9 Best Routers for Gaming in 2017

Imagine a scenario where you are playing Call of Duty, and just when you’re about to kill an opponent with a perfect headshot, the internet plays its trick – snatching that moment of glory from you. Annoying, isn’t it? Well, that’s what happens most of the time when you have updated every equipment of your gaming rig except for the router. A good gaming router will ensure a stable and responsive performance that results in a great gaming experience. Therefore, updating the router is crucial if you want to enjoy a lag-free, responsive gaming experience.

We’ve come up with some of the best routers in this article that’ll help you pick the right router for your gaming needs. Here it goes –


NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 High Speed Tri-Band Router for Gaming

NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 High Speed Tri-Band Router for Gaming


What is the maximum number of antennas you have ever seen on a Wi-Fi router? NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Router has six of them which act as high-performance antennas and power amplifiers to deliver maximum range throughout your place. So, it does not matter wherever you are in your home; you will have a top-notch Wi-Fi signal on your device. It delivers one of the fastest combined Wi-Fi speeds, 3.2 Gbps for uninterrupted streaming and nearly zero lag in the gaming experience. NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Router packs a 1GHz dual-core processor and three offload processors that include 256MB of RAM and another 128MB of flash storage space for passwords, settings, and firmware. It does not even need an annoying cooling fan because it never gets more than warm to touch. Also, the ports on R800 include the expected quartet of gigabit Ethernet ports for wired connections and as a bonus, the USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports that can work with a printer and an external hard drive. It provides you with a blazing fast and lag-free Wi-Fi experience.

Netgear, the manufacturer of networking equipment and the company to introduce the fastest ever modem to the world has done it again. The NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Router is packed with excellent capabilities to satisfy all kind of needs of the customers. This fantastic modem makes use of a breakthrough Tri-Band Wi-Fi technology to connect all the devices at your home including your laptops, mobiles, tablets, cameras, TVs, game consoles, music streamers and what not. It makes you feel like you have it all by providing you with the fastest possible Wi-Fi connection and an optimal maximum speed. It can do all of this because of the Smart Connect Intelligence feature that allots slower and faster devices to work on separate Wi-Fi bands.

The R800 is manageable by the Netgear Genie app, so you will have easy access to control the router at your ease. You can change its configuration according to your personal preference from your phone itself. It shows a beautiful dashboard with all the lists of connected devices. There’s even an option for guest network access where you get to decide whom you want to grant access and whom you want to keep away from your network. All of this, you can use secure access to your home network even when you are away from home. Bearing in mind that older devices use 2.4GHz band and newer devices are 5GHz capable, you get to select from the two options of 2.4ghz or 5ghz connection on the modem to achieve maximised speed capability. So, get ready to shoot all the zombies down without getting hurt because of some internet glitch and be aware in milliseconds of every single move your opponent takes as soon as he takes it.

An all black design look and a patterned grill which is sharply angular make it more than being just a router. Unlike all others, this stylish modem needs to be screwed into the wall or set up horizontally. Down from the middle 13 in-line fancy LEDs which show what bands and ports are active, and whether it is turned on or not adds to the lavish look that gives you another thing to flaunt about other than the high-performance capability. The six antennas can be folded onto the device. Being at 11.5 x 8.8 x 2.2 inches, Nighthawk X6 might be one of the biggest modems available in the market.

The Dynamic QoS present on the R800 delivers bandwidth prioritisation by application and device which is much needed for a great gaming experience. The R800 is a very secure router and uses up to date security protocols, right up to WPA2/Enterprise encryption to protect the network. It also has support for Virtual Private Network (VPN) and includes both Network Address Translation (NAT) and the Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewalls for better protection.

Stunning all black design that gives this modem a stylish look
Blazing high speed for a stable, responsive gaming experience
Tri-Band Technology
Extra Ports
On the whole, if you are looking for a router that is never the reason you missed a shot, the R800 will serve you well. So get ready for a blazing fast Wi-Fi experience for an enhanced gaming session.

ASUS RT-AC5300 AiProtection Tri-Band Gigabit Gaming Router

ASUS RT-AC5300 AiProtection Tri-Band Gigabit Gaming Router

By Asus

The biggest fear of a gamer is losing a game to someone because of some slow or laggy internet. When your sniper is right on target and your finger is just waiting for the moment to drift, and without even catching a glance, you get shot. It surely is the worst feeling ever where you just feel like tearing off the whole world. Not to worry, ASUS has the perfect solution for you. Your biggest fear would be permanently killed with the help of the absolute latest in Wi-Fi technology. For starters, the RT-AC5300 doesn’t have two aerials, not even four or five or six but EIGHT dual band detachable aerials. It is the highest number of external antennas on a home modem till date. The maximum bandwidth you’d ever see on this modem should be among the best anyone has ever seen. So, you can well imagine the excellent network connectivity it should offer. The RT-AC5300 packs a 1.4 GHz dual-core processor backed by 512MB of RAM memory and 128MB of flash storage space for passwords, firmware, and settings. The modem has 1 Gigabit WAN port, 4 Gigabit LAN ports and two USB ports, one USB 2.0 and another one USB 3.0 for hosting a printer and an external hard drive.

