10 Best SSD for Gaming

We Review the Best SSD for Gaming

Tired of waiting for the games and other programs to load up? Well, it is time to remove that hard disk from your setup and go for the best SDD you can get with the best storage. An SDD has a sequential read/write speeds that are over 10-100 faster than the hard drives offer.

This results in quicker boot and load times, and an overall improved speed of your gaming rig. In this article, we have reviewed some of the best SDDs for gaming available on the market that you can go for.

1. Samsung 850 EVO 500GB 2.5-Inch SATA SSD for Gaming

best overall ratingSamsung 840 Pro


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The all new Samsung 850 EVO 500GB 2.5-Inch SATA SSD is something that you have been searching for a long time now it is one of the best on the market. Available at such the affordable price, the Samsung SSDs possesses a variety of features that will not stop to amaze you.  This is the reason that this Samsung SSD has been the numero uno seller of the industry.

The top SSDs by Samsung is powered by the V-NAND Technology of Samsung. This technology does not demand power supply in order to retain the data on the device. This feature makes it perform better for the purpose of everyday computing. The Samsung SSDs come in different SSD sizes ranging from 250 GB to 4 TB. Its SSD which is the only model comes without the mount bundle which helps in its installation. However, one can always opt for whichever model they like, be it the one with mount bundle or without mount bundle.

The Best SSDs sequential reading performance is incredible and can go up to a speed of 540 MB/s while on the other hand, its sequential writing is also excellent as it can go up to 520 MB/s. In furtherance of this, its random reading/writing IOPS can go up to a speed of 98,000 and 90,000 respectively. One can utterly rely on this SATA SSD because of its endurance capability, energy efficiency and reliability. Not only that, but it also comes along with a 5 – year warranty. So, if by any chance, something goes wrong with your device then you always have the resort of warranty period.

This SATA III SSD which is 2.5’’comes with a user manual to guide the user about all its features. Along with the manual, other essential requisites such as cables and screws also come. To manage the SATA SSD and smoothly go through its installation process, software is also made available by the company. The Samsung Data Migration and Magician Software are readily accessible on the internet for free download. This software is very brilliantly designed and has a very user-friendly interface which enables the user to utilise the features of the device better.

Why We Like It

  • Read speed up to 500 MB/s
  • Does better than many more expensive SSDs
  • Available at a really reasonable price

If you are looking for a the best SDD at a reasonable price, then this Samsung SSD is the thing for you as it works well with any PC or Laptop.

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2. Samsung 850 PRO – 1TB – SSD for Gaming

premium choice ratingSamsung 850 PRO - 1TB


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The Samsung 1tb SSDs have time and again proven they are the best of the best 1tb SSDs with incredible performance against all its competitors present in the market. This was the first ever consumer 1tb SSD in the entire world which was powered by the Samsung’s 3D V-NAND Technology.  The Samsung 850 1tb SSD has the capacity to give maximum double the speed, density and endurance of the conventional flash.

The rate that this 1tb SSD can maximum reach for sequential reading performance is up to 550 MB/s and for sequential writing performance, the speed can reach maximum up to 520 MB/s. Further, when it comes down to the IOPS performance, the reading speed can be stretched up to 100,000 and writing speed can be stretched up to 90,000.

This good 1tb SSD is not simply made for the regular users but is specially designed for Hardcore PC Gamers and Heavy PC Users and also Business Professionals.  You can rely on this 1tb SSD or HDD for gaming with your eyes closed because of the enhanced reliability as well as endurance that this 1tb SSD offers. When it comes to endurance and reliability, this is the next best device in the industry. In addition to the endurance that this device offers you, its performance and energy efficiency is yet another factor that would attract the consumers towards it.  The 1tb SSD comes with a warranty period which lasts for 10 years which is one of the largest spans that this industry offers.

The gamer 1tb SSD comes with a user manual, and along with the manual there are other things included in the pack such the all other cables and screws, but the brackets are not included. There is particular software available online which helps users in managing the SATA 1tb SSD as well as assists in the easy installation of your SSDs. This software is developed and introduced by Samsung itself and is called Samsung Data Migration and Magician Software.

