Best 4k TV’s for Gaming in 2020

Best Overall

Samsung UN50NU7100 UHD 7 Series

Samsung UN50NU7100 UHD 7 Series
  • UHD engine
  • PurColor 
  • HDR10+ 
Premium Choice

LG Electronics OLED65C8P 65-Inch 4K

LG Electronics OLED65C8P 65-Inch 4K
  • ThinQ
  • HDR 10
  • 8.3 million pixels 
Great Value

TCL 55R617 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD

TCL 55R617 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD
  • 4K Ultra HD 
  • Roku TV
  • Dolby HDR

There are many different types of gaming TV’s on the market and the display is the most important part of any gaming setup, as it brings you all the action in the finest detail possible, whether you are playing on PS4 or Xbox One. A good and reliable display can offer a rich gaming experience and allow you to enjoy a seamless gameplay without any lags or poor picture quality. You can either go for a gaming display monitor or a LED TV – that is your choice entirely, as both work just as fine. However, picking the right LED TV is not easy as it seems.

With so many sizes, so many features and so many acronyms, it becomes almost impossible to make sense out of anything. Thankfully, you do not need to focus too much on the other features but the picture quality, because it is the main differential that decides the best gaming TVs.

There are lots of other features that can improve your gaming experience. Today’s smart TVs are equipped with state of the art visual technology that enables you to watch life like video with a High Dynamic Range. Let’s not forget that 4K resolution is now becoming slightly more affordable which is exactly why choosing the best Smart TV that strikes the perfect balance between its features like UHD, 4K resolution, colour enhancement and wide angle viewing is so difficult. Here is a compilation of some of the best UHD 4K Ultra Wide Smart TVs that you can consider of adding to your gaming arsenal.

Best Overall

1. Samsung UN50NU7100 UHD 7 Series

Samsung UN50NU7100 UHD 7 SeriesHotRate Editors Choice


The Samsung name has been synonymous with quality televisions for as long as most people can remember. The 7 Series embodies the high-quality standards that Samsung is known for. It utilizes a UHD engine to provide four times the resolution of a normal 4K television. In addition, the UHD engine automatically up-scales all non-4K broadcasts. This adds a whole new level of detail to your favorite television shows.

PurColor technology is incorporated into the Samsung UHD. This allows the television to utilize a much larger color spectrum, and it creates more lifelike images.

If you've ever watched an intense action movie, you know how annoying it can be when everything starts blurring together. This 7 Series television has a motion rate of 120. So, every fast-paced action scene will flow more smoothly, and they'll look even better than before.

To round off the Samsung's list of main features, it uses HDR10+ to bring movies to life. The television will automatically adjust the picture settings for each and every scene that you watch. This creates a much more dynamic experience, and it ensures that every scene looks exactly how it was intended to look.

Key Features
  • UHD engine
  • PurColor 
  • HDR10+ 
  • Universal guide
  • Motion Rate 120
TypeLED Size50-inches HDRHDR10+
Premium Choice

2. LG Electronics OLED65C8P 65-Inch 4K

LG Electronics OLED65C8P 65-Inch 4K


This smart television is capable of connecting to all of your favorite smart devices, and it produces some of the most crisp images possible.

The OLED display uses more than 8.3 million pixels, and it uses HDR10 and ThinQ technology to make the most of each and every one of them. The HDR10 technology allows the television to automatically adjust the picture quality of the TV for individual scenes. ThinQ automatically adjusts each individual pixel. This gives this LG television an exceptional amount of control over its picture quality.

In today's world, all of our portable devices are connected. The ThinQ technology in this LG TV turns it into a hub for all of your favorite smart devices. It can connect to phones, tablets, computers, game consoles, and anything else that you may have. This is all due to its use of ThinQ and the built in Google Assistant program.

Key Features
  • ThinQ
  • HDR 10
  • 8.3 million pixels 
  • Google Assistant
  • Ultimate smart device compatibility
TypeOLED Size65-inchesHDRHDR10 
Great Value

3. TCL 55R617 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD

TCL 55R617 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD


This TCL television offers the clarity and image quality of a 4K TV, but it also offers the functionality of a Roku device. It features 4K Ultra HD resolution, and it uses Dolby's HDR technology to produce lifelike images. It doesn't utilize the most advanced technology out of all of the options on our list, but it makes up for that with a great price tag and built in Roku TV. The Roku TV feature allows you to stream thousands of different channels to your television through your internet connection. That provides you with the shows you love and over 500,000 movies, and you don't even have to pay for cable.

Key Features
  • 4K Ultra HD 
  • Roku TV
  • Dolby HDR
  • Smart connectivity
  • Large display
TypeLED Size55-inch HDRDolby HDR 

4. Samsung QN55Q8FN FLAT 55” QLED 4K

Samsung QN55Q8FN FLAT 55” QLED 4K


As with the previous Samsung that we reviewed, this is a high-quality television, and it offers a number of features that are bound to satisfy you. The Q Engine processor brings all of your favorite shows to life in astonishing 4K, and it even up-scales content that wasn't designed for 4K viewing. Smart connectivity allows you to connect all of your favorite devices, and it allows you to browse the web. The Q HDR Elite, Q Contrast Elite, and Q Color processors in this television are used to create the most appealing images possible.