The RT-AC5300 router makes use of a breakthrough Tri-Band Wi-Fi technology to connect all the devices at your home including your laptops, mobiles, tablets, cameras, TVs, game consoles, music streamers and what not. It is a tri-band gaming modem which means it features three Wi-Fi bands one on the 2.4 GHz band and two on 5GHz band. Although with the Broadcom’s latest chip, they have the much higher bandwidth. The top speed on 2.4GHz band goes up to 1000 Mbps, and on the 5 GHz, each band has a top speed of 2,167Mbps. On the whole, RT-AC5300 has a total WiFi bandwidth of 5300 Mbps at any given time. The number of 5 GHz-capable devices is increasing rapidly nowadays. This is where the second 5 GHz band comes in. It manages the traffic and spreads it to avoid any lags.

The robust and feature rich RT-AC5300 is very easy and quick to set up. Just like the other ASUS routers, the overkill RT-AC5300 features the enhanced, intuitive ASUSWRT user interface which is easy to understand and provides you with all the things you need to know about the network. The setup is only three step where it asks you to set up a password, as simple as that. However, that clearly does not mean it is not capable. If you prefer to go geeky in the setup, you can enter the manual configuration mode and decide what you want to have and what not. Also, the ASUS Router application does the job from the beginning all the way to the everyday use. It has a list of options that include Early Setup for setting it up, Real-time Monitor for everyday use and Robust Control, Security Scan and Game Boost for use whenever you need them as per your requirements. RT-AC5300 is made secure by AiProtection powered by Trend Micro which provides multi-stage protection including vulnerability protection and malicious site blocking to protect your network against all kinds of threats.

With a sharp black grill design and eight bulky antennas bulging outwards from the horizontal wall attached router, it looks like a weapon from the Star Wars. The LEDs are placed in line at the front of the modem giving it a classy look. It comes with a four transmit four-receive (4T4R) antenna design which helps in increasing the speed and range to a considerable level. The modem supports the latest MU-MIMO (Multi-user Multiple-input and multiple output) technologies for the handling of multiple users on any given band more efficiently. It offers all the connected clients their own dedicated full speed network connection. Priced on a bit higher side, RT-AC5300 is an expensive router so one needs to be sure that it lives up to that kind of level and behold, wait for it and there won’t be a single time that you’d think of the money you put on it.

An overkill design that gives any gaming rig a stylish makeover
Top-notch speed for a lag-free gaming experience
Tri Band Technology for better gaming performance
MU-MIMO ready
If you have a large house with multiple Wi-Fi devices that indulge in playing games and media streaming, then Asus RT-AC5300 is going to be your paradise for a smooth life ahead.

NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S WiFi Gigabit Gaming Router

NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S WiFi Gigabit Gaming Router


Tired of poor quality router speed that makes gaming slow and lagged? With the World’s fastest network speed of 2.53 Gbps and unmatched gaming performance, the Nighthawk X4S gaming router has been ranked No.1 Best Router Performance in 2016. Through Its ultimate Quad-stream technology, the modem provides faster Wi-Fi speed to multiple devices at the same time. Having a bandwidth of 160 MHz, the device facilitates best streaming quality for gaming and other uses. It features a super powerful 1.7 GHz dual core processor leaves no scope for lagging. The dual core processor helps fighting network traffic.
It also boosts wired, wireless and WAN-to-LAN speed. The gaming router has four external antennas and high-performance amplifiers for wider reach that will cover every nook and corner of your home. The modems can cover a house of about 4,000 square feet. The modem provides the best connection for gaming consoles like Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo. The next generation Gigabit Wi-Fi and Gigabit CPU alleviate best 4K gaming and video streaming. The gaming router has plenty of memory storage space.

The 512 MB memory helps in connecting numerous devices simultaneously without compromising on the speed and performance. Nighthawk X4S renders the fastest MU-MIMO performance that makes gaming smoother on Multi User-MIMO enabled devices including mobiles. If you have multiple devices that are running your Wi-Fi, it won’t affect their speed. MIMO lets you connect almost a dozen Wi-Fi devices at the time without hindering their performance. The 160 MHz bandwidth doubles up when connected with 160 MHz capable devices. Nighthawk X4S makes accessing and sharing photos and files a lot easier.
NETGEAR’s ReadyCLOUD provides users with a USB access for faster and easy sharing. All you have to do is just plug in your USB devices containing the content into the gaming modem which creates a secure and personal storage space for your confidential data. You can access your USB drive anytime and anywhere you wish. The gaming router also incorporates the all new Kwilt technology. This technology lets you access your pictures on social media platforms. It also lets you store the data from your external USB drive to Nighthawk so that you can search, share and list all you pictures via the iOS Kwilt application.