This fastest 1tb SSDs and are compatible with computers having operating systems of Windows 10/8/7/Vista SP1 and all those that are above this (be it 32 bit or 64 bit).  Also, it is compatible with Windows Server 2008 and Linux.

Why We Like It

  • This is the Fastest SATA SSD for consumers
  • It comes along with a warranty of 10 Long years
  • 1tb SSD
  • 3D NAND Technology

This Samsung PRO SSD 1tb is possibly the best and fastest 1tb SSD that you can buy within this money range. If this is what your heart wants, don’t let your mind have second thoughts over the same.

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3. Crucial MX300 525GB SATA 2.5″ Internal Solid State Drive

great value ratingCrucial MX300 525GB


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The best budget SSD from Crucial comes with an incredible performance when it comes to its speed of reading writing. The sequential writing speed of the Crucial SSD can reach the maximum of 530MB/s while that of the writing can reach about 510 MB/s.  This enables the users to boot instantly, decrease the load times and accelerate the demanding application with great ease. It can read/write all and any types of files. The maximum speed that random reads can reach is 92,000, and that which random writes can reach is 83,000. This best value SSD from Crucial is about 90 times more efficient in spending its energy as compared to a typical hard disk present in the market.

Crucial’s SSD offers its users such a kind of performance that is instant, and that will last. The speed, durability as well as the endurance that it provides can be relied upon by its users because this drive does not treat your storage merely as a container, but it loads as well as saves everything that the user does and saves. Users need not worry much about the data on the drive as this good SSD from Crucial protects the data on it with AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption, RAIN Technology and also Exclusive Data Defence Technology.

Why We Like It

  • 3D NAND Technology just like Samsung
  • Incredible SATA performance
  • Available in various sizes up to 2 TB

Available with a warranty extending over to a period of 3 years, the Crucial SSD is made for all those users who intend to store their data on a reliable drive possessing the most modern features the Crucial is definitely one of the best on the market.

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4. Samsung 850 EVO 2TB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD

Samsung 850 EVO 2TB


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Samsung brings you the revolutionary Samsung 850 EVO 2TB 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD to boost your computer’s performance. With a whopping 2TB of storage, you will never run short of space with this awesome SSD. Does it ever happen that you want to turn on your device to do something urgently and it gets stuck on the loading screen, and you’ve got to wait although restlessly? This is never the case with Samsung 850 EVO 2TB SSD because the speeds offered by this amazing device are great. Forget slow boot ups or shut downs or slow application start-ups. This drive offers sequential read speeds of up to a tremendous 540MB per second and sequential write speeds of close to 520MB per second, yes so you can well imagine the amount of speed you will get on upgrading to this device from your old, slow and bulky hard disks.

The Samsung 850 EVO SSD uses 3D V-NAND Technology instead of the conventional planar NAND architecture and hence with a small footprint only, it provides high-performance. It also gives you the best battery life on your device to maximise productivity by making the device highly energy efficient. The exceptionally high sequential read and write speeds in the drive are due to the TurboWrite Technology used by Samsung in its devices. The AES 256-Bit Encryption protects your data from all types of threats and keeps it safe which makes this drive a highly reliable and robust companion for your computer.

It is very easy to install and operate the Samsung 850 EVO SSD due to the One-Stop Install Navigator software used to migrate all your old data to the new drive in only 3 steps without any complexity. The Samsung Magician software not only allows you to install your drive but also helps you manage and improve your system as per your requirements. It also provides a Rapid Mode for higher processing speeds in your system. The Dynamic Thermal Guard technology used by Samsung helps in safeguarding your personal data by resisting overheating. Whenever a temperature rise is there, the Guard throttles it down to maintain responsiveness of your system.

Why We Like It

  • Drive based on 3D VNAND flash, hence high-performance capability
  • Exceptional read/write speeds of 540/520MB per second
  • 2TB of flash memory available

Being world's first drive based on 3D VNAND flash, the Samsung 850 EVO offers you an incredible performance so that you’d never have to look for something else.

