Noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair Review

Noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair Review

The Epic Gaming Chair

When you’re gaming, the chair that you sit on can affect your long-term health. Your back isn’t designed to sit on an awkward structure for long periods of time. Luckily, Noblechairs has come up with a solution. The Epic isn’t the only gaming chair on the market, but it’s one of the best gaming chairs you can find.

The chair is designed to provide long-term comfort, and it’s one of the few chairs that won’t make you need a chiropractor in a few years. On top of that, it has a few features that allow you to truly enjoy your gaming.

In this review, we’re going to look at the Epic chair’s most important features. We’ve done our research, and we understand that the Epic is one of the best options available. Keep in mind that this isn’t a budget chair. You’ll have to spend a little more than usual to enjoy the high-end features that it has. However, it’s worth every penny.

Comfortable Padding

The material that you actual sit on tends to determine how much you like a chair. Noblechairs knew this, and they created extra thick padding for the Epic.

The Epic’s main cushions are made from cold foam with a 55 percent rating. In addition to that, Noblechairs didn’t skimp on the foam. The foam is thicker than what you’ll find in most chairs, and it molds to your body. It’s also extremely breathable. So, you don’t have to worry about sweat soaking your chair during an intense gaming session.

The cushions are covered by a polyurethane layer. The layer is built to resemble leather. So, it’s stylish. However, it’s a lot more durable, and you can clean it a lot easier.

Completely Adjustable

Cheap gaming chairs are usually stuck in the same position you that they’re in when you buy them. When you spend the few extra bucks for the Epic, you’ll be able to enjoy a fully adjustable backing and armrests.

The back of the Epic is able to be reclined up to 135 degrees. You probably won’t want to sleep in your gaming chair, but that’s enough reclining ability to almost lay down.

The armrests are also adjustable. You can move them in four different directions, and that allows you to position them however you want.

Heavier Guys Are Welcome

The Epic isn’t built in a way that only allows the smallest individuals to sit in it. The chair can safely hold people that are 265 pounds. That won’t be enough for everyone, but it’s enough for the majority of people.

It would be great if the chair could safely hold everyone, but it’s still a very strong chair. However, people that are heavier than 265 pounds will have to find another chair.

If you are pushing the limits of the chair’s weight capacity, you’ll be happy to know that the rocking system is built to be extremely tough. As long as you’re not over the weight limit, you can safely rock it as much as you want.

It Won’t Damage Your Floors

The castors on the Epic are designed to keep your floors safe. It doesn’t matter if you have hardwood floors or carpet. The Epic can roll over it without scratching or tearing it.

This feature is one that most people should love. If you’ve looked at inexpensive gaming chairs, you’ve probably noticed that the majority of the manufacturer’s budget is put into the cushions and the appearance of the chair. The castors are usually neglecting, and that can lead to damages that are expensive to repair.

It’s Good For Your Neck And Lumbar

Gamers can spend as many as 12 hours sitting in their chair. That isn’t exactly healthy, but it’s part of being dedicated to gaming. That kind of prolonged sitting can cause major damage to your lumbar and neck.

Noblechairs knows how gamers play. They enlisted the help of streamers and pros to help make their products. So, they know that additional lumbar and neck support is necessary.

The cushions on the Epic are impressive on their own, but they cushions near your lumbar and neck are built to provide extra support. That’ll keep you from having to see a chiropractor in a few years.

Extra Care Was Given To The Construction

The chair has a steel frame. That obviously make it stronger than something made from polymer. What about the other parts of its construction, though?

Well, Noblechairs didn’t just focus on making the frame strong. The stitching on the Epic is second to none. The thread that they used is exceptionally strong, and it’s stitched in a way that won’t allow it to come unraveled.

In addition, the logo isn’t some silly piece of printed garbage. It’s embossed into the polyurethane cover. That means that you won’t rub it off when you adjust your position, and your Epic will look great for years to come.


The Epic might not be cheap, but it’s good. In fact, it’s one of the best. It may not have a lot of novelty features such as cup holders and storage racks, but it does offer more support than most other options. It’s a chair that won’t hurt you in the long run. Isn’t that more important than a few novelties?

In the end, the Epic is a chair that will make you as comfortable as possible while gaming, and it won’t make you regret those long gaming binges when you’re forty. That’s all you can really ask for.