The gaming beast also has Dynamic Quality of Service (QoS) which prioritises the best gaming and video streaming through device and application. The device is equipped with two USB 3.0 ports that work ten times faster than the usual USB 2.0 ports. The ReadySHARE Vault feature enables automatic backup of data from your Windows PC to USB drive connected to the modem.

Nighthawk X4S also supports open VPS through which you can connect your home network to your Android or iOS mobile device using the OpenVPS Connect App on your mobile. The gaming modem also has Beamforming+ technology that increases reliability, speed and range of your Wi-Fi network. It is easily installable on any device be it iPad, smartphone, tablet, computer, PC, etc. The NETGEAR Genie feature is a digital dashboard that lets you remotely access, monitor, manage and repair your home network. You can control all media apps anywhere from your home using your tablet/mobile phone. It also lets you print anything from your Apple device through AirPrint. The parental control feature helps you in managing website access by any family members.

Right on top of the router, ten LED indicators let you know the working of WAN port, four LAN ports, radio-band status, and USB and eSATA status. The device is relatively easy to install too. Once you connect the router to your computer and the Internet. After opening the browser, the NETGEAR Genie will automatically guide you in setting up the network.

Provides the user with the World’s fastest speed of 2.53 Gbps
Smooth 4k streaming of games and videos with wider reach
Extra storage space beside the superb gaming features
The NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S Wi-Fi Gigabit Gaming Modem is the best in the market and will prove to be an investment. It is highly recommendable for gamers who want to experience lag-free, smooth, fast and HD gaming.

ASUS RT-AC88U Dual Band Gaming Router with Trend Micro

ASUS RT-AC88U Dual Band Gaming Router with Trend Micro

By Asus

It is hard to choose the best router for gaming because of all the options available in the market. However, the ASUS RT- AC88U stands out among them all because of its exceptional features. The ASUS gaming router attracts most game enthusiasts or Pc enthusiasts as it produces the best gaming routers. ASUS RT- AC88 U is the best it has ever produced. It has all the features of its other older brothers and many unique ones of its own. The most attractive feature is the Ai protection. To protect one’s network from all sorts of internet bugs and viruses, the Ai protection works like a Pro.

Powered by Trend Micro, this feature ensures that no personal information is forwarded if any virus somehow gets into your system. Ai protection successfully keeps your system away from malicious sites by blocking them so; you can rest assured with this feature activated on your Pc. Another feature that will have you swooning all over this ASUS gaming modem is the Adaptive Quality of the Service (QoS). Are you usually multitasking but it gets complicated with the internet speed faster for the tasks that are not on your priority list? With Adaptive QoS all you have to do is arrange the priority, and the gaming router takes care of the rest. Also, you can monitor the upload and download bandwidth of your gaming modem thus keeping an eye on the overuse of your internet connection.

The ASUS gaming router passed all the speed tests with flying colours. Even when there were plenty of walls acting are hindrances to the web connection, the gaming router showed impressive speed. In proximity, the gaming modem scored 537 Mbps with a 5GHz test. With its vast range, the modem was also tested for 72 hours. Within these hours many files were transferred, all these data flowed flawlessly. There was no interruption due to the speed of the internet. Now, think how many games you can play without your gaming modem getting heat up. The easy installation of the router is the best part for most gamers as they are always in a hurry. When one connects the gaming router to their system, the router immediately launches itself into action. The modem is smart and detects and scans the internet connection and then installs itself as Dynamic IP, Static IP, PPPoE router or a DHCP.

The 8 Gigabit LAN ports are sure to gain the interest of a gamer. The unwavering internet connection ensures that you play (either multiplayer games or single games) without any interruption and shoot that perfect score on your favourite game. The ASUS RT-AC88U has an advantage over its brothers. It is the same size as other ASUS modems, however, more features. People with NAS server can even combine the first 2 ports of the gaming router which would give you 2Gbps speed, and that is just amazing!

Another attractive component of this ASUS gaming router is that it is MU-MIMO ready. MU-MIMO means Multi -user Multi Input Multi Output. This allows multiple devices to be connected to the gaming router at once without compromising the speed of the internet. It is a very crucial feature for gaming purpose, after all, you would not want to lose a game just because of poor internet connection. MU-MIMO allows every connected person to have equally high speed without degrading the speed. ASUS really thought through each of its products and its user’s needs. Through the ASUS app, one can manage and customise their modem more easily. From setting up their gaming router to monitoring the traffic of the internet connections, things are much simpler.

The black matte look of the modem is pretty attractive and lies in sync with any gaming Pc. The ASUS gaming router has four removable antennas at the front and a number of ports at the back. The back ports include 8-gigabit port, a USB port, a power jack and a WAN port. There are two USB ports on the modem, a 3.0 USB at the front and 2.0 USB port at the back.