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5. Intel 512GB M.2 80mm Gamers SSD Hard Drive

Intel 512GB M.2 80mm


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Everyone knows Intel. It is the company which has taken technology to new heights. Coming from that company is this SSD. The Intel 512GB M.2 80mm SSD is one of the best choice drives for your computer. It brings amazing possibilities for your device by improving the read and writes speeds by a tremendous amount. No more waiting time for your system to boot up or shut down or your applications to load. Intel SSDs deliver 17 times faster performance as compared to your conventional hard drives. Not only that, but this SSD is also three times quicker than the standard SATA SSDs making it one of the best drives on the market. So get ready for a no lag experience on your device be it office applications or 4K video playback or HD content creation or everyday gaming. The sequential read speed of the Intel 512GB M.2 SSDs goes up to 1775MB per second, and sequential write speed goes up to 560MB per second. It makes use of PCIe NVMe 3.0 x4 interface which delivers exceptional speeds and draws impressively low power resulting in more power efficient system. This helps in extending battery life and maintains consistently high performance.

Having a form factor of M.2 22 x 80mm, the Intel 512GB M.2 80mm SSD is a small package device with significant capabilities. Being this small, it does not give any kind of trouble to fit inside a wide range of devices. It is very easy to install and operate. You just need to install the NVMe driver that comes along with it, and you’re ready to go. The setup is very easy to understand and takes no time.

The Intel SSD makes use of advanced, high-density Intel® 3D NAND technology which gives a high-performance capability to the device. The SSD is very safe and reliable too because it makes use of AES 256-bit self-encryption. Also, its operating temperature range is from 0 to 70 degree Celsius. Intel is always known the best quality and best reliability. This SSD is no exception in that. It has 1.6 million hours of mean time between failures which means it is 33% more reliable than all other PCIe M.2 SSDs. In spite of all these features, it is an easily affordable device.

Why We Like It

  • Highly Reliable
  • Makes use of PCIe NVMe 3.0 x4 interface
  • 17 times quicker than HDDs and three times faster than SATA SSDs

With these exceptional speeds, high reliability and delivering performance that matters, the Intel 512GB M.2 80mm SSD is just the best choice to go for without having any doubts in your mind.

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6. SanDisk Ultra II 960GB SATA Solid State Memory

SanDisk Ultra II


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SanDisk is known for making the best of class storage products. Experts have always looked up to the brand for products with amazing capabilities. SanDisk Ultra II 960GB SATA III SSD is a reflection of company’s quality and standards. These SSDs deliver high performance and are a highly reliable devices. You might have experienced the case of slow boot ups or blank screens while opening a software and what not. All of this is negated with the revolutionary SanDisk SSD. The SSD offers you incredible read/write speeds and makes your system’s performance blazingly fast best SSD from SanDisk. The sequential read speeds with this SSD can go up to 550MB per second, and the sequential write speeds can go up to 500MB per second. Hence you get faster boot ups or shut downs, and also your applications load fast and photos, games or videos open instantly without any waiting time. This high-performance capability is due to the nCache 2.0 technology which writes everything into the drive’s high-speed buffer before transferring it into the flash array which results in faster access and higher speeds.

With a form factor of only 0.3 x 4 x 2.8 inches and weighing only 0.6 ounces, the SanDisk Ultra II 960GB SATA III SSD packs much calibre in a small package. Like every SanDisk product, this SSD also has a durable design and a lot of capabilities. It has shock and vibration resistance because of no moving parts engineered in it. This makes the SanDisk SSD very safe and reliable for data protection. Also, like every SSD offered by SanDisk, the SanDisk Ultra II 960GB SATA III SSD is cooler and quite as compared to the other SSDs

The SanDisk Ultra II 960GB SATA III SSD is very easy to set up and operate for everyday use. A 3 step installation guide is provided along with the drive to guide you through the process. Also, SanDisk SSD comes with a Software called SanDisk SSD Dashboard which gives you a real-time status of your drive’s performance. There’s also a cloning software to help you install the device and keep aware of the new updates.