Key Features
  • 4K resolution
  • Q Contrast Elite
  • Q HDR Elite
  • Q Color 
  • Q Engine with up-scaling
TypeQLED Size55-inches HDRQ HDR Elite 

5. Sony XBR49X900F 49-Inch

Sony XBR49X900F 49-Inch


This Sony television utilizes an X1 Extreme processor to make the most out of its 4K UHD engine. This allows it to fully enhance each image that it produces, and it creates one of the highest quality viewing experiences possible. It wouldn't be a smart television if it didn't have some fancy features. The Sony XBR is fully compatible with Alexa voice controls, and it uses Google Home for a truly user friendly experience.

Key Features
  • 4K UHD
  • Alexa voice compatibility
  • Google Home 
  • X1 Extreme processor
  • HDR10 for dynamic images
TypeLED Size49-inches HDRHDR10 

6. LG Electronics OLED55B8PUA 55-Inch 4K

LG Electronics OLED55B8PUA 55-Inch 4K


This LG TV is designed to bring the movie theater into the comfort of your own home. The 4K display is powered by an a7 Intelligent Processor system. The HDR system is built from the ground up to recreate the vivid imagery found in a movie theater. You can also enjoy Dolby's Atmos audio technology with this television. To round everything off, it features LG's ThinQ technology, and it has Google Assistant built-in.

Key Features
  • 4K Cinema HDR
  • Dolby Atmos 
  • 4K resolution
  • ThinQ
  • Google Assistant
TypeOLED Size55-inchHDR4K Cinema HDR 

7. Samsung UN49NU8000FXZA UHD 8 Series

Samsung UN49NU8000FXZA UHD 8 Series


As an upgrade to the 7 Series that we reviewed earlier, this Samsung 4K television offers all of the same features, but it has enhanced versions for an even more enjoyable experience. It uses Dynamic Crystal Color to provide a wide range of natural colors, and it uses the latest HDR technology to create truly lifelike images. It has a motion rate of 120, and it uses an ultra-slim array to really bring fast-paced scenes to life. It's a little pricey, but it is ultimately one of the best televisions available.

Key Features
  • Dynamic Crystal Color
  • HDR Plus
  • Ultra-Slim Array
  • Motion Rate 120
  • Bixby Voice compatible
TypeLED Size49-inches HDRHDR Plus 

8. LG Electronics 43UK6300PUE

LG Electronics 43UK6300PUE


This LG is a more compact version of the previous LG that we reviewed, but it doesn't skimp on any of the features that the 49 inch version has. The premium LED display is enhanced with HDR10, IPS technology, and ThinQ's ability to manipulate individual pixels. The 4K UHD engine makes this television one of the best that money can buy, and it's not extremely pricey. ThinQ also gives it the ability to work as a hub for all of your favorite devices. In a world where connectivity reigns supreme, that is one of the most impressive features that this television has.

Key Features
  • ThinQ
  • HDR10
  • IPS technology
  • 4K UHD engine
  • TruMotion 120
TypeLED Size43-inches HDRHDR10

2018 TV's for Gaming

Best Overall

1. Samsung UN55KU6300 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV for Gaming

Samsung UN55KU6300 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV for GamingHotRate Editors Choice


Get the best of 4K Ultra HD video viewing, brought to you exclusively by Samsung with its new ultra-wide 55-inch LED TV. What is truly alluring about the latest Samsung 4K Ultra HD LED TV is that fact that its High Dynamic Range (HDR) delivers remarkable clarity and picture quality which is enhanced by its Micro Dimming Pro. It has the ability to utilise a fuller spectrum of colour which due to its Ultra Wide HD enables its Wide Colour Enhancer. The fact that 4K technology has come down slightly in terms of price has now made it possible for you to enjoy the experience of best 55-inch TV along with the capacity to play 4K video games. Now you can watch true depth in clarity while playing high-resolution games with full UHD. Your experience in gaming gets even better when you don’t have to worry about how much your TV can take because Samsung has also installed this 55-inch monster TV with an extremely efficient Quad-Core Processor which will ensure that your gaming experience remains smooth and swift. The last thing any Pro Gamer needs is systems lag while shifting from a gaming monitor to an Ultra High Definition TV.

The Samsung KU6300 is not just any TV but a 4K UHD Smart TV that enables you to have an incredibly realistic gaming experience on a tremendously large screen. Of course, you can pair it with any gaming platforms such as a PlayStation 4, Xbox One or even your Personal Computer setup. The KU6300 is excellent for games that demand depth and clarity, and when it comes to using giant screens you may face certain bumps like pixel enlargement or improper resolution, but Samsung impressive technology ensures that you get the best feedback irrespective of the game you play. The fact that it is indeed 4K means that you can expect the quality of any video or game to be enhanced four times than it is already. You are able to enjoy all videos in 4x resolution with a dramatic detail that ensures that your TV viewing experience is far from dull. Let’s look into one of its unique features; the Samsung KU6300 is equipped with UHD Dimming with utilises the latest visual technology by Samsung to differentiate between colour, contrast and sharpness that makes your on-screen video and picture quality even more dramatic. While playing high definition games, this can be a really helpful feature as you trace both distance and depth at all layers of the game. Imagine being able to pinpoint your target while playing One Man Shooter games or even indulge in the magnificent virtual scenic beauty that only the best 4K TV for gaming can provide.

What is it like to play High Definition games in a 55-inch wide Ultra HD 4K Smart TV? Well, other than the fact you get incredibly realistic videos with superbly sharp detailing your TV is also meant to be like a portal through which you can run other applications as well. That being said, we come to the Cloud Gaming feature that the Samsung gaming TV KU6300 has to offer. Now, you don’t even need a gaming console to play High Definition games, just play them wirelessly by using its cloud gaming feature. Although you will need a reliable internet connection to access this feature and the speed will vary according to your data server provider. What also may come in handy is the Smart Remote which you are provided with that has its own touchpad, and you can access other devices as well that are linked to the same wireless network.