The 4 detachable antennas help in maintaining the speed during a gaming match.
ASUSWRT User Interface which gives quick access to the 3 step installation of the gaming router.
8 Gigabit LAN Ports which is unique as most gaming routers have just four LAN ports.
If you have it easy with the money, then you should go ahead and grab the ASOS RT- AC88U gaming modem. With features like VPN server, Ai Protection, Adaptive QoS and others, the ASOS RT-AC88U is the best modems for gaming.

NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 High Performance Wifi Gaming Router

NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 High Performance Wifi Gaming Router


The new NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 gaming router is the modem for gaming. For those looking for a technology update that does not cause holes in their pocket, this is a perfect choice. With flared sides and the body shape of a trapezoid, the modem seems cool. Moreover, who does not want something cool to match with their gaming assets? The modem is more commonly known as R7000. The gaming modem is priced much less than other gaming routers, and it does not compromise with its features or internet quality. Providing stable throughput at all times, it is hard not to call it the best router for gaming. Even though it lacks in the area of its range, still, NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 is the best router for the money.

At the back of the gaming modem, there are three antennas that stand to optimise internet signals. These antennas can be moved to capture the strongest signals and sometimes can also be detached for various reasons. The R7000 is one the bulkiest modems ever, the modem are 1.97” X 11.22” X 7.22” in size and weighs more than 1.6 pounds. One can attach the gaming router on the wall, but, the modem takes a little more space than what looks pretty. The router has four Gigabit Ethernet ports at its back. For hard drives, printers and other devices there is a 3.0 USB connection at the front of the router and a 2.0 USB connection at the back. Unlike other routers, the NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 has a 3X3 dual band with a 2.4 and 5GHz transmitter. To make things easier for the owner, the gaming modem comes with a start-up booklet. Also, an AC adapter and network cable are provided with the R7000.

The intuitive Genie software makes it a piece of cake to setup the gaming router and making it a part of your gaming Pc. Within minutes, the set-up is finished, and the router is ready to use. The gaming modem has impressive hardware which is hard to miss. This gaming router has everything that the products before it had but also new exceptional features. It is a rare dual-band modem that connects easily with all WI-Fi clients, no matter what their WI-Fi standard is. The TurboQAM technology is a must have as it increases your internet speed from 150 Mbps to 200 Mbps. This really makes everything exciting in the gaming world.

By downloading the NETGEAR Up app, you would not have to worry about hiring a professional to set up your gaming modem. This app makes installation smoother and helps you choose all the right settings for your computer. Once you have installed the gaming router completely, try playing a game. Due to the 1 GHz processor, you will feel like you are playing a match on your Xbox. Such lag free gaming experience will get you hooked. Also, advanced QoS lets you know that your game has the priority you need. With R7000, you get to browse without interruptions. The Beamforming+ and built-in iTunes server will make this router your personal favourite.

Incredible throughput at 5GHz.
Easy and quick set up and installation of the gaming modem.
Supports Time Machine backup for Mac
Even though the gaming modem is bulkier than other modems and has a rather compromising internet range, it does not mean that there are no other features that make up for it. The backup software “ReadyShare Vault”, the NETGEAR Genie mobile app, built in open VPN server and other features like these overshadow its faults. Moreover, it is the best router for the money.

NETGEAR N600 Dual Band Wi-Fi Router

NETGEAR N600 Dual Band Wi-Fi Router


The NETGEAR N600 Router has everything it needs to be in the Editor’s Choice selections of any organisation. Some of those qualities are a simple setup process, excellent throughput, and a robust feature set. Many of the wireless routers may have one or two of these, but N600 puts them all behind by having all of these at one place. It has the best of both worlds with both wired and wireless gadgets. It ranges from desktops to smartphones and even gaming consoles. At the street price, it is worth every penny. With a simultaneous dual band, Wireless-N offers twice the bandwidth along with a better connection and lesser interference. It offers fast wireless performance and long range. The performance is excellent on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, especially in the 2.4 GHz band. If you are looking for an all-rounder Wi-Fi in low budget, then Netgear N600 is one of the best options you’ll get.

The Netgear N600 is a dual-band router which means that it is capable of simultaneously broadcasting Wireless-N signals on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies both. The 2.4GHz band is shared with old devices like cordless phones and Bluetooth headsets whereas the 5GHz band which is used by almost every upcoming latest device is more exclusive and therefore offers better overall performance. The router has an option for two wireless networks, one for each band out of the box. These systems can be easily switched on or off using the router’s web interface. All of this, you can use secure access to your home network even when you are away from home. Keeping in mind that older devices use 2.4GHz band and newer devices are 5GHz capable, you get to select from the two options of 2.4 Ghz or 5ghz connection on the router to achieve maximised speed capability.