Why We Like It

  • Easy to set up and operate because of SSD Dashboard by SanDisk
  • Durable SSD design
  • High sequential read speeds for better performance

So, without any doubts in your mind, go for the SanDisk Ultra II 960GB SATA III Solid State Drive because it will not disappoint you in any way whatsoever, best quality and reliability coupled with a great price.

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7. ADATA Premier SP550 480GB Solid State for PC

ADATA Premier SP550


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ADATA Premier SP550 is one of the best and the hard disc drive you want for your system. Its advanced technology and affordable price make it absolutely worth it. The hard disk drive consists of smart SLC (single level cell) cache system that boosts the SSD reading and writing. The device can read and write up to 510MB/s. ADATA SP550 enhances the performance speed without any additional expense. It increases the speed of daily browsing like email, internet surfing, video streaming, etc. Hence, you every day browsing can be accomplished at a much faster speed.

LDPC (Low Density Parity Check Code) equipped the hard disk drive guarantees safety from corruption and ensures intelligent data protection. LDPC makes the device reliable and increases its durability by preventing and correcting data errors. The best Hard disk drives that have LDPC technology are found to be much more durable compared to the ones that don’t. One of the best aspects of hard disk drives are the TBW (Total bytes written). TBW refers to the total capacity the SSDs are capable of writing throughout its lifespan. This also indicates the durability of the SSDs. The TBW of ADATA SP550 is found to exceed those of many comparable models.

You would certainly not want your hard disk drive to run out of battery again and again. This is why the device is armoured with DEVSLP (Device Sleep) system. This makes the hard disk drive more energy efficient which results in increased battery life and low power usage. ADATA SP550 is as thin as 7 mm that is easily compatible with Ultra-thin Notebooks. Besides this, a 2.5 mm spacer is present for fitting in 9.5 mm drive bays that supports almost every Notebook.

ADATA SP550 also comes with a free SSD Toolbox which consists of numerous advantageous features. The Drive Info feature displays the status of your drive’s capacity, temperature, lifespan and health. The toolkit incorporates a Quick diagnostics and a Full diagnostics feature. The former runs test on free space of your device and the later runs tests on the entire space used. The Utility corner includes SSD Toolbox, and firmware update along with security erase feature. System Optimisation enables TRIM service on unused drive space, and the system info feature displays your system’s information.

With all the best features, you can surely consider replacing your old HDD with ADATA Premier SP550.

Why We Like It

  • Intelligent SLC to boost SSD performance
  • Free SSD Toolbox with multiple features
  • DEVSLP system for low energy consumption
  • Higher TBW
  • LDPC technology to prevent data errors and system corruption

If you are looking for the best SSD that features LDPC technology, you can go for this top quality SSD for your requirements.

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8. PNY CS1311 120GB 2.5” SATA III Internal Solid State Drive

PNY CS1311 120GB


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PNY CS1311 is one of the best hard disk drive choice for your PC. Compared to traditional hard disk drives, PNY SC1311 offers a super-fast speed which is almost 24 times faster than the standard ones. The faster speed will ensure an excellent computing experience with speedy application launch and boot-up duration. The premium quality NAND provides a stable SSD performance. The high power SSD increases the reliability and durability of your HDD and they can easily run the most complex applications.

PNY SSDs have gone through hundreds of stringent validation and durability tests across the industry and have given best results. PNY CS1311 generates very less amount of heat compared to other HDD’s. Lower heat generation paves the way for a longer lifespan of your PC system. It reduces the risk of potential dangers related to overheating of the system. The ECC of PNY CS1311 enables correction of data errors for up to 120 bits. There is an End–to-end data protection system that prevents your PC from corruption. The HDD comes with an additional 2.5 mm spacer apart from the usual 9.55mm hard disk drive bay.

