The RESPAWN-200 wasn’t made just to look nice on a store shelf. It was built to satisfy the demands of Major League Gaming players. If it’s good enough for the pros to use, it’s good enough for your gaming room.

Unlimited Support

With most gaming chairs, you’re lucky to get a warranty that lasts three months. That isn’t the case with the RESPAWN-200. RESPAWN offers a lifetime warranty for the 200, and that covers any manufacturing defects or other issues. So, you’ll never have to worry about replacing the chair unless you want to.


The RESPAWN-200 is far from being the most luxurious gaming chair on the market, but it’s one of the best mid-range options you’re going to find. It has plenty of parts that you can adjust to your liking, it comes in several different colors, and it’s built to keep you comfortable while you play. If you add in the high level of durability and the manufacturer’s warranty, it’s an incredible value for a gaming chair around the $200 price tag.