Ultimately the Samsung KU6300 is an excellent Ultra Wide 4K TV if you are expecting to see a dazzling colour experience.

Key Features
  • Supports 4K resolution and Ultra HD
  • Equipped with UHD up-scaling for automatic picture up-gradation
  • Ultra Wide screen provides an Enhanced Gaming Experience
  • Cloud Gaming may be slow as internet speed varies
  • A lot of light is reflected on the screen
  • Slight Judder is experienced while watching movies
Premium Choice

2. LG Electronics OLED65E6P Flat 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED Gamer TV

LG Electronics OLED65E6P Flat 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED Gamer TV


LG takes a step further in its pursuit of razor sharp picture perfection with the LG 65E6P 4K Smart OLED TV which features a staggering 65-inch flat screen. When it comes to ‘beauty without compromise’ there is no stopping LG since it introduces the OLED High Definition Flat screen TV range. What is so special about using an OLED Flat screen TV you might wonder? Well, its individual OLED pixels are designed to dim and brighten, illuminate and darken in order to achieve the perfect black that most Smart TV’s of its generation fail to deliver. Achieving a perfect black is essential to producing realistic images and videos that seem more in tune with real life. LG OLED65E6P strikes the perfect balance between the lightest and darkest areas of the screen in order to give a spectacular contrast ratio, therefore, making the possibilities infinite which are why it is one of the best 65-inch 4K TVs when it comes to live imaging. Not only will your experience in home theatre viewing increase but you will also get a chance to play lively High Definition games like never before.

Just calling it, a 4K TV does not do it any justice at all! The amazing characteristic of the E6 OLED from LG is how it plays with the colour range between its Blacks and Whites. Backed by its individually lit pixels and Picture-on-Glass design the OLED E6 is capable of delivering a billion different shades of Black and White grading that brings out the perfect detailing in your picture quality. The OLED HDR is a great competitor as its High Dynamic Range is coupled with Dolby Vision Content that shows the perfect composition in imaging that brings out the magnificent bright and darks, extravagant colour, infinite contrast possibilities and above all a fabulous home theatre experience both in gaming and viewing movies. What highlights the aesthetic beauty of the LG OLED E6 UHD 4K TV is it combines both a perfect balance of black and also gives you a cinematic feel. It is each pixel effectively brightens and darkens that offers amazing contrast with infinite possibilities, whereas virtual display is composed of a vast variety of hues that highlights the cinematic feel of the video. The picture would actually make the game which you come alive as it expresses perfect detailing of the moving images with amazing speed.

All these features combined as earned the LG OLED E6 4K UHD TV the status of Ultra HD Premium TV. Certain other features that make it an incredible buy that would luxuriate your Smart TV experience are its exquisite design that makes it look both slim and stylish making it a crowning jewel of your living room. Also, its 65-inch widescreen gives a pleasurable wide viewing angle while the inbuilt Dolby Vision makes the colours of the video to almost pop from the screen. Other than its amazing 4K Resolution, it also facilitates a magic remote, smartphone connection and wireless zooming and its onboard Harman Kardon Sound, which is recognised as mastery over audio, is bound to make you never want to leave the living room.

Overall, the LG E6 4K OLED Flat TV is an awesome choice when you are looking for incredible depth in picture quality. Personally, it would be a perfect suitor for a fabulous living room home theatre.

Key Features
  • 65-inch Ultra-wide Flat screen with Dolby Vision
  • Individual pixel illuminations for larger contrast variation
  • Premium Ultra HD TV with High Dynamic Range
  • Brightness not as high or lucid when compared to other HD TVs
  • Is prone to image retention after static glitch in imaging
Great Value

3. TCL 50FS3800 50-Inch 1080p Roku Smart LED Gaming TV

TCL 50FS3800 50-Inch 1080p Roku Smart LED Gaming TV


Topping the charts when it comes to the best-selling LEDs and LCD TVs on the Amazon website, the TCL’s 50 inches 1080p Roku Smart LED TV has been time and again cited to be the best cheap gaming TV for PS4 and Xbox One.  This best-LED TV for gaming has got each and every such thing that a consumer can possibly expect from an influential television.

The fantastic TCL Roku TV is a smart and modern TV which is designed keeping in mind the demands of contemporary users. The gaming TV readily delivers all the content which is your favorite and that which will interest you. It does so with the help of 3000 channels which can be streamed without facing any difficulty. These channels can be made accessible to the user by making good of the personalised home screen option that this best HD TV grants you with. The home screen of the Roku TV has several options such as the connecting to the cable, DVD player or the gaming console. Also, the side list features a few more options that you can proceed with such as the movie store, TV store, News, search, streaming channels or settings, etc.

It is a sleek, modern and well-designed piece of contemporary technology bearing exceptional value which even features a quad pedestal stand. The pedestal stand leaves the choices open to the user whether to hang it on the wall or just to let it stand on the quad pedestal stand.  The good gaming TV is available in six different screen sizes, and you can always choose the one that best suits the free space or interior of your room. The various sizes in which TV is available to purchase are 28", 32", 40", 48", 50" and 55" inch. It supports full 1080p HD resolution clarity which gives you immense pleasure while watching something or the other on it. Even when using the TV for gaming purposes, the high definition resolution does not let you compromise with the graphics of the game and therefore increase your gaming experience. The best-LED TV for gaming is possessing LED backlight technology and direct-lit backlight technology which is even beyond belief.