PNY HDD ensures low power consumption with its low-power mode feature. The device uses 30% less energy than comparable equipment. It provides a brilliant performance with a reading speed of 550 MB/sand a writing speed of 520 MB/s. The SSD delivers up to 90k IOPS read and write speed. The HDD comes with pre-installed Acronis Data Migration software which is extremely beneficial. This is a cloning software that helps in reboot and restoring a computer, upgrade HDD, replace a damaged HDD and also provides full recovery in case of any software damage. The product is extremely cost-effective and is a perfect replacement for your existing HDD. PNY CS1311 comes with an exclusive 3-year warranty. Not only this, there is a 24x7 US technical support for the convenience of its users.

Why We Like It

  • Faster speed, up to 24x faster than traditional HDD’s
  • 30% Less power consumption, prevents overheating
  • Stronger SSD with more durability
  • 24-hour technical support for the US
  • Free Acronis Data Migration Software

So, no more slow computing, high battery usage and unreliable data protection. Treat your PC with PNY CS1311 Inter SSD loaded with these numerous features.

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9. Kingston Digital 120GB SSD Hard Drive



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Upgrade your hard drive to Kingston Digital SSD and bring the best out of your computer. Its enhanced features and affordable price make it a must-have device. The HDD makes your computer quicker and up to ten times more responsive than 7200RPM hard drives. The HDD incorporates a marvel controller for faster speed. Therefore, your applications will load much quicker, and your computer will not take much time for starting or shutting down. The device does not consist of any moving parts which makes it more reliable than traditional HDD’s and prevents it from drops and bumps. Kingston HDD includes an LSI SandForce controller specially customised for the company; this technology ensures excellent reliability and is absolutely shock-proof. The HDD comes with a 7mm SSD which is ideal for slim notebooks with less space. The 120 GB space provides you with enough storage for all your videos, music, documents and applications. The SSD has a reading and writing transfer rate of 450  MB/s.

The 2.5 inch SSD has a 7mm form factor that is compatible with a standard 9.5 mm system. The device works in a silent mode, and the noise does not distract you while working as the device is vibration-resistant. The 6.35 cm SSD supports SATA 6.0 GBPS that rules out the risk of any malfunctions in its performance. Kingston HDD comes with a complete kit of all the necessary accessories you need for installing the device quickly. The design is optimised to make transferring data to SSD more cost-effective. The product is backed by a 3-year warranty. Overall, this product is the best choice to go for, especially if you are planning to upgrade your existing rig.

Why We Like It

  • Consists of LSI SandForce which makes the HDD shock-proof and Vibration-proof
  • Good storage space for storing high amount of data
  • Ten times quicker than 7200RPM hard disk drives
  • Comes with a free installation kit
  • 3-year warranty

Kingston Digital SSD is a great choice for upgrading your old hard disk. The product has features that are more than enough for a reliable computing experience.

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10. SanDisk SSD PLUS 120GB Solid State Drive

SanDisk SSD PLUS 120GB


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SanDisk has never disappointed its customers, and the company has done it again. The SanDisk SSD Plus SSD would take care of your needs and speeds all at once. Tired of your slow hard drives? No worries. The SanDisk SSD Plus 120GB delivers up to 20 times faster speed than your hard drives. Your computer might seem to get stuck on that loading screen on boot up or shut down but this is not the case with SanDisk SSD, in fact, your device will now show tremendous bootup or shutdown speeds. Not only that, the applications on your PC would load and respond instantly in the blink of an eye. Talking facts, this best SSD delivers great sequential read speeds of up to 530MB per second and write speeds up to 400MB per second. It does not just boost the performance of your device but also increases its battery life and tackles overheating issues.

The SanDisk SSD PLUS 120GB is a multi-featured bundle in a small package being just2.75 x 3.96 x 0.28 inches. It has a durable design that can handle shocks and vibrations which make it even more reliable for storing all your data. Its design makes it cooler and quieter, hence less heating issues and more performance. It does not just offer you the best speeds to your device but also makes your computer way more efficient in handling all kinds of tasks. Once you install the SSDs, you will notice that your device would handle tasks like emailing, web browsing, office productivity, gaming and audio video entertainment very easily without any waiting times whatsoever.