The router delivers high-speed network connectivity up to 300 + 300Mbps. It has a good enough range for medium or large homes. It also has an advanced QoS optimised for smooth HD streaming and gaming. The N600 also comes with a secure network with protection against all kinds of threats. There’s even an option for guest network access where you get to decide whom you want to grant access and whom you want to keep away from your network. The router also has an option for guest networks where you get to decide if you want to allow free connection to your guests or not. Also, this guest network allows you to safeguard your local resources from the guests who make it a great feature to be used in public bars and restaurants. The N600 offers high-level WiFi security with WPA/WPA2.

Looking just like the other members of the Netgear router series in this range, the N600 has a round blue button right in the middle of its sleek black coloured top surface. The blue button is adorned by a total of 8 LEDs that represent the direction of the antennas on the device. Like the rest of this Netgear series, the N600 has an internal antenna design too which makes it more compact than the routers with external antennas. There are four LAN ports which are located at the back of this device.

It is very easy to set up this device. There is a dedicated app for controlling all the Netgear routers. You just enter the model you are using, and the setup is initiated right for that model. The N600 is also controllable by the Netgear Genie app, so you will have easy access to control the router. You can change its configuration according to your personal preference from your phone app. It shows a beautiful dashboard with all the lists of connected devices. So, you can know the list of people using your network.

It’s a money saver
Netgear’s easy user interface
Stable, responsive performance
Rest assured, Netgear N600 is a great deal at this price range, and you’ll never regret having spent on it. It offers a great speed and a good enough range for use in middle sized homes.

ASUS RT-N66U Dual Band Wireless Gigabit Router

ASUS RT-N66U Dual Band Wireless Gigabit Router

By Asus

The Asus RT-N66U Dual Band Router is the ultimate resort for all the gamers when we talk about best gaming routers. This is an incredible gaming router that has got to offer Ultra-Fast Connection which provides Rates up to 900Mbps which is certainly what a gamer can never say no to. It is suitable for File sharing as well as printer sharing. Not just that, it also enables one to do 3G sharing using the two multi-functional Built-in USB ports that it possesses, like any good router. As it has got 2 ports, so at a time, it can be connected to two devices. It supports only USB 2.0 port and USB 3.0 port. You can even access the data on the storage device that is connected to the router and that is not all. Any Samba clients that are connected to this network can be accessed from anywhere using internet access. These devices can be accessed via a Network Map which permits us to see the devices that are connected to the router.

With 2.5 Ghz and 5 Ghz, the concurrent dual-band transmissions are built in this device that will ensure that almost all the corners of your house can be easily connected to the wireless connection of this device. Thus, the issue of signal strength cannot even arise here because the router provides with very strong signal strength. Also, it further provides wireless coverage with 3 High-powered antennas which are even Detachable to maintain the best Wi-Fi for gaming. In all, it has four LAN Ports.

This best wireless router for multiple devices is endowed with Gigabit Ethernet Ports which result in the fastest and the most reliable internet connection performance. The router on its 2.4GHz frequency band had outperformed all the other routers that are there in this field in the market. When a person was standing 9 ft away from the router, then RT-N66U was delivering TCP throughout at 22 percent faster clip more than its closest competitor, the Belkin N900. When talking about the 5GHz frequency band, the condition was exactly opposite. In order to enjoy the highest speed that this router can provide, find a Wi-Fi client which supports 450 MBps standard.

As it comes in two colours, the choice of choosing the one that suits your gaming room or your desk area the most is always open. Also, it has got really enticing looks with a satin touch finish. The LED lights in the front for the status of power, the internet, switch, USB port and network. You can place this best internet router anywhere you want in your home, be it your desktop or your desk or you can even hang it on the wall. The size of this gaming router is perfectly apt (14 x 11 x 3.5 inch) with a weight of 1.8 lbs. The 4 rubber stands beneath the router will ensure that no matter wherever you place it, the air will circulate and the device will function properly. It has got two buttons viz. power button and the button for Wi-Fi protected the system.

This Asus’ top gaming router provides for an easy Setup, Signal Monitoring, and Network Application Control. The internet setup that ASUS provides for makes the procedure of configuration really easy and short of work. The router’s balance is also properly laid out which it easy to master. The web interface of this fast router is ordered, receptive, and reasonably uncomplicated. There is a link to instructions provided in the web interface which will guide you through the settings of connection. Not at all like the other routers of this category, which shield the client from the switch's complexities, Asus permits you to bore where it counts into the quick and dirty. The quality of service in this has got 3 modes: Automatic mode, User defined priority and user-defined.

Hence, if you are looking for a gaming modem which will ensure real high speed, then ASUS RT-N66U Dual-Band Wireless-N900 Gigabit Router is router because it provides almost the highest speed of all the best routers that are present in the market in this field.

Strong and stable wireless connection
Attractive looks for a stylish gaming setup
Superior file sharing
This router is your ticket to all the places in the world that you can visit using Internet access. It also break necks the downlink speed. This is indisputably the best wireless router for gaming.

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Buyers Guide Questions

What are all the extra ports on gaming routers used for?