The product is blessed with having an advanced refresh rate of around 60 Hz, 120 Hz CMI because of the dual – band Wi-Fi built-in the device. This feature enables one to experience high speed streaming and buffering which won’t let you miss on even a single thing. Unlike the usual and monotonous TV remotes which are fully stuffed with numerous buttons, the remote of this TV likes to keep it simple and sorted. The Roku TV remote are specially designed to keep it down to earth when it comes to its command keys, and this can be easily noticed in the 20 buttons that are given on the Roku TV remote to manage the functions of the television. Blessed with just half the number of buttons that a traditional TV set has in its remote, the Roku TV remote simplifies your confusion while using the remote as you don’t have to search for the key any longer and hence, saves a lot of time, thereby increasing your performance speed.

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To have a better control of the gamer TV even without using the super cool Roku TV remote is yet another mind blowing feature that this Smart TV possesses. Using the mobile app of the television, you can convert your smartphone or tablet into a remote of the tv and then command, browse or search for this best 50 inch TV. You can also use the voice search option with your phone whenever you feel like lazing around and too lazy to even move your fingers a little bit. This can be a fun way to find out what you have been searching for. You can search for the streaming channels feature for actors, directors and what not! One can even take benefit of the casting feature by managing to send or receive pictures, audios or videos from the smartphone or tablet that is connected to the Roku TV.

The TCL FS3800 Series 1080p LED TV is merely a basic television set is best TV for gaming that comes with an averagely good picture quality. It is Roku smart interface is what will cast a spell on you, and that too priced at such a reasonable amount will erase out all the second thoughts you have for this.

Key Features
  • Personalised home screen
  • High definition picture quality of full 1080p HD support
  • Roku functionality
  • 120 Hz refresh rate which gives high-speed streaming experience
  • Convert your smartphone into a remote for the TV using the powerful Mobile App
  • The screen does not get too bright
  • Slight image deterioration at times

4. Samsung UN24H4500 24-Inch 720p Smart LED TV

Samsung UN24H4500 24-Inch 720p Smart LED TV


Samsung has repeatedly proven its worth, and are certainly looking positive and poised to taking over the market as well as the industry of televisions.  With its UN24H4500 model of Smart LED TV, the company has successfully proved that it is on the right path, and continues to take steps in the desired direction to remain on track.

With the built-in Wi-Fi characteristic of the product, the Samsung gaming TV permits one to stream a variety of web content like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora and some more. The Wide Color Enhancer Plus technology combined with the 720p resolution ensures the users to enjoy a vivid and bright display of the images on the screen which gives supreme pleasure to the users. The clear motion rate of 120 along with the high refresh rate provides the scope for enjoying high-speed action with ease and clarity.

The Smart TV technology, which is the primarily most attractive feature of this best Samsung TV, lets the viewers explore a number of movies, apps and the like.  All this can easily be browsed sitting comfortably on your couch with a powerful processor and other helping tools such as the S Recommendation, where the users receive personalised recommendation of the TV and Movies based on your preferences and any trending topics. Another feature of the smart functionality of this TV is the Smart Hub. Smart Hub allows the users to classify their entertainment interests into five panels and the same can easily be accessed later on, to navigate through your favorite content. So, for all the times that you are feeling lazy or too fed up to decide as to what sort of entertainment you would enjoy or prefer in the moment, the Smart functionality is always there to assist and guide you.

Looking for a safe and sound investment in the range of smart as well as best LED TV for gaming that is available in the market, then the Samsung’s UN24H4500 24 inch 720p Smart LED TV is the right option for you. With a feature like amazing audio-visual quality and impeccable design, this will be a purchase that you will not regret by any chance in your lifetime.

Key Features
  • 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports
  • Comes with Smart Functionality
  • High-refresh rate that offers a seamless gaming experience
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • The audio quality of the television is not too great

5. Samsung UN50J5200 50-Inch (49.5″ Diag.) 1080p Smart LED TV

Samsung UN50J5200 50-Inch (49.5″ Diag.) 1080p Smart LED TV


With time and advancement in technology, expectations from a television have changed drastically. In earlier times the replacement for radio was expected to be more in screen resolution, and maybe the size was expected to get bigger, but today we expect our televisions to do a lot more than that. They aren’t just supposed to be big but also thin, not just clear but super 1080p clear, not just TV s but smart TVs. Gaming experience is shifted to a whole new level because now we use TVs to play our Xbox or PS4. Taking care of all of your expectations, Samsung has launched Samsung J5200; a 50 inch LED Smart TV that comes with a world of possibilities.

The J5200 offers full HD resolution at 1080p which means twice the resolution provided by the standard television, hence delivering a very crisp and clear picture quality to suit your eyes so that you can see each and every detail while playing your game. It offers a motion rate of 60 which means that you will have a continuously clear moving picture without any distortions whatsoever. Because of the quick refresh rate and high processing speeds in J5200smart TV, your gaming experience is taken to a whole another level. The TV also uses Wide Color Enhancer technology that offers high color production so that you can enjoy the print of the video as it was intended to be even with non-HD content. All of this makes the J5200 deliver a superior quality video for you to have a tremendous gaming experience.