The affordable SanDisk SSD PLUS 120GB SSD is also easy to set up and doesn’t give you any trouble. An easy step by step installation guide is provided with the SSD to guide you through the process of setup without any hustle. SanDisk offers an amazing software called SanDisk SSD Dashboard to manage your SSD devices. It helps you to monitor your SSD and is very easy to use. Once installed, you can easily use this cloning software to improve the performance of your device.

Why We Like It

  • Affordable plus amazing features
  • Easy to set up with step by step guidance
  • Shock and vibration resistant so safe to use

So at an affordable price, the SanDisk SSD PLUS 120GB offers you the best features with incredible speeds, so go ahead and buy it to boost your system’s performance.

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Buyers Guide Questions

Are Solid State Drives Better for Gaming?

SSDs are drives that store their data in microchips, using integrated circuit assemblies as memory. Hard Drives, on the other hand, use rotating disk platters with a magnetic coating and a moving read arm to store and read their memory. Thus, as SSDs do not contain any moving parts, they have several advantages, such as:

Fast – SSDs are quicker, as they do not waste any time with moving parts like normal drives, and instead collect data almost instantaneously from their memory. They are said to be at least 25% quicker than Hard Disk Drives. Thus, SSDs offer faster loading time and negligible buffering. They also allow you to download games in less time.

Sturdy – SSDs are sturdy. Hard Drives are generally fragile and may lose data or break on rough handling, due to the shifting of their memory plates. However, as SSDs do not contain these plates or any moving parts at all, they are more durable than their Hard Drive counterparts. They are also unaffected by magnets.

Lesser Power Consumption – SSDs consumes less power. As they do not need to keep mechanical plates rotating, they do not need as much power to keep themselves running as Hard Disk Drives would. Hence, they can be used in energy-efficient computers, and are environment-friendly. Another advantage to this is that they do not cause the computer to overheat easily, thereby treating your computer better than Hard Disk Drives would.

Noiseless – They are noiseless. Hard Drives are noisy due to their moving plates and arm, but SSDs have no such distractions and allow the gamer to focus entirely on their games.

Reliable – They are reliable, as they use flash memory, and thus are guaranteed not to lose any data over time.

Compact – They are very compact compared to Hard Disk Drives, and increase the space available inside the computer, allowing space for more modifications and improvements to the system. The average length of a SSD is 1.0 to 1.8 inches, while a Hard Disk Drive is generally 2.5 to 3.5 inches long. Thus, SSDs are fast and efficient, making the gaming experience much snappier than it would be otherwise.

Can SSDs Boost Gaming Performance?

The short answer is: yes. Using a SSD increases gaming enjoyment significantly due to a single but deadly advantage it has over it’s Hard Disk Drives opponent – it is faster. About 25% quicker, according to some gaming magazines, SSDs can be a real boost for your rig that can do wonders to your gaming experience. This dramatic change in speeds will drastically reduce your loading times. This is because the data transfer in SSDs happens at around 400 MB/s, which is much higher than the data transfer speed of a Hard Disk Drive, which is at around 170 MB/s.

SSDs also allow for no buffering in between the game. Hard Drives, as they cannot retrieve data as fast as the player plays, pause in the middle of the game and buffer for a while. However, as SSDs are much quicker, they can keep up with the player and let the game proceed uninterrupted. It also makes the computer to boot up much more quickly, if the operating system is installed on the SSD. Saving, opening and launching applications will occur with no lag.

Their only disadvantage can be that they can run out of storage space. This can be managed by installing a Hard Disk Drive for general storage and storing only games in the Solid State Drive, as Hard Disk Drives and SSDs can coexist in the same computer system due to the SSDs compact shape. So yes, a SSD can and will boost performance.

What size of SSD is Recommended for a Gaming Desktop?

