Best Gaming Mouse Pad & Coolest Mouse Mats in 2017

When upgrading a gaming rig, most gamers plan to buy the latest gaming keyboard, high-DPI mouse, headsets and the best display monitors; completely overlooking the requirement for a good gaming mouse mad. A good gaming mouse mat ensures that your gaming movements translate into better gaming performance, thanks to the speed and accuracy it offers.

So, before you miss out on nailing that perfect headshot again, replace your mouse pad with a gaming mouse pad that offers efficient results. We’ve shortlisted some of the best gaming mats to make your job slightly easier.


SteelSeries QcK XXL Gaming Mouse Pad

SteelSeries QcK XXL Gaming Mouse Pad

By SteelSeries

The SteelSeries is known not to disappoint as it aims to provide the best gaming equipment that a gamer can only dream of. Their gaming products are scientifically tested to provide more comfort, efficient interaction and maximum utility which is also why their latest QcK XXL is expected to be one of the best gaming mouse mats. One of the first thing that you would notice about the QcK is its massive size which means it has a very convenient length of at least 3 feet; this would give all gamers a larger room for flexibility especially during those tough corners in gaming.

Its smooth surface is manufactured to provide a steady glide for optimal mouse movements as it is composed of the same material used in the championship-grade QcK series. The high-quality cloth and unique no-slip rubber base create the perfect layer for players to be able to move the mouse without any irritation or surface resistance comfortably. The latest version of the QcK is supersized being 4 mm thick and has enough space for almost anything and everything on your gaming desk. Besides, it has been tested several times by gamers all over the world and has earned its place as one of the most best large gaming mouse pads for competitive gaming or rather proclaimed to be the ultimate surface for comfort and performance.

With a weight of 2.1 pounds and a width of at least 3 feet, the SteelSereies QcK is one of the largest mouse pads in the world with more than enough space for all of your gaming accessories and necessities, ranging from the mouse, keyboard and even monitor.  It is well-tested; high-quality clothing offers a smooth surface which allows all movements to be hassle free and precise. Whereas the splendid non-slip rubber coat on the surface of the mat prevents slipping, this is extremely useful while performing tracking swivels and jolt-ridden mouse movements. This gigantic mouse mat offers incredible performance as well as a basic attractive design but is also available in several other colours and posters which would match your tastes.

Since its release, the SteelSeries QcK XXL has received several reviews from hundreds of users that have given positive feedback regarding its utility and since it is available at a very affordable price that doubles its popularity in the market making it one of the most preferred gaming mouse pads.

Conveniently large
Equipped with non-slip rubber
Smooth surface for consistent resistant free glide
If you’re looking to buy a large gaming mouse pad for your gaming needs, this is one of the finest products available in the market.

Razer Firefly Chroma Custom Lighting Hard Gaming Mouse Pad

Razer Firefly Chroma Custom Lighting Hard Gaming Mouse Pad

By Razer

Gamers all over the world recognise Razor as a company that strives towards gaming excellence and has always succeeded in providing the best gaming solutions. The Firefly Chroma hard gaming mouse pad provides you with Razor excellent performance during hardcore gaming. Its micro-textured finish and highly optimised reflective surface allow precise responsiveness while remaining in sync with the movements of your mouse. You can expect not to compromise with your accuracy during tough gaming levels with the Razer fireflies superb responsiveness.

Besides its high-tech micro-textured surface, it has also been engineered for full optimisation for all gaming sensitivity settings. This feature of the Firefly Chroma has been validated by eSports athletes and has been accepted to provide superb results regardless of the type of gaming mouse or sensitivity setting in use. Its surface coating is lab tested and is capable of providing rapid in-game responsiveness. What is really groovy about it is the reason why it is most probably called the ‘Firefly’. It brings on a whole new level of personalization with its 16.8million colours and innumerable customizable lighting effects that are aligned along the left, right and bottom side of the mouse mat. It can also be synced to other Razer Chroma devices enabling you to have colourful and practical gaming experience with a stunning display.