Being a Smart TV, the J5200 has built-in Wi-Fi which allows you to browse the web on a big screen. The browser is integrated into the TV and you can use it to browse all kinds of stuff over the internet by sitting on your couch including playing online games.  You can also connect your TV to a wide range of sources to stream or sync your data from. The Samsung TV offers smart and simple connections with your smartphones or even laptops for you to play your favorite games on a 50-inch screen. You just need to have all the connected devices over the same network as your TV, and you will be able to connect to the TV wirelessly without any hustle. With the Samsung Anynet+, you can simply connect up to 12 devices to your TV and manage them with your remote which means you have streamlined management control.

Not just video, the Samsung J5200 Smart TV comes with a fantastic audio production. The TV has a built-in 5.1 surround support and DTS Premium Sound which ensures that you enjoy your game with a perfect audio background. The audio is clear, crisp and has a resonant bass response thus guaranteeing that not even a single sound is skipped or mixed. So from now on, every headshot will be felt from the inside with an incredible audio applause.  Also, the TV focuses on using the energy efficiently thus the brightness of TV is regulated according to the intensity of lights in the room. The Eco Sensor helps in attaining an adaptive brightness thus conserving power so that you can play your games without any power loss issues.

So whether you are playing RPG, RTS or FPS, the Samsung J5200 Smart TV is a great choice to go for because you definitely would not experience any frame drops, but instead, you’ll have a crisp picture quality and fantastic audio reproduction for a tremendous gaming experience.

Key Features
  • Full HD resolution with motion rate 60 to maintain clear stream quality
  • Integrated Wi-Fi to connect wirelessly with devices
  • DTS Premium Sound capability for incredible sound production
  • Only 2 HDMI ports are present

6. Samsung UN40H5003 40-Inch 1080p LED TV

Samsung UN40H5003 40-Inch 1080p LED TV


Back in the day, when we used to play video games on our TV's, we didn’t really expect much out of the TV. We were happy with standard screen size and HD quality because TV didn’t make much of a difference to our games back then. But today, things have changed, and a lot is expected from our TVs because now, our gaming experience is affected by a considerable amount by our TV. A gaming TV needs to have a perfect video quality, wireless connection capability, nice audio reproduction and much more to bring the best out of our Xbox and PS4.

To satisfy all your requirements, Samsung has launched Samsung H5003 LED model with a 40-inch display screen and a 1080p full HD resolution. It delivers nearly everything a gamer could expect. The H5003 comes with a resolution that is twice the resolution offered by any standard TV which means that the video quality delivered by the TV would provide you with an amazing game experience. Also, like every premium Samsung LED TV, the H5003 LED TV has a Wide Color Enhancer Plus feature to enhance the colour production and provide a wider spectrum of colours to suit your eyes. With such a high-resolution and enriched colour display, the H5003 ensures that you will not miss a single detail of your favourite games and movies.

With a form factor of 9 x 36.1 x 23.3 inches, the Samsung UN40H5003 LED TV is just what you need to improve your gaming experience by a considerable amount. Not just that, the Samsung TV comes with the famous Samsung Motion Rate 60 feature which promises a clear video delivery to your screen. With a quick refresh rate and high processing speed, the H5003 LED TV delivers a continuous motion picture in your game with no lags or frame drops whatsoever, thus improving your gaming experience. This helps you to see each and every detail of your game and hence having a better video with no frame drops, there would not be any distortions in your video while streaming too.

The TV also comes with a Connect Share Movie feature in which you can connect a lot of devices with your Samsung H5003 LED TV via USB. Almost all devices have USB connections nowadays. So with the USB support, you can stream music or watch movies or even play games from a laptop or hard disk and much more on a big screen and enjoy it. Not just that, the TV comes with amazing sound quality hardware. It supports DTS Studio Sound hence delivering crystal clear audio with resonant bass just what your ears would want to hear. This enables you not to miss a single syllable while you are fighting your enemies or your teammates are calling for backup. This helps you have a tremendous gaming experience with both fantastic audio and video quality.

So at an affordable price, the Samsung H5003 40 inch 1080p LED TV comes with a crisp video quality, amazing audio reproduction and an amazing motion sensor rate to help you get the best out of your games. So connect your Xbox and PS4 with the Samsung H5003 and experience a new era of gaming.

Key Features
  • Motion rate 60 assures no frame drops while playing
  • High Resolution of 1080p
  • DTS Studio Sound quality audio
  • Wide Colour Enhancer Plus to enrich the colour quality of your games
  • Only 2 HDMI ports are there
  • No wireless capabilities but only USB support available

7. Sony KDL48W650D 48-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV

Sony KDL48W650D 48-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV


Your search for a perfect Smart LED Television ends here. The Sony KDL48W650D 48-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV is a perfect pick for everyone who loves the blend of technology and style. Of late the gadgets have also become a statement of style and the Sony KDL48W650D 48-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV fits the style perfectly. This television is laden with great features and specifications which take your gaming experience to a whole new level. It has the feature of X-Reality PRO which gives a cleaner and more refined picture to the viewers. It presents outstanding image quality with absolute clarity and sharpness in everything you view. This ensures a crystal clear video quality for great gaming experience. The new noise reduction technology helps in increasing the sharpness of every single scene and hence the result is a detailed, clear picture.

Another really excellent feature is its built-in Wi-Fi. This feature enables it to connect to any app or entertainment wirelessly without worrying about the clutter of USB cables which is such a relief. You can enjoy playing your favorite games without a fuss. This feature allows for instant internet connectivity without any hassles. Not just that, online gaming, checks! It offers seamless connectivity as it supports any USB stick. The users can enjoy the content of any USB stick by plugging into this television, be it of any format. Now the viewers can cherish the music, videos and photos or play games without bothering about the particular format of the content. This makes the entertainment so much easy and hassles free.

In today’s age everything is super sleek, from our apartments to our everyday use appliances then why should our television be not sleek. Sony does this as this LED TV is incredibly slim. The TV screen has a very narrow frame and has very minimum bezels so that the users can enjoy the viewing experience with near edge-to-edge gaming displayed on the screens which give it a real-time look. To make the television look tidy, all of the cables can be channelled across the back of the TV into the stand. This feature gives the LED TV a clean look. It’s a win-win situation for the people who hate the sight of unruly USB cables. So, now connect your games without any hustle and start playing.

For the all the gaming action lovers, the Brand Sony has come up with Motionflow XR 240 technology. It increases the quality of the virtual viewing experience. This technology aids in precise motion clarity in fast moving action sequences for quick responses which help you play more efficiently. This television gives a treat to the hearing senses with its balanced frequencies and crystal clear sound system. For achieving this, the TV uses a robust computer model which analyses and then accordingly compensates for the various inaccuracies in the speaker response by 'sampling' the speaker frequency with higher precision. The amazing audio experience adds to the beauty of your game.

In today’s time, it’s a necessity to stay connected with your smartphones all the time. The Brand Sony understands this need really well, and thus it has introduced the Screen mirroring feature in its Smart LED TV. This technology helps you to connect the smartphone to the TV, and the users can enjoy the enjoy content and apps from the smartphones on a bigger screen. Another interesting entertainment feature is Photo Sharing Plus. This feature enables as many as ten people to send digital media such as photos and videos from their phones directly to the television without the hassles of any USB cables.

With all these amazing features, the Sony KDL48W650D 48-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV is a perfect buy for the gamers.

Key Features
  • 60 Hz refresh rates for a seamless gaming experience
  • Backlighting
  • Smart functionality for a great gameplay
  • Affordable price
  • Not so great sound quality

8. Sony XBR43X800D 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV

Sony XBR43X800D 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV


Nowadays, expectations from a TV have drastically changed. These days they aren’t just expected to be larger, but expectations are way more than that. Talking about gaming, TVs aren’t just an add-on to shift your game to a larger screen, but they offer a lot more than that. They are expected to improve the audio and video experience of the game by a considerable amount. Keeping all of this in mind, Sony has launched Sony X800D which comes with a 43-inch screen and a great 4K Ultra HD resolution to provide you with a video experience like never before.

The video delivers exceptional depth, color and contrast to take your in-game experience to a whole another level. The TRILUMINOS Display by Samsung brings out fascinating combinations of red, green and blue to produce amazing colours to suit your eyes; making all of the virtual gameplay look more realistic. With deeper shadows and brighter highlights, your gaming characters would look more alive like never before. Also, the Motionflow XR technology presented by Sony provides fast moving action scenes in your games to bring the best out of your Xbox and PS4.

The Sony X800D brings a world of possibilities for playing your favorite games. Being a smart Wi-Fi enabled TV; you can enjoy all kinds of games over the internet without any distortions whatsoever. The TV also supports voice search which means you can command the TV using only your voice without having the need to lift yourself from the couch or even lift your hand for the remote. With all the Smart Home Automation features the TV has to offer, it becomes so easy to handle everything. Also, it supports a total of 4 HDMI ports so if you want to connect multiple devices, you’d never fall short of ports.

The audio experience on the Sony XBR43X800D 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV is also amazing. This makes you enjoy your favorite games on the TV thoroughly and has an unforgettable audio background highs and resonant bass treble. Obviously, when we play a game, we don't want to miss a single syllable to make the most out of our gaming experience, and the Sony TV takes complete care of that by providing you with a crystal clear sound quality.

So, on the whole, the Sony XBR43X800D 43 inch 4K Ultra HD TV is an excellent choice to go for to have an amazing close to reality game experience and enjoy every moment of your favorite game.

Key Features
  • Excellent shadow details and bright highlights
  • Voice control makes it easier to control the TV without moving an inch
  • Amazing sound reproduction
  • Web browser not included in the TV
  • Processor might behave glitch at times which causes slow speed

9. LG Electronics 55EG9100 Curved 55-Inch 1080p Smart OLED TV

LG Electronics 55EG9100 Curved 55-Inch 1080p Smart OLED TV


LG Electronics 55 Inch Smart OLED TV is one of the best budget OLED TVs available in the market ideal for people who love to stay entertained while being at home. This is one of the best 55 inch TVs in the market that brings into light a new category of television with dynamic picture quality and top-notch class. Not only does this OLED TV sparks of performance but also stands as an epitome of excellent design. It is a television that is gracefully curved in design to optimise the 1080p full HD performance so that viewers enjoy the finest details and a sparkle of colours on their home screen and the color reproduction in the games can be perfect. It also provides a “Perfect Black” that maximises the contrasts and improves picture quality to an unbound level. The wide viewing angle facilitates all this LG Electronics Curved TV comes with. Its design is remarkably thin setting new standards for design and sleek style. All of this contributes to improving your gaming experience by a tremendous amount.

When you buy a television, you wish you had the best picture capability and had the ability to see the minutest of dynamic images so that you have clear video quality in your game. The LG Electronics Smart OLED TV is here to do just that and much more. As contrast ratio forms the backbone of picture quality, this best TV for gaming 2016 comes with self-lighting pixels that switch off entirely to provide for the blackest of the screen, thus allowing viewers to receive the best picture quality. The biggest problem one faces with OLED or LCD television is that the picture loses its vibrancy and exotic display, if not viewed from the right proportionate angel. LG Electronics 1080P TV comes with an extensively wide viewing angle that allows anyone to see a bright and colourful picture without variances or difficulties, from any corner of the room, without having to bend or move forward. Thus, you can be assured not to miss a single detail in your game.

The best thing about OLED technology and our LG Electronics TV is that it is ultra-thin which makes it very light and portable, in cases of shifting. This is a good gaming TV as it is smart and comes with web OS technology that allows gamers to enjoy and enrich themselves. It is simple to easy and fun to learn about new interesting aspects. The stellar picture is incomplete without impressive sound, most of us would agree. This is not only the best big screen TV but also one that is notable for its advanced audio technologies that are responsible for sound clarity and conscience. The audio awesomeness adds to your great gaming experience.

If you want to make an investment that would provide not only captivating video but also top quality video features, this is the best choice you could make. So, connect your XBox or PS4 with your TV and take gaming to a whole another level.

Key Features
  • Has self-lighting pixels that help to achieve a “Perfect Black” to get the best picture quality.
  • A wide viewing angle is provided to allow viewers to enjoy a clear and vibrant picture from any position.
  • Has webOS technology that makes it easy, simple and fun to use.
  • A number of uniformity problems can occur.
  • Very expensive for a 55-inch television.

10. LG Electronics OLED55B6P Flat 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV

LG Electronics OLED55B6P Flat 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV


LG Electronics Ultra HD Smart OLED TV is one of the best budget TVs for gaming available on the market that combine top-notch picture quality and high-definition performance but also affordability. LG Electronics TVs are our favourites as they offer the most stunning imagery with fascinating sound capacities besides their stylish and ultra-thin appearance but what often terrifies and coerces us to take a step back and settle for another TV is its exorbitant prices. But for this TV, you needn’t worry about anything. It is the most affordable 55 inch TV brought out by LG that of course possesses its best features of high defining images and impressive sound quality for the excellent gaming experience. When we say this is the best 55-inch TV for the money, we mean with the utmost of our heart and facticity. A perfect contrast is often the sole yardstick that determines top-notch picture quality when it comes to a television. So, the LG B6 television comes with self-lightening pixels that switch themselves off to provide for the “Perfect Black” screen amplifying picture quality and radiant display beyond measure to give you an impressive in-game video quality. The Perfect Black goes on to intensify the gamut of accurate and vibrant colours and provide for almost a cinematic screen that has the highest resolution and refulgence.

This HDR television comes with the specialised Dolby vision which optimises and maximises picture quality, colour depth and saturation while making the picture appear to the naked eye as most dynamic and stunning. This stands out as the best HDR-TV for gaming that paves the way for not only a billion rich and stunning colours against a perfectly black background but also ensures the best sound clarity and opulence with the Harman Kardon sound. This OLED TV further aims to make sure that viewing experience is the best by making use of ultra-intuitive web OS technology interface that makes it much more simple and enjoyable to use. This web OS 3.0 technology is what makes the B6 OLED TV a smart television best among the rest. The OLED HDR is unique for it accounts for the dynamic pictures that this TV ensures – you get to enjoy the brightest lights and the darkest darks with the minute details for an exceptional experience.

This 4K gaming TV must be your preferred choice as it allows you to enjoy a great gaming experience in a high defining ambience. What makes this TV even more efficient and better is the wide viewing angle it comes with – the wide viewing angle ensures consistent and exceptional picture all for anyone in any corner of the room. These surely are slim and lightweight TVs, but they are no less stylish. In fact, they are so classy in appearance that they suit most decors and ambiences. The WebOS technology allows it exceptionally easy to use with the Magic Remote, Magic Zoom and Magic Connection. It stands out as a magical product that combines uncompromising vision with crystal clear sound dynamics and takes your gaming experience to a whole another level.

If you are looking for a high definition television that is top notch in quality and performance and is also the most affordable of its batch, this is the choice you are obliged to make.

Key Features
  • Comes with WebOS technology that makes Mobile Connection, Magic Zoom and Magic Remote exceptionally easy and straightforward to use.
  • The 4K HDR with Dolby Vision ensures uncompromising picture quality.
  • It has unmatched sound clarity and opulence as it uses Harman Kardon sound.
  • Bright areas experience a loss in minute details.
  • There occurs an occasional colour noise besides lacking the brightness the rivals possess.

Buyers Guide Questions

Can you use your TV as a monitor for gaming?

The short answer to this question is yes. Televisions can easily be used in place of a computer monitor for gaming.

t is easy to display the computer screen on the television by following the steps given below, though the ports are different depending on if you are using a Mac or a Windows computer.

First, you have to find out how the computer monitor can connect to the television.