Having extra ports on a gaming router enables the user to widen the Internet connection to other network (for eg. Gaming consoles) and share an intra – network connection for multiplayer game. Using an old router would prove to be of less use as it may create an obstacle while playing a game. Having a gaming router with extra ports is very useful, especially if you have a router featuring Gigabit Ethernet ports. It is preferred amongst most gamers due to following reasons:-

  • Comfort – A user can connect a gaming console to one of the Gigabit LAN ports and there is an advantage of getting high speed connection of 1,000 Mbps speed. By having such a high speed connection, a gamer can enjoy playing games with high speed connectivity.
  •  Connections:- There are different types of gaming ports which help in gaining faster network speeds both for those having wired or wireless connection.
  1. a) Wired connection:- In wired connection Gigabit Ethernet Port is the most popular one because it provides the most fastest wired network speeds. The special feature existing in wired connection is of lower-latency and less possibility of internet signal hindrance.
  2. b) Wireless connection:- The wireless connection helps in accessing the network without the use of any wired cables. The wireless connectivity sounds to be very inexpensive due to reduction of usage of cables but if a gamer needs a gaming zone without any internet signal hindrance then he should opt for wired connectivity only.

The usage of additional ports on a gaming router comes into the limelight only when there is a need for multiple systems connectivity or when you are hosting LAN parties. Considering the fact that Gaming routers consists of extra ports which can be used to make some great use of it, the following points will help you :-

  1. a) Setting up a connection with a printer:-  This type of connection helps in setting up a local printer serve so that the printer could be accessed by any device present in your network.
  2. b) Connecting USB flash drive or portable hard drive to the router: – This helps in accessing the content on the hard disk on any device such as a smartphone, tablet PC or an iPad.
  3. c) Charging a phone: – The extra port can also prove to be helpful for a person who needs to charge his phone provided he has the right cable to establish the required connection.

The above uses of additional ports show how you can not only enjoy a great gaming experience but also enjoy various tasks as well – all using a single modem. It also has the ability to cut off extra infrastructure cost as well. This simple technique has ultimately helped in reducing infrastructure cost and has also taken 100% advantage of connectivity with the router to complete the printing task by a single computer.

How will my gaming be optimised by a gaming router?

Computer gaming requires the best of hardware and gamers always need a competitive edge which can help them win a game against their gaming competitors. It has been noticed that infrastructure related to home networking has always been neglected by gamers. Recent multiplayer games require proper connection to allow a great gameplay experience that doesn’t suffer from lags. Without proper optimizations, the modern day games won’t work seamlessly and thus, affect your in-game performance quite severly. To avoid any sort of lags or performance issues while playing a game, one must implement following techniques to acquire a good networking setup:-

1) Basic Networking setup steps:-

  1. a) Reboot the cable modem and router. Check whether your router is running the new firmware as the newer firmware is able to optimise the router better.
  2. b) Connect a computer directly to the modem with an Ethernet cable and enable a speed test to know the speeds from your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

2) Data Consumption: – Unlike videos, which require a continuous stream of large packets of internet data, online gaming consumes only small packets of data. Video streams with high definition quality, consume on an average 3GB of data per hour whereas a gaming application consumes only 20MB to 80MB per hour of gameplay. The actual need is just to keep bandwidth parallel to the need for the game and avoid having lower priority traffic stealing bandwidth.

3) Hardware: – You should always consider getting wired Ethernet as the first choice as the issues such as higher latency, low security and reduced stability never really bothers in a wired setup. On the other hand, these issues affect a wireless setup and hence, should be avoided.

4) The quality of Service of Router: – Quality of Service (QoS) is one unique feature in a router which acts as a data traffic police. It gives special preference to significant time – sensitive data over less preferred data streams. There are 2 parameters to be considered while choosing Quality of Service. One of the parameters is to have the router prioritise by the device, and second is to prioritise by the application. If both these parameters are prioritised correctly, you can enjoy a seamless gaming session.

5) Use of Killer NIC: – The Killer NIC is a software that can configure bandwidth limits, for each and every running software application. The following features of this software enable it to be the most valuable element in gaming zone:-

  1. a) Real-time audio and Gaming.
  2. b) Chatting, Instant messaging.
  3. c) Video streaming.
  4. d) General web.
  5. e) Low priority web.
  6. f) Bulk download.

6) Testing: – Testing any software is the base to validate its authenticity regarding efficiency in a gaming setup. To test gaming software, most people use the NIC that is offered in your laptop. Even in the absence of Killer NIC, a user can maximise his gaming experience by using a wired connection, router and QOS.

Some of the routers which are best for gaming are well equipped and optimised, which have the ability to meet the needs of popular games while balancing the demands of others on the network at the same time. The path which the gaming packet takes once they leave a network significantly impacts message time and even results in packet loss. Such modems have dual core processors that regularise all your gaming and other commands and efficiently maintain tri-band networks. For example – Routers such as ASUS RT – AC5300 have a built-in private network which they have named as WTFast Gamers Private Network (GPN). This kind of feature ensures that gaming activity is correctly routed and also provides low and stable ping times for gaming. All these features ultimately help in optimising gaming by a gaming modem and result in a better, responsive and stable gaming experience.

What does Gigabits mean?

A gigabit is defined as one billion bits, i.e. (109) bits. It measures how much data is being transferred between two telecommunication points in one second. Gbps stands for gigabits per second.

Any modem that extends an internet connection and allows gamers to share an intra-connected network for playing multi-player games will not be enough. That’s when Gigabits Ethernet steps in. It allows you to connect your gaming console or desktop to one of the Gigabit LAN ports and you get 1,000 Mbps speed at your disposal. It will never hinder your optimised gaming experience. Do note that speed of your internet connection does not increase while you have wired your gaming console to your router. Interference of a wireless signal will be a non-existent issue.

Now some people to misunderstand the difference between the Ethernet switch and a modem.

  • The router will allow you to connect and manage multiple networks together.
  • You are given wireless access.
  • Routers provide you with firewall services as well as security restrictions.
  • It also provides addresses for all the computers on the network.

Gigabit Ethernet ports offer the fastest wired network speeds. Wired connections are still quicker and lower latency than wireless ones.

Gigabit enables you to have the smoothest and fastest experience while browsing on a wireless network. Playing online games with a gig will become a piece of cake. The growing technology and popularity of online gaming demand a better and faster connection. With gigabits, your high-quality video content will not face any issues and will run smoothly.

Benefits of getting a gaming modem:

  1. You’ll get much more dominant performance for gaming.
  2. There will be no halts in your gaming experience whatsoever.
  3. A full-fledged security is ensured from the hackers when you open your network for multi players.
  4. Downloading additional gaming content on your device and accessing any kind of gaming platform will be more reliable when you are connected to a gaming router.
  5. Slow browsing speed due to a number of users attached to a wireless connection won’t be an issue.

Note:   In addition to using a gigabit ported modem, make sure that the box has enough throughput capacity to let you utilise your bandwidth.

What is a Dual-Band router?

Dual-band modems have the function to broadcast two separate signals, that is, 2.4 Gigahertz signal along with 5 Gigahertz signal. It is different from the single-band router as this one broadcasts 2.4 GHz signal.

A dual-band router hosts two different Wi-Fi networks at the very same time.

What does the dual-band router offer to the buyers?

  1. A dual-band router allows all the family members to stream videos, or play online games at the same time.
  2. It further allows the user to have a high-definition streaming on their devices.
  3. Dual-band routers resolve the issue of slower connection speed at your home, due to increase in devices.
  4. It improves the performance of your network.
  5. No interference in networks.

What’s in it for the gamers?

Gamers who use networks with multiple devices accessing at the same time and those who want to play wirelessly can choose dual-band modem as their best solution.

  1. The gamers will have benefits from the 5 GHz band. It is a dedicated Wi-Fi network for gaming.
  2. With the enhancement in the performance of your network, your gaming will be as smooth as it can get.
  3. The high-definition content will make your gaming experience better and beautiful.
  4. Zero halts at speed will result in no interruption during the gaming.

Note: Before getting a dual-band router, check whether your devices supports 5 GHz connections. Otherwise, it’s ‘money in the drain scenario’.

What is a Tri-Band Router?

As the name suggests, a tri-band router broadcasts three different signals. It is different from single-band and dual-band modems in the following way:

Single-band router transmits one single signal at a time.

Dual-band router broadcasts two different signals at the same time.

What it really does is, it broadcasts three separate signals, one being 2.4 GHz and the rest two being 5 GHz signals, separately.

Tri-Band routers host three different Wi-Fi signals at the same time.

What’s in it for the buyers?

Not everyone is a gamer. So why would you need a Tri-band router? For the same reason, you needed a Dual-Band router. The Tri-band router allows more devices to get connected with a network.

Note: Understand that a Tri-band will not increase the connectivity speed of the device that you are using. It helps other new devices to get a good speed that gets connected to the network.

What’s in it for the gamers?

The tri-band will prevent networks and devices from interfering with each other. Do understand that it will not increase the speed of your Wi-Fi as such. But yes, it will let you have a great gaming experience with high-definition video contents. Your online gaming will not get jammed even if someone else in your house is playing online games.

Again, you will have to check whether your devices are compatible with 5 GHz connections.

Note:  Get a tri-band only if you have a faster internet connection and there are multiple devices present to utilise the Wi-Fi.

What is Trend Micro?

Technology has made our lives so much faster and better. It offers shortcuts and quick solutions so that we don’t have to make much effort. One of the most prominent gifts of technology is Internet. The Internet is a vast and limitless platform with very less or no boundaries to hold back the users from performing any sort of activity. With less or no boundaries, of course, there will loophole on certain points in it, and there will be hackers ready to attack the system you are using, the data on it and even your profile. When there is a threat to your privacy and the data you use to work on the internet, this is called cyber threat or cyber crime.

