Hyperx Cloud Flight Gaming Headset Review

Hyperx Cloud Flight Gaming Headset Review

A Budget Headset with Tons to Offer

The gaming headset market is littered with extremely expensive options, and the less expensive options are usually not very robust. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any great headsets available at a reasonable price. You just have to sift through the piles of dirt to find the diamonds.

Luckily, we’ve done that for you, and we’ve made quite the find. The HyperX Cloud Flight is a budget headset that is feature packed, and it doesn’t skimp on quality.


The HyperX Cloud Flight comes fully equipped with wireless communication technology. If you’re the type to jump and scream at your games, that wireless compatibility will keep you from destroying your headset on accident. It also makes for a more comfortable experience. Nobody enjoys dancing around cords every time they move.

Battery life tends to be the only downside to using a wireless headset. It’s never fun when you have to end your gaming session to charge your headphones. Luckily, the HyperX has a 30 hour battery life to prevent that from happening. You an easily have several long gaming sessions before the battery needs to be charged.

Audio Quality

For a budget headset, the HyperX Cloud Flight packs a lot of punch in the audio department. It has 50 millimeter speakers, and an advanced bass system to play a game’s audio the way it was intended.

Even the cups are designed to maximize immersion. The cups on the headphones are closed. That allows them to direct the audio directly into your ear, and it prevents outside noises from tainting your gaming experience.


A lot of headsets tend to give players headaches and neck cramps when they’re worn for long periods of time. It just doesn’t feel natural to wear a bulky piece of equipment.

However, the HyperX has been designed with comfort in mind, and it includes some comfort features that aren’t found in much more expensive headsets.

The ear cups are padded with memory foam and faux leather to help them cushion your ears during long gaming sessions. They’re also connected by a swivel that allows you to rotate them. That can help you adjust the headphones when your neck starts to cramp up.

It’s also lightweight. The HyperX Cloud Flight only weighs 315 grams when it’s fully assembled. That should definitely limit the number of cramps and headaches that you’ll experience during extended use.

High Compatibility

The HyperX Cloud Flight is fully compatible with all three of the major systems. It can connect to the PS4, Xbox One, and any PC that runs a Microsoft operating system. You won’t be able to use it on a Nintendo Switch or lesser known systems, but it offers more compatibility than most gaming headsets.

It’s worth noting that connecting the headset requires the use of a wireless dongle. That’s not a huge deal. It simply plugs into the USB port on your system, and the headset’s other features make it well worth the USB port.

Removable Mic

One of the more unique features that the HyperX has is its removable mic. The mic is light weight, and it allows for seamless communication with teammates. It’s even compatible with services such as Twitch, Discord, and Skype.

However, sometimes it’s better to cut off all communication to just enjoy some music or immersive atmospheres. If that’s the case, the mic on the HyperX Cloud Flight can be removed with ease.

How Does It Stack Up?

The HyperX Cloud Flight is a great budget headset, but it’s not your only option. Turtle Beach has several models that fall into the same price range, and some of them have more advanced features. However, Turtle Beach headsets tend to have limited compatibility. If you look at one of their headsets for an alternative to the HyperX, make sure the model that you look at is compatible with your system.

If you can afford an Astro A50 or Arctis Pro, you’ll experience some of the most advanced audio features available, but that doesn’t detract from the HyperX. It’s still a solid mic with a lot of features for its price.

Things You Should Buy With The HyperX Cloud Flight

Of course, a headset isn’t the only thing that you need to truly enjoy your gaming experience. Depending on your gaming system, you may want a gaming mouse, headset stand, or an aftermarket controller.

If you need a great gaming mouse, you should check out Razor’s product line. They’ve been a huge part of the PC gaming industry for years, and their products tend to be affordable.

Corsair and Turtle Beach make some beautiful headset stands to display your headset when it’s not in use. Finding the right one for you is mostly dependent on your personal preferences. You can find them in wood, various polymers, and steel.

We can’t recommend a high-quality gaming controller without mentioning Scuff. Most aftermarket controllers are garbage, but Scuff manages to recreate the precision of Sony and Microsoft computers perfectly. They also add a number of non-standard features to help you increase your gaming efficiency.