For a Windows computer:

This is done by finding the video cable, which is present at the back of the personal computer. It may be present near the USB connection, the speakers or the Ethernet connection. There may also be a separate graphics card further down the back. There are three kinds of connectors:

  • HDMI: This connector is the most modern and useful connector for converting the monitor of the television into that of the computer. It transfers both video and audio and has a port on the back of the computer that looks like a long USB port. Most modern desktops will have an HDMI port in the back. As will gaming computer desk set ups will have the right holes in to run a HDMI cable through neatly.
  • DVI: This connector is a digital connection that uses pins to connect. However, they can only transfer images and video and cannot transfer any audio. They may be present in modern computers but are most likely to be present in older models, or with an HDMI connector present as well. A DVI connector port is rectangular with three rows of eight pins each.
  • VGA: This connector is not found in any modern computers, and is an older standard of connector port with 15 pins arranged in three rows. This connector only transfers non-HD quality images and videos and is the worst quality of the three connectors. If you also have an HDMI or DVI connector present, it would be preferable to use one of those, as this version is quite outdated.

For a MacBook:

For a Mac, the ports are labelled differently and are placed on the sides of the computer. There are four main kinds:

  • HDMI: This port is essentially the same as a Windows HDMI port, but it looks like a long, slim USB port with small indents on each side. The port will have ‘HDMI’ written on it and will be present on the edge of the MacBook. Being the standard for connecting HD devices, it is present on all MacBooks from 2012 onwards.
  • Thunderbolt: This port looks like a smaller, slimmer USB port, with a lightning bolt image labelled over it. It transfers only video and pictures and is also present on the side of the Mac.
  • Mini Display Port: This port looks and functions in a manner identical to the Thunderbolt, but is labelled as a small box with a line on the side.
  • Micro-DVI: This port is present only on the older generations of the MacBook, and has a label identical to the Mini Display Port, though it is smaller and slimmer.

Now, you must find out how the TV monitor can connect to the computer.

Most televisions have input ports on their backs, though some may have them along their sides. There are three kinds of connections televisions support:

  • HDMI: Again, the best quality connection can be found in these cables, with audio and video being transferred in one shot. Most HD televisions contain at least one HDMI port that a user can use.
  • DVI: This connection port is not as often present in HD televisions, but is always present in standard definition televisions and older models of TVs. Again, it can only transfer HD or normal
  • VGA: The worst quality connection, which transfers only low-quality images, it is never present in HD televisions, but is quite commonly present in standard-definition televisions and older models of TVs.

Upon connecting the ports of the computer and the television, the television will begin to function as a computer monitor, and one may be allowed to play any games with a larger screen and higher definition than possible on a computer screen.

What do you need to connect the TV for gaming?

First and foremost, you need to determine which of the three (or four, in the case of the MacBook) connector ports you have on both your computer and your television screen, from the HDMI, the DVI and the VGA. The Mac has four other kinds, the HDMI, the Thunderbolt, the Mini Display Port and the Micro DVI.

After determining the kind of connector port you have present on your devices, you may proceed to the assembling of your connection.

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In case you have the latest edition computer or Mac and a fresh-out-of-the-market HD TV, congratulations! You will only have to purchase a single HDMI video cable. In the case of HDMI video cables, the price does not say anything about the quality, and hence a cheap cable would be just as good as a very expensive cable.

In case your Mac and television do not have matching HDMI ports, you will definitely have to buy an adapter.

  • If your television has an HDMI port, you will have to buy either a Thunderbolt-to-HDMI adapter, a Mini Display Port-to-HDMI Adapter or a Micro DVI-to-HDMI adapter. You will also have to purchase an HDMI cable to connect the adapter to.
  • If your television does not have an HDMI port, you will have to buy both the appropriate adapter and an audio cable in addition to the video cable appropriate to your TV’s connector port.

In the case of your Windows computer and television not having matching HDMI ports, check if they have matching DVI or VGA port. In case they have any matching ports, you will have to buy the appropriate DVI or VGA video cable as well as an audio cable of the same kind.

If they do not have matching ports, you will have to buy a suitable adapter, such as an HDMI-to-DVI adapter or a VGA-to-DVI adapter. However, in the case of mismatched ports, audio will not be transferred using the single cable, as one or the other port will not support audio. Thus, an audio cable must also be purchased.

What has to be considered when using a TV for gaming?

One thing to know about TVs and computers, TVs have a much lower resolution than a computer screen for the same price. The general resolution of an HD television screen is 720p, which is definitely not the same as a similarly priced computer screen, which is generally resolved at 1080p.

Thus, if you’re looking for an HD television monitor under 27 inches, the low resolution will be a problem. But as the size of the TV screen increases, a new issue comes into play: pixel density.

As the size of the television increases, the pixel density of the screen decreases. A drop in pixel density makes text blurry, the screen of the TV less clear and makes it a pain to read or type on the television screen. Thus, you must look for a high-definition television with a high enough pixel density for it not to make a difference.

When the cable connections attaching the computer screen and the TV screen together are not HDMI, there is a slight decrease in resolution and image quality. Audio, as it requires a separate cable, may also suffer from the change. Thus, the HD TV to be chosen must be chosen with these factors in mind.

Input lag, or the lag between the input given by the keyboard or mouse and the response given on the TV monitor, is a common problem as well. This happens due to the time taken by the screen to process the image in order to improve its quality. However, this issue is easily dealt with, by turning off all other video-processing options as you can, in order to minimise the effort taken by the monitor to convert all the images into perfect quality. Using the VGA connector port instead of the HDMI one may decrease the input lag as well, as it allows images to pass in lowered quality.

Using wired keyboards and mice as input devices also prove to be problematic, as you will have to sit close to the TV monitor in order for them to work, and lowered pixel density ensures that that is not a good idea. A good solution for that would be to use a console controller, with the controller of an X-box or a wireless keyboard and mouse.

So there you have it, the best televisions for gamers this year. We hope this has helped you make a quick decision!