To protect you from further cybercrimes, Trend Micro steps in.

Trend Micro is a global security Software Company that keeps your data and files away from the reach of hackers. It develops software for servers, small businesses, medium businesses and enterprise companies. It uses up-to-the-second threat intelligence so that it can immediately identify and stop the cyber threat or attack before it gets any closer to you. Its Smart Protection Network secures the customers and helps them avoid situations which are concerned with online threats.

Trend Micro’s ever upgrading technologies allows the users to log into an open network and keep their username and passwords safe. This prevents one user from logging into another user’s account and downloading the complete version of the game. The company has further made allies with law enforcement powers so that they can help eradicate cybercrimes. It further educates people as to how they can use the internet safely and adequately. Their unique program ‘Internet Safety for Kids and Families’ educates the people, young and adults, about the online risks. It further highlights how children are more prone to getting involved in cybercrime as a victim or the one who is violating the laws of cyber media.

The company works in a very systematic way by first addressing the issue, conducting research on the concerned issue, analysing the threat and then coming up with the product that will help protect internet users from the identified threat. Note that Trend Micro focuses on other devices apart from your computers, such as mobiles, tablets, laptops, etc. Hence, it keeps all the devices safe from the cyber threats.

Approximately 250 million cyber threats are blocked on a daily basis. Trend Micro sports one of the largest cloud-based protection infrastructures which heavily contribute to the protection of millions of individuals and businesses from the cyber crimes. The company’s threat defence experts prevent the threats from reaching you by collecting data, identifying the threats and protecting your data; all this happening in a matter of seconds. What makes Trend Micro the best protector is their forever evolving techniques and methods which get better time after time with each threat.

Furthermore, it also educates and helps people understand how they can protect themselves from all those cyber threats lurking on the internet as well as how they can safeguard their devices and systems from malware which can cause harm to the data they have stored on them.

Reviews to Suit You

Top Pick

A good modem can make a lot of difference to the way you play games. You can enjoy a seamless, responsive and a stable gaming experience that results in better performance overall. Thus, it becomes very crucial to pick the right modem for your gaming rig. The NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Tri-Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Modem can be a good choice if you’re planning to set up a new gaming rig or updating an existing one. It works on 5 GHz bandwidth and is quite a reliable piece of machine that boasts of top quality hardware and great Wi-Fi speeds; allowing for a better and smooth gameplay.  When it comes to the design, the Nighthawk is more compact as compared to its predecessor, and looks quite good. The NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200 features one Gigabit WAN port, four Gigabit LAN ports, and a couple of USB ports on the back, while the LED indicators occupy the top. The Nighthawk can offer Wi-Fi connectivity on 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz simultaneously, which is an added benefit. It runs on a dual-core 1,000 Mhz processor and built to work with the latest Wi-Fi standards. With a top speed up to 1,300 Mbps on the 5Ghz band and around 600Mbps on the 2.4Ghz band, this can be a great addition to your gaming rig. A top choice gaming that you can go for!

Premium Choice

If you’re a hardcore gamer, you need to have a gaming rig that includes the very best of equipment. And without a good gaming modem, you cannot enjoy a responsive, lag-free gaming experience. The ASUS RT-AC5300 modem can be a good choice if you’re looking for a top quality product and are willing to spend a few extra bucks for the same. Having dimensions that stretch to over 29 cm square and 17 cm in height, this is one of the bulkiest consumer-grade routers on offer in the market. The build is sturdy and the design stylish, making it a fine addition to any gaming rig.  A really cool feature of this router is that you can flip over the antennas and use it as support for the modem on which it can stand – making it look like a giant spider.  The router features four Gigabit Ethernet ports on this machine and two USB ports. The setup is quite detailed and will take a bit of your time, but it is truly worth the effort, for the performance it offers, is truly amazing. You can get a stable, responsive and lag-free gaming experience with this gaming router. A premium choice, it is definitely worth the money!

Great Value

A router is a critical part of your gaming rig because no matter how amazing the other equipment are if the connection isn’t seamless, you will continue to face lags that result in the poor gaming experience. The D-Link AC3200 Ultra Wi-Fi DIR-890L/R can be a right choice for your gaming rig, as it offers top-quality Wi-Fi connectivity and awesome network storage speeds for an excellent gaming performance. It is easily the most stylish gaming modem out there, and with it not only looks good but gives quite a stable Wi-Fi signal. You can also use it as a network storage server when you’re using an external hard drive, making it a really handy machine to own. The range it offers is quite good, though not the best and is ideal for people who live in a medium sized house where you can use it for your gaming and other requirements. This D-Link gaming router is powered by a Broadcom dual-core 1GHz processor that performs really well. The setup is quite easy, as it comes with a pre-configured password and username to make your job much easier. Overall, this router is an excellent value for money product!

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