Its inter-device synchronisation feature is the perfect feature to fire up your gaming with something more. Its vast spectrum of colours at your disposal the gaming platform of your dreams would have never looked better without the 16.8 million possibilities. All of your Chroma-enabled devices will be sync, and your entire gaming desk would be so elegantly lit up. Nonetheless, the Razor Firefly is armed with a genuinely useful non-slip layered base that prevents the mat from slipping irrespective of how hard you swivel your mouse. With Razer, it just keeps getting better and better, as it introduces ‘Synapse’ it is hardware configuration that comes with online cloud support. Now with Synapse, customise and calibrate all your movements which demand different requirements, ranging from sensitivity to tracking. What’s more amazing is the fact that the data regarding your mouse’s movements are recorded and saved in the inline cloud which means you have access to your preferred synchronisation settings whenever you require. It also helps you stay at the top of your game by keeping your driver and firmware up to date

Micro-textured finish that allows pin-point accuracy
Full synchronisation available with Razer Synapse
16.8 million Colour combinations
Luxuriate your gaming platform and also feel the difference when it comes to competing with pros along with a Razer Firefly by your side.

Glorious Extended Gaming Mouse Mat XXL

Glorious Extended Gaming Mouse Mat XXL

By Glorious PC Gaming Race

The most amazing feature about the Glorious Extended mouse pad is that it is big enough to fit both your keyboard and mouse. Even then there is a lot of space for you to exercise free and flexible movements. Not only does it looks good on your gaming desk but also makes it extremely comfortable for smoother movements especially when you are in a tight spot during gaming. The Glorious Extended gaming pad is indeed a large gaming mouse mat and has plenty of room for many of your gaming amenities but other than that it has several another simple yet impressive features that seem really useful to users. Its large surface being the pinnacle of its success and is ideal for FPS games for example Counter Strike or TF2. Also, imagine doing a full 360 degrees turn without even lifting the mouse. Not only does it prove beneficial for your mouse but your keyboard as well because it prevents those unnecessary slips you experience while operating your keyboard. Even if your game desk has an uneven surface, the hard material of the mouse pad gives you an excellent plain surface for both your keyboard and mouse.

The basic mouse pad such as the Glorious also has several other utilities that can be put to good use. Since it has a smooth and durable surface that allows clean and pleasantly smooth movements, you are able to comfortably play the game without any irritating restrictions which lessen the stress on your brain, hence reduce stress and anger while gaming. The thick surface and protective coating also shield your desk and equipment from any sort of harm such as scratches or dents. Other than all this, the Glorious XXL is an extra large excellent mouse mat with additional advantages such as the fact that it has stitched edges which means that there are negligible chances for the surface to get worn out or peeled off. Also, the thick rubber bottom is designed in order to prevent your mouse from ever moving unnecessarily while in use which gives the user more control. Certain perks of having such a durable mouse pad are that it is water proof and can be washed easily in your machine.

Extra large size for freer movement
Rubber-bottom that prevent unnecessary movements
Protects your equipment and desk surface
A basic and yet extremely effective mouse pad that is designed to be simple yet elegant, you can go for Glorious Extended Gaming Mouse Mat XXL if you’re looking to upgrade your gaming rig.

Razer Goliathus Deus Ex Medium Speed Gaming

Razer Goliathus Deus Ex Medium Speed Gaming

By Razer

Razer’s all new Goliathus Deus Ex Medium Speed Gaming is the all new must have in your gameplay collection. Razer has taken the science of making mouse mats to whole new level and has pioneered the industry of mouse mats. This cool mouse pad comes with an exclusive Deus Ex Design as the name itself suggests. It is built with an advanced cloth weave skill to ensure that speed is unbridled with and also, the control over the mouse is effortless. The good mouse pad comes with a rubber base material which is assigned with the task of ensuring a secure grip over the mouse. This makes the mouse mat to be anti-slippery and ready to be used without any complaints.

For dealing with the issue of speed of a mouse, this gaming mat manages to resolve the Speed issue of the mouse with its slick and taut weave design. The weaving of the mouse mat is extremely tight and is pulled taut to let the mouse slide over it without facing any sort of hindrance. In addition to that, the feel of this weave gives an ultra comfortable and nice feel to the person who is handling the mouse.

The design and material which it is made from enable one to have pixel precise gaming experience for targeting and tracking in the game. In addition to that, the cloth-based design makes it really light and easily portable to LAN parties and tournaments. It maintains its flatness irrespective of the fact that it is rolled and unrolled zillion times.

This best Razer mouse pad is willing to give you best possible performance in all the type of mouse sensitivity settings that can be done and all kinds of sensors. Be it any kind of sensitivity setting or sensor ranging from high sense and low sense to optical, laser or dual sensor system, this mat is ready to provide consistent in-game control for every kind.

The rubber base is Anti-Slippery
It provides for pixel-precise targeting and tracking
The frame is stitched and Anti-fraying
Suitable for all mouse sensitivity settings as well as sensors
The Goliathus Deus Ex Medium Speed Gaming mouse pad should be given a sure shot try by not just gamers but even other users who require it for office desks.

