Linksys WRT32X AC3200 Gaming Router Review

Linksys WRT32X AC3200 Gaming Router Review

Gaming With Linksys 

Are you looking for a router that will truly make an impact in your gaming performance? Is your WiFi adapter or router not giving you the speed and power that you want? Well, you’re in luck. Linksys has released the WRT32X. It’s a gaming router, and it’s built to do both of those things. 

The WRT32X includes some of the highest-quality internal parts available. The hardware is designed to speed up your gaming experience as much as possible, and it gives you a lot of ports to work with, too. In terms of software, the WRT32X focuses heavily on Killer technology. It uses it to speed up your network, manage bandwidth, and reduce the amount of latency that you experience. 

We know that those first two paragraphs don’t do the WRT32X any justice. It’s a powerhouse gaming router. So, we’ve created in-depth reviews for each of the WRT32X’s features. After those, you can read our final thoughts on the router. 

Killer Prioritization Engine 

When you play on a normal router, the router doesn’t care what information is being prioritized. It’ll devote the same amount of bandwidth and speed to your kid’s tablet as it will to your game. That creates a lot of lag, and it’s simply not enjoyable. 

This Linksys router is one of the first gaming routers to actually prioritize your gaming information over everything else. It does this with the Killer Prioritization Engine. 

The engine gathers all of the information being passed along by the game you’re playing, and it prioritizes it above everything else on your network. 

Ping Reduction 

Ping is the measurement of how long it takes for information to travel from your system to another system. If your ping rating is high, your connection is slower. A high ping rating is one of the most common causes of latency. Latency is the reason that you’ll occasionally miss shots that you know were on point. 

The Killer Prioritization Engine is put to more use with this feature. It helps to lower ping by up to 77%. That is more than enough to create a fluid gaming experience, and you should notice a massive increase in the quality of your gaming experience. 

Automatically Synchronizes With Killer Systems 

The Killer Prioritization Engine isn’t the only part of the Killer product line. Most of the top brands have Killer technology included in their gaming computers, and that allows the Linksys WRT32X to automatically synchronize with those computers. 

Dedicated Bandwidth 

Most routers allow every device connected to them to eat off of the same bandwidth. When several devices are connected to a standard router, all of the devices suffer a slow connection. 

The Linksys WRT32X dedicates a specific amount of bandwidth to each device that connects to it. If one device is using too much bandwidth, the other connected devices won’t suffer any unnecessary connection issues. This makes it so your games will be unaffected by other people using your network. 

4 Antennas 

The Linksys WRT32X uses four separate antennas to increase its coverage range. Besides looking stylish, this allows the WRT32X to maintain solid connections around your house. It greatly reduces the amount of areas that receive weak signals. 

High-Speed Connections 

The Linksys WRT32X boasts WiFi speeds of up to 3.2Gbps, providing the speed required for fast routers and gaming WiFi Adapters. Allowing it to carry large amounts of information to a host server and back with ease. As games advance and become more complicated, being able to transfer large amounts of information is a growing necessity. 

1.8GHz Dual-Core CPU 

The WRT32X features a dual core CPU that runs at 1.8GHz. That allows it to process a lot of information for multiple systems at once, and it does so at a high speed. With the CPU providing that much power, you shouldn’t experience any connection issues during LAN parties. 

4 High-Speed Ethernet Ports 

Most routers have a limited number of ethernet ports, and the ones that they do have aren’t high-speed ports. Linksys acknowledged the need for multiple high-speed ports for gaming, and they added 4 to the WRT32X. Each of the 4 ports are designed to create a high-speed connection with gaming rigs. 


You can stream videos and play games at the same time with the Linksys WRT32X, and they won’t conflict with each other. This is due to Linksys including the latest MU-MIMO technology in the WRT32X. 


The Linksys WRT32X is one of the few tri-band routers available, and that allows it to do something that other routers can’t. The WRT32X can double the bandwidth of all of its connections to 160MHz. 


An SPI firewall and WPA2 encryption are available when you set up the WRT32X. The encryption will work to keep anyone from logging onto your network without permission. It’s the same basic system that most routers use. It’s essentially a password feature. 

However, the firewall stops hackers from gaining access to your network, and it helps to prevent viruses from affecting your gaming rig. You probably have a decent anti-virus program installed on your computer, but the added protection from the Linksys WRT32X will make every connected device more secure. 

USB 3.0 

Transferring files between several different devices can be a hassle. With the WRT32X, that process is a lot easier. The gaming router has a USB 3.0 port, and you can use it to directly send files to every device that’s on your network. 


Well, we’ve finished our review of the Linksys WRT32X, and we hope that it was helpful. We believe that the Linksys WRT32X provides a lot of value for its price. 

It prioritizes your gaming experience over everything else, protects your network, and it offers higher connection speeds than most routers do. Overall, this is a necessary piece of gear for any gamer, and you’ll see the difference in your gaming experience the second you start playing with it.