SSDs come in all sizes, and are quite expensive, averaging at about 83 cents per gigabyte. So, picking the best SSD for your laptop is essential. There are several sizes of SSDs available in the market, including 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB, in an increasing order of pricing. Obviously, a 32 GB SSD is not ideal for a computer. However, which one is?

One thing to keep in mind is, the performance of a SSD is directly proportional to its storage capacity, even if it is from the same brand. Hence, a 500 GB Drive will perform better than 250 GB Drive, and much better than a 128 GB one as it has better storage. Thus, if you want the best performance in your desktop, you will need to get the best, largest size of SSD for storage that you can afford. Leaving a 10% to 15% of the SSDs memory empty is recommended to keep it running at peak performance.

You will have to factor in the space taken by the Operating System of your desktop in your SSD as well when it comes to storage capacity. A Windows 7 or 10 Operating System takes up about 20 GB storage, and a Mac OS X Yosemite takes up 16 GB overall. Most games take up about 20 GB storage each, but some heavy-duty games take up 50 GB or more.

Taking all this into consideration, a hardcore gamer, such as one with 80 games or more that they play on a regular basis would do with a 1 or 2 TB SSDs storage capacity as their budget and playlist demands. These SSDs are ideal for gamers and provide the best performance of the lot.  A regular player, who installs about 20 of their favorite games and plays only a few would require a 512 GB SSD for best performance. A part-time gamer who only installs a select few games would be able to pass with a 256 GB SSD, though would require a backup Hard Disk Drive if they were to install more than a few games and music files.

SSDs with memory lower than these would be unable to perform well on a gaming desktop.

Samsung 840 Pro

Top Pick

To enjoy a seamless gaming session without any lags, you need to have the best SSDs. The Samsung 850 EVO can be a good choice if you are looking to upgrade your gaming rig. With a sequential read speed that can go up to 540 MB/s and write speed that can go up to 520 MB/s, this SDD is truly a best performer. It also features the Samsung V-NAND Technology that optimises the computers functionality to match the system requirements, ensuring a top quality computing experience. Very easy to install, this Samsung 850 EVO can be used by gamers and office users alike. This device offers great endurance, and you can totally rely on this SDD for your gaming requirements. The Samsung 850 EVO also comes with a 5-year warranty. So, this Samsung 850 EVO is top pick amongst all the gaming SDDs on offer – go for it!

Samsung 850 PRO - 1TB

Premium Choice

When it comes to gaming, compromising on the equipment can affect your gameplay. Moreover, the SDDs you use for your rig is perhaps one of the most important items that can be upgraded to boost your gaming. Samsung 850 PRO can be a best choice if you’re willing to go that extra mile and spend some extra bucks for a premium product. The PRO version of Samsung 850 PRO contains a higher endurance MLC NAND instead of TLC NAND its predecessor uses. This means it will not only live longer but also perform a lot faster as compared to its predecessor. The Samsung 850 PRO, thanks to its V-NAND technology, is the best choice for hardcore gamers who love to play for long hours at a stretch. The SSD offers a sequential read speed of up to 550 MB/s and a write speed of up to 520 MB/s; which makes it an excellent and reliable option to go for. The Samsung Data Migration software makes it a breeze to install and manage this SDD, making it a premium choice product to go for. Highly recommended!

Crucial MX300 525GB

Great Value

A good SDD can make a lot of difference as it can ensure a seamless, lag-free gaming experience. The Crucial MX300 gets the nod as our great SDD as it will give you best quality for the best price. The Crucial MX300 is a 525 GB SATA drive that offers a sequential read speed of 530 MB/s and a write speed of 510 MB/s on all kinds of files, which is quite a good speed at this price range. When compared to a typical HDD, the Crucial is 90 times more energy efficient, making it a good move to go for this product for your gaming requirements. The Crucial SDD also features Dynamic Write Acceleration that ensures quicker saves and transfer of files for a seamless operation. Overall, this Crucial MX300 is a great product to go for, thanks to its efficiency and an affordable price, which makes it the best value for money product. Go for it!


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