Dechanic XXL Heavy Speed Soft Gaming Mouse Mat

Dechanic XXL Heavy Speed Soft Gaming Mouse Mat

This Heavy gaming mouse pad by Dechanic is a gamers’ paradise. This mat comes in different colours of yellow, red, black, green, blue and much more. Dechanic mouse pads come in two ranges, one is regular, and one is heavy. The difference in both of them is of thickness. This is a heavy mouse mat which is ultra plush of 6mm of thickness. This provides ultimate comfort to a gamer while he is using the mouse.  If the mouse pads are thick, then that rules out the possibility of there being an uneven surface as thickness evens it out.

The gaming mouse pad is slick and taut weave for speedy gameplay. The surface of the Dechanic gaming mouse pad is slick and seamless because of the pulled taut. Not just that, the feel of having a properly taut gaming pad beneath your hands gives your hand an exquisite and comfortable feeling. This reduces the possibility of getting tired after short intervals and keeps your gaming spirit alive in the long run.

The smooth surface of the Dechanic Mousepad helps in delivering incredible speed for all games, office use as well as home use. It provides enhanced mouse response which boosts confidence and one can easily avail flexibility movements then. It best suits gamers as it provides them with the opportunity of hitting targets faster and efficiently because of the grip that this surface has got to offer.  It is further designed to give best results for all types of sensitivity settings and sensors. It can rely on irrespective of the settings of sensitivity or sensors of the mouse. Further, it built with special microscopic variances that will track and understand the gaming mouse sensor.

The base of this heavenly gaming mouse mat is Anti-Slip. Therefore, it prevents the gaming pad from being moved because of any movement in the mouse or the hand.  No matter how intense the gaming, working or movement is, the anti-slippery base performs its functions well and good. This mat is not just built with standard stitching, but it is developed out of professionally designed anti-fraying stitch. This design does not let the mat being worn at the edges and ensures lasting durability. In addition to this, this mat is even machine washable which means you can get rid of the dirt on it at home itself and there is no need of buying an all new mat now because the old one looks too dirty.

Double Thickness, quite sturdy
Slick, Taut Weave for good mouse movements
SPEED Surface for quicker movements
Suitable for all sensitivity and sensor types
With its great design, smooth finish and top quality surface, this mousepad is an ideal choice for any gaming lover.

Roccat Alumic Double-Sided Gaming Mouse Pad

Roccat Alumic Double-Sided Gaming Mouse Pad


The Roccat Alumic is a double sided Gaming mouse pad which provides two very differently structured surfaces to the users to work upon. Both of these surfaces are differently built, and the experience that they provide are, hence, utterly different from the first one. Because of this, the excellent mouse pad is willing to meet the demands of both low-sense gamers as well as high sense gamers.  Each side has got to offer a different design. As this mat is made up of aluminium, so it can easily provide excellent stability along with durability.

To ensure that the mouse pad stays in its place while being used, there are extra large mouse pad feet given in the mat itself. Apart from all this, the gaming mat also includes a gel-filled wrist rest which provides ultimate comfort to the user.

The mouse pad for gaming is well optimised for speed and control. The different surfaces enable the users to experience both fast as well as very restricted mouse movements. Users who are low-sense gamers require a very smooth surface for the optimum working of their mouse whereas those users who are high-sense gamers require a surface that is granular as smooth surfaces do not work well for high-sense users. Thus, if you are the one who uses a really high mouse resolution, then you should go for the surface which is structured to enhance your experience.

The good mouse mat is made up of the high quality of aluminium. The anodised aluminium core gives immense stability to the product and prevents it from warping. Moreover, with all these features, it is just 3mm thick which mean it can be used with ease at any place, be it your sofa or your gaming desk. To make this product highly durable, it is designed with ultra hard wearing coatings of the compact mouse pad.

It is further having features such as anti-slip, gel-filled wrist rest and many more things to offer.

Stylish looks enhance your gaming room’s look
Dual side usage makes its use versatile
Gel-Filled Wrist Rest for Extra Comfort
If you are looking for a stylish mouse pad that is large enough for keyboard and mouse both, this is the perfect product for you!

SteelSeries 4HD Professional Gaming Mouse Mat

SteelSeries 4HD Professional Gaming Mouse Mat

By SteelSeries

SteelSeries 4HD Gaming Mouse Mat is one of the best gaming mousepads available in the market ideal for hardcore gamers and people who are obsessed with games. Made of hard plastic, this combines innovation with top-notch quality. This gaming mouse mat is known to provide absolute precision, accuracy and stability to all users at all times. Its surface is finely textured and contains thousands of light reflecting microscopic points which aim to enhance the tracking abilities of this top mouse pad. One of the best budget 4D mouse pads, this great gaming essential would accentuate your gaming set and make sure your gaming experience is an uninterrupted one, full of rash driving and wild slashing.

If you are a serious gamer, you would know how important it is to have a mouse mat that complements the movements of your mouse. While you do not want unnecessary movements, you would want it to allow you the precision to move whenever and however you want it. SteelSeries 4HD Professional Gaming Mouse Mat is one such cool mouse pad that lets you swirl and slide and do much more. The tracking features it comes with allows you high velocity and long mouse strokes with this professional gaming mouse mat. The traditional cloth mat is a hindrance to most of the gaming lovers out there, so this surface is high-definition and allows you to combine speed and precision in a single stroke.

This good gaming mouse pad is known for its micro woven cloth texture which allows users reduced friction and improved mouse tracking at all times. Attempts have been made to make it function as a semi-hard surface that allows incessant tracking and great glided movements even after extended periods of usage. One of the best budget gaming surfaces, it is committed to providing you with an experience worth remembering. It is one of the most versatile gaming surfaces available in the market that has an attractive and impressive appearance. It comes in a stylish black appearance that suits all décor and ambiences beautifully. This is built on the notion of a laser mouse and aims to provide high definition service to yield all your gaming needs.

Finely textured surface that allows high tracking features.
Micro woven cloth that reduces friction.
Versatile and best suited for laser mice.
If you’re willing to complement your gaming set-up with a high definition mouse pad that reduces friction and enhances precision, end your search here

Corsair Gaming MM200 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad

Corsair Gaming MM200 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad

By Corsair

The Corsair Gaming Mouse Pad is one of the best budget mouse pads available in the market that combine quality with high definition technology. It is 265 mm in width and 210 mm in length. It comes with a very small footprint that supplements in times when you’re travelling and makes it suitable for a high DPI mouse. This excellent mouse pad is known for allowing users absolute precision, high accuracy and fast swipes so that all your movements are fraught with an air of confidence and consistency. This gaming mouse pad is ideal for hardcore gamers who are passionate about gaming as it comes optimised for gaming sensors that allow a surface that is carefully screened notable for excellent tracking.

This is the best mouse pad for gaming as it is made up of natural rubber which doesn’t give away any chemical odour. If you’re serious about your gaming escapades, you would not want to be disturbed or interrupted when your mouse mat is going in the direction you do not want. Do not worry because this cool mouse pad comes with a no-slip base that makes sure you do not have to move in ways you do not want when you’re in the middle of a crucial fight. It comes in a sleek black appearance that adds to its professional look, and it has a cushion facility so that your hand feels comfortable and relaxed after extended periods of usage.

It comes in an optimised textile-woven surface that is semi-rough to allow high-definition precision and reduced friction. The surface also makes sure you enjoy superior control and accuracy in your games besides the much-required stability that defines a gaming session. This hard gaming mouse pad is notable for letting you choose the perfect size that fits your requirements. It comes in four different sizes from small to extended to add convenience and comfort to your gaming set. You can also customise Corsair mouse pad to all extents to suit your preferred gaming mode and style. The design it comes with is minimalistic and simple and adds a professional grandeur to its outlook.

Comes in a number of sizes to suit your needs
Ideal for high DPI mice and travelling purposes
Gaming sensors that allow excellent tracking.
If you’re looking for a sleek mouse pad with a no-slip base that allows accuracy and stability in gaming sessions, this is the one that is the best.

ROCCAT HIRO 3D Supremacy Surface Gaming Mousepad

ROCCAT HIRO 3D Supremacy Surface Gaming Mousepad


The Roccat Hiro Gaming Mousepad is one of the best gaming mousepads available in the market ideal for serious gamers and users who are fraught with a lot of passion for their work. The surface is made of a vulcanised silicone surface that is notable for a power bonded construction which allows superiority control and absolute precision in doing what you love the most. It allows ultra-quiet gliding and long mouse strokes at any time throughout your gaming period. The complex 3D structure it comes with offers great speed and control domination at all times and lets you master what you do best.

The Hiro’s edges are rounded and smooth and allow you to glide gracefully through your raving and racing sessions. There is a power bonded construction between its upper and lower surfaces that speak of the longest life of activity and durability. No matter how aggressive you are when you game, this would be your companion for a long time to go. This cool mouse pad comes with a non-slip base so that you do not have to suffer from interruptions and distractions in the midst of your gaming sessions. A rock steady gaming platform is provided that reduces friction and increases speed, versatility and performance. It has a solid weight that allows added stability to your mat and mouse movements. With this great gaming mouse pad, you do not have to worry about inaccurate onscreen orders that happen due to slips many times.

It features a shock-absorbing build that allows more comfort and convenience during extended periods of gaming. It has a covert-tech surface treatment that allows distraction free commanding and gliding. A high definition mouse pad is known for its advanced force field protective coating that covers for all the times if things turn a little messy – it is very easy to clean and comes with water resistant quality that minimises risks of damage and dirt. This provides users with an incredible amount of control and smoothness for all your sessions and doesn’t wear out with long and extended usage. In all, this mouse pad promises the best performance and durability you could ever ask for.

Covert-tech surface treatment for great commands
An advanced force field protective coating that makes it water-resistant and easy to clean
Power bonded construction for ultra-quiet gliding
If you are looking for an advanced mouse that comes with a protective coating besides the best qualities, end your search here.

BenQ ZOWIE PTF-X Competitive Gaming Mouse Cloth

BenQ ZOWIE PTF-X Competitive Gaming Mouse Cloth

By BenQ

When it comes to gaming, especially in a desktop setting, it is essential to have a smooth yet resilient surface at your disposal in order to bear only minimum effort on your part. A good gaming mouse pad would have you smoothly and elegantly move your mouse in just the right amount of motion in order to achieve a perfect score. The latest ZOWIE gaming mouse pad from BenQ allows you both smooth movements and relaxing comfort. While buying a mouse pad or mouse cloth suited for gaming purposes, it is essential to keep in mind how much utility you gain from it regarding comfort, mouse sensitivity, durability, flexibility and so on. The BenQ ZOWIE provides not only comfort but also perfect flexibility teamed with a strong, durable material that lasts long hence giving it a competitive edge against other mouse pads available in the market.

It is perfectly slender, and soft build composed of a 100% rubber base prove to be very useful for gaming as it is not restricted by tough material. Further on its smooth surface enables you to rest your hands comfortably on the mouse pad without any difficulty. Besides that, you have a lot of space to place your palm and also have adequate support due to the spongy built. The fact that it is composed of rubber gives it the ability to stay fixed at a particular position which makes it reliable and impervious to needless movements while you play. The TF-X is designed for high-performance gaming, and lasting durability thanks to its stitched edges that also ensure that you mouse doesn’t slip off the edge while gaming. There are several instances when you feel your movements are restricted because of the friction between your mouse and the surface of your pad that causes resistance to your gestures. Amazingly so the flat, soft rubber base lessens your chances of resistance and gives you a hassle free gaming experience.

100% Soft rubber surface with reduced friction
Stitched and bordered edges for more durability
Soft and comfortable which enhances your comfort
When you are in search for an affordable and yet simple mouse pad that lasts long, you will find that the PTF X by BenQ matches up to your expectations.

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Buyer Guide Questions

Smooth vs. Textured: Which do you prefer?

Even a small component such as a gaming mouse pad can have a significant effect on your in-game performance, and so, you should always go for the best. A hard, textured mouse mat can be a good choice if you’re an FPS gamer because it allows for swift mouse movements with ease. Also, the mouse doesn’t get worn down over time because of the textured surface, making your gaming mouse durable and increase its life. Textured mouse pads also offer impressive precision, contrary to what most people assume, and this feature makes a textured mouse pad ideal for FPS gamers. A textured mouse pad is also good for your wrists, as you don’t need to put too much effort to move the mouse around, which is a great feature if you play for long hours at a stretch.

On the other hand, a smooth mouth pad has its own set of benefits for gaming lovers as well. A lot of gamers use softer, thicker gaming pads for LAN parties and tournaments as it allows you to avoid the bumps on an uneven surface that could affect your gameplay. The softer mouse mats are mostly made of cloth and are ideal for real-time strategy games (RTS), as it requires quick but accurate movements, and softer gaming pads offer plenty of accuracy. The softer, cloth-made mouse mats are also long-lasting, which is again a really good feature for most gamers who do not want to be worried about buying a pad every few days or weeks.

So, it totally depends on whether you’re an FPS gamer or an RTS gamer, along with other factors like convenience and price. Regardless of which type you go for, it is always recommended to go for a non-slip base mouse pad so that your mat sticks in the same place on the desk or the surface you’re using, to ensure better performance.

Material: Metal, Cloth or Plