Netgear Orbi WiFi System Review

Netgear Orbi WiFi System Review

A Router and a Modem in the Same Unit

NetGear is known for creating high-quality network accessories, and the Orbi is one of their most promising products. It has an impressive coverage range, and it functions as both a router and a modem. That allows it to save its user’s money, and it makes it more convenient than most other network setups. 

Let’s look at the most important features that the Orbi has. 

Lower Annual Costs

When you rent a modem and router from your ISP, they charge you a small fee every month. It doesn’t seem like much up front, but it adds up. On average, the Orbi saves users around 160$ every year by eliminating rental fees. 

It does this by combining the functions of routers and modems into one unit that you only pay for once. 

No Dead Zones

The majority of WiFi routers are incapable of providing coverage to your entire household. They usually leave you with several rooms that can’t receive a signal, and that’s just not effective enough to satisfy modern internet users. More importantly, the solution often includes buying an entirely new router to boost the router you already pay for. It’s just not cost effective. 

The Orbi prevents that from being the case by covering a full 4000-feet. It can cover every room of nearly every house, and it provides an exceptional download speed across the entirety of its coverage range. It can download files at more than 2.2GB per second. That makes it easy to download large files in a short amount of time, and it ensures that you can stream videos and play games at staggeringly high speeds. 

32 Times the Speed

Modems and routers don’t determine your maximum internet speed, but they do allow you to make the most of what your ISP provides. In most cases, your router holds your overall internet connection back. Most routers simply can’t handle the amount of information that internet service providers allow to pass through a connection at once. 

The Orbi runs 32 times faster than the majority of routers available, and that allows it to truly make the most out of the internet speed that your ISP gives you. The Orbi isn’t just fast in certain areas, either. It can maintain that speed throughout the entirety of its coverage range, and that ensures that you can easily download large files from anywhere within your house. 

Tri-Band Makes A Difference

The majority of WiFi routers are dual-band. That means that they only have two channels, and they can easily be overburdened by using too many devices on the same network. 

The Orbi is a tri-band router, and that gives it an extra channel to funnel activity through. That means that extra devices won’t cause your network to stutter and lag like they would with other routers, and it provides a much more stable experience in general. 

Plenty Of Ports

WiFi is convenient, but it’s still best to use a wired connection for devices such as gaming consoles, desktop computers, and smart televisions. The Orbi has 4 main ethernet ports, and it has two extra ones that are meant for satellite users. The extra ports ensure that you never have to sacrifice the connection quality of one device to hook up another, and it’s a welcome addition to the Orbi router.

Parental Controls

Parental controls come with most devices by default, but you typically have to set the parental controls on each device. That can be a painstakingly laborious task, and it’s annoying when you have dozens of devices in your household. 

The Orbi handles that issue by allowing you to conveniently set parental controls for every device that connects to it. While that won’t affect your family’s mobile devices when they leave the house, it does mean that your parental controls will automatically kick in the second a device connects to the Orbi’s network. It’s a feature that provides parents with peace of mind, and it makes controlling the information that your kids absorb a lot easier to do. 


The Orbi is an efficient and cost-effective way to increase your WiFi coverage without increasing your internet bill. It combines the functions of a modem and a router into one well-built unit, and it’s ultimately one of the best Wifi extenders that money can buy. It provides enough coverage to supply nearly any home with high-speed WiFi, and we highly suggest it to anyone that is tired of needing multiple routers to cover their entire home.