MVMT Revolver Watch Collection

MVMT Revolver Watch Collection

With so many different watch brands on the market it can be hard to decide which watch is the right one. You can stop looking – a MVMT revolver has everything you’re looking for.

MVMT watches were started in 2013 by Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante when they decided it was time to make great looking watches that keep on ticking…at a price that everyone can afford. Although Kassan and LaPlante started with a focus on men’s watches and accessories, with all their success they’ve branched off into a women’s lineup of products as well.

Every watch MVMT makes has something unique about it. They complement every outfit without being too showy. Most of the MVMT models are based on a minimalist styling concept. With MVMT, less is more. And the price is always perfect – no need to spend a fortune on a great looking watch. MVMT makes sure that no matter what your budget is, you’ll be able to afford one of their watches.

There are some great collections in the MVMT lineup, each bringing something different to the table. The Revolver collection is just that – it’s got new and innovative styling that you won’t find in any other watch brand. What makes MVMT Revolver so great?

MVMT’s Minimalist Brand

All the rage these days is the return to understated simplicity – and the theme continues in the MVMT watch brand. Their designers spend a lot of time making sure their collection of watches conforms to their idea of minimalism. The edges are cut clean and sharp. And the watch face uses indices and indents to keep track of time. You won’t see any bold numbers on the watch faces. Instead, these indices match in color to the watch face, either complementing or contrasting to give the watch a finished look.

MVMT Revolver

The Revolver collection of watches is probably the best that MVMT has designed. The watches have been inspired by the 1950s, with their sleek and elegant look.

One of the great features about the Revolver is that you can dress up or dress down anything you’re wearing. It’s the perfect look for the office or for a night on the town.

Japanese Quartz Movement

All MVMT watches keep on ticking with Japanese Quartz movement. MVMT guarantees top quality, using a small piece of quartz in every watch that maintains accuracy of time.

Interchangeable Watch Bands

One of the unique ways that Kassan and LaPlante made sure their watches were not only affordable but versatile was by letting you mix and match each watch band. This means you can put a leather band on your Revolver watch during the day and swap in a stainless-steel band at night for a dressier look. This is a great way to have more than one watch to accessorize with. With MVMTs interchangeable straps you get more bang for your buck.

Watch Case

The metal case of the MVMT Revolver is made of hard-wearing and strong metal. MVMT makes sure to use top quality materials in every watch they design and make. No need to take off your watch when you’re outdoors. The durability of the Revolver, no matter what model you have, ensures that it’s going to stand up whether you’re out biking or hiking. Think that your durable watch looks too classy for the weekend? Just buy a basic leather strap that tones down your watch for a weekend style.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the models in the Revolver lineup.

Opar Revolver

This is stunning watch that grabs attention wherever you go. The silver toned stainless-steel case is polished and clean looking without being too showy. The watch face is a beautiful deep blue in color – it perfectly matches with the silver tone of the case. MVMT pairs the watch with a silver stainless-steel watch band. But remember – you can swap out that stainless-steel for a sharp looking leather strap to get a brand new look.

The Gotham

The Gotham watch goes with everything – it matches absolutely anything you’re wearing. And why? It’s the gray on gray look that MVMT has going on. The watch face is a soft gun metal gray, with a great looking basic gray strap. The silver crown adds to the silver tone of the watch hands. With this Revolver   you may not want to swap out the watch band – it’s prefect just the way it is.

Avalon Revolver

This is another watch that already has a great band – if the Gotham was gray on gray, the Avalon is black on black. Even the watch hands are a softer shade of black, matching nicely with the brushed black watch face and the black watch case. This is a great watch when you’re going for a classy and sophisticated look.

These are just three of the watches in the Revolver collection. The Revolver is perhaps the most popular of MVMTs watches.

Now that you’re convinced the Revolver is right for you, head on over to MVMT watches for even more information: