MVMT Chrono Watch Collection

MVMT Chrono Watch Collection

Just a few years ago, with the advent of the Apple watch and devices that monitor fitness activities, it seemed the good, old fashioned classic movement style watch was on its way out. Deemed too expensive, unreliable or just out dated, these keepers of time are now being viewed in a new light.  Manufacturing has also changed the face of the watch industry and has caused customers to support a more community based corporate structure. As you will see in this review, these watches are experiencing a rebirth and one that is attracting younger wearers for their simplicity as well as fashionable looks.

MVMT: At at Glance

MVMT is an upstart manufacturer of quality watches which began operations in 2013.  Its goal is to produce quality timepieces at a reasonable price while breaking the traditional model of business operations. MVMT Watches uses crowdfunding as its primary source of capital, the company operates in a global market and provides free shipping worldwide.  Based in Los Angeles, MVMT not only makes watches, it offers a line of sunglasses and other accessories in addition to its watches.

What is a Chrono watch?

A chronograph watch has multiple functions on one face. It can display the hour, minute and seconds like most watces but, it can also act as a stopwatch and often show the date.  Because of there multifunction purpose, many have faces which are larger than simple display watches This number designation is the diameter of the watch face.  For example, a chrono 40mm is approximately 1.6 inches in diameter.  Such watches come in a variety of finishes and band types.

Advantages of the Movement Style Chrono 40mm

When one carries a digital device, it offers the feeling of having the world in the palm of your hand.  But is the information as reliable as you think and does one truly need the world on speed dial. Here are a few factors that raise a chronological watch to a new level of appreciation.


Unlike digital readouts, traditional clock displays show time much more accurately. The Chrono model has three subdials and a traditional clock face with second hand and stopwatch capabilities – all without changing screens, going into an app or powering up the display.

Long Life Battery Operation

One battery lasts months not hours and is replaceable through many jewelers. No battery saver that turns options off or popup screens that block the view.  Consistent operations is the hallmark of the movement watch design.

Anywhere Use

These watches do not require apps, accounts, internet access or power cords.  Use them in tunnels, mountain tops, and anywhere in between with accuracy.

View our top Rated MVMT Watches below.

Best Overall

MVMT Chrono Gunmetal Black

MVMT Chrono Gunmetal Black
  • High quality leather wristband
  • Precision analog quartz
  • Mineral crystal watch face
Premium Choice

MVMT Voyager Monochrome

MVMT Voyager Monochrome
  • Miyota quartz movement
  • 2 yr. guarantee
  • Dual time zone subdial
Great Value

MVMT Classic Minimalist Watch

MVMT Classic Minimalist Watch
  • 3-hand Miyota quartz
  • Mineral case watch face for durability
  • Quality timepiece

Three Great Examples

Below are three of the best examples available for the Chrono 40mm watch.  Each has its own special qualities and price. The only downside is that all options are listed for men.


This simple but stylish model has a six hand white chronograph face with date.  Its rose gold case looks business like and uptown at the same time. This model comes with a 20mm natural tan band. Hours are marked by small squares around the outside face. The glass is made of hardened mineral crystal and the timepiece is battery driven. The three small dials function as a 24 hour clock, a 30 minute timer and a 60 second timer.  The main case is water resistant stainless steel while the hands, trim and markers are rose gold.  The natural tan 100% leather band is interchangeable.  Overall the model provides the best option for those who need an accurate yet stylish timepiece.


One of the newest models in the Chrono 40mm collection, this brushed silver stainless steel housing and linked band has a stylish navy blue face.  Like most of the other models in this collection, it has a 6 hand, battery driven operation that has a hardened mineral crystal.  Besides the traditional clock face including hour, minute and second hands, the three dials function as 24 hour clock, 30 minute timer and 60 second timer.  While the band is not interchangeable, the workmanship is water resistant for use anywhere.  This is a great option for the well dressed man who likes color coordination.


If understated is what you are going for than, the Chrono 40mm Nude is the right choice.  The brushed metal housing and linked band are taupe (nude) in color.  The face of the watch matches the exterior.  In contrast the hour and minute hands and markers are in gunmetal gray.  Highlighting the chronograph features are red hands that stand in sharp contrast to the plain background. Including a 24 hour clock, 30 minute timer and 60 second timer, the second hand movement is also in highlighted red.  The face is approximately 1.6 inches wide and just less than 0.5 inches thick.  The strap is 20mm wide but is not interchangeable.  The watch sports a casual look and would work well for individuals who need to slip from business to casual  activities without missing a beat.


So often reviews such as these promote older models, a single retailer or fail to really address anything but the basic features of the item.  This section aims to cover all the other stuff that is important in making an online purchase of this kind.

First, MVMT provides free worldwide shipping and a 24 month warranty on its products. Best of all free worldwide returns for purchases over $50 are standard policy.   There are multiple styles available in addition to the three listed here. Some have slightly larger faces Manufacturer’s retail price on the website varies between $135 to $150 but like all prices they are subject to change. Check out our guide for more watches under $200.  While MVMT operates its own retail store,  it also partners with affiliate retailers to make its products available in shops.  Bloomingdales, Macy’s and Nordstrom are popular department store retailers and, of course, Amazon is another online retailer.

Finally, MVMT treats its product and the sale of it like the premium product it is. Each watch is shipped in a branded box and case suitable for gift giving or impressing anyone who wants to know about that stylish timepiece on your arm.  MVMT is a new type of company, producing a quality product and following up with great customer service.  What more could anyone want?