NVIDIA Titan RTX Gaming Graphics Card Review

NVIDIA Titan RTX Gaming Graphics Card Review

A Premium Option For Hardcore Players

If you’re the type of gamer that wants the very best experience that money can buy, you’re in luck. The NVIDIA Titan RTX is one of the few high performance gaming graphics cards on the market that is truly worth the high price tag. It’s definitely not a card that’s designed for casual gamers, but for gamers who are willing to dedicate more than two grand to their graphics card, won’t be disappointed.

This graphics card isn’t a budget graphics card by any means. It’s the fastest graphics card available. In fact, you’ll need a high-end gaming monitor just to fully enjoy the smooth visuals that this graphics card can produce. 

Well, let’s go over all of the high-end features that make the Titan RTX one of the best graphics cards that you can buy. 

Powered By AI And Machine Learning

The Titan RTX is one of the first graphics cards to utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to boost its performance. If you’re into AI, it’s specially designed to allow you to create your own AI programs with unparalleled efficiency. If you’re buying this graphics card for your gaming rig, the system’s AI actively works to increase its own performance, and it adapts to the apps that you use to optimize itself for smooth gaming experiences. 

We’re truly impressed by the AI technology in the Titan RTX. It’s one of the first of its kind, and it has proven to be worth the high price. 

Turing Makes The Most Out Of Your Gaming Rig

Even if you have an average gaming rig, the Titan RTX can make it perform like a high-end gaming computer. It utilizes Rapids programming and turing tensor cores to improve your rig’s speed by up to 3 times its original speed. 

This system of turing tensor cores makes it possible for the Titan to communicate with neural networks at incredibly fast speeds, and it can make the most out of what power your rig has. If you’re in a scientific field, the additional neural networking speeds will allow you build and explore larger neural networks more efficiently than ever before. 

The Fastest Machine Learning Technology Around

To test the Titan’s machine learning abilities, NVIDIA had it analyze and learn from over one hundred and twenty million airline records. It was able to complete the task in a little over 4 seconds. That’s faster than most of the fastest CPU systems on the market. 

Ray Tracing For The Best Rendering Speeds

Ray tracing technology is included with the Titan RTX to allow it to render complex graphics faster than any other graphics cards available. This allows streamers to broadcast their games with incredible speed, and people who work in the tech field can do their jobs faster than ever. 

8K Video Processing Without Hiccups

For the last few years, everyone thought that 4K rendering was as good as it could possibly get. NVIDIA is challenging that thought the Titan RTX. The Titan can easily process raw 8K files without stuttering. This opens up new possibilities for video editors and others who work with raw files. 

Specs That Will Blow Your Mind

All of the fancy AI features are great, but they would be useless if the card wasn’t powerful on its own. Luckily, NVIDIA didn’t play around when they chose the hardware for the Titan RTX. 

It has 24GDDR6 memory, and it can run at a solid 1770MHz before it’s overclocked. The AI is enhanced by 576 Tensor cores, and the ray tracing technology is powered by 72 RT cores. You would have a difficult time finding another graphics card that even comes close to having those specs.

It’s a Safe Investment

NVIDIA is known for making great products, but that doesn’t mean that an anomaly won’t squeeze through the cracks of their quality control, occasionally. That’s why NVIDIA ships the Titan RTX with a 12-month warranty that covers anything that may happen to it. 

Since the Titan RTX is such a large investment, the 12-month warranty is a welcome addition. A $2500 investment isn’t something to scoff at, and it’s great to know that NVIDIA stands behind the quality of their product. 


The Titan RTX is truly a one of a kind graphics card, and it’s making waves in several different fields. The insane amount of power that it packs has been used to cut the amount of time it takes to identify osteoporosis in half. It has made it possible for scientists to work with neural networks that were once too large for their systems to handle. It has even made it easier for freelance graphic designers and video editors to complete their work faster than ever.

In terms of gaming, there isn’t anything else that is going to come close to the speed that the NVIDIA Titan RTX. We believe it’s one of the best cards that hardcore gamers can own. However, it comes with a hefty price tag, and that makes it harder to recommend to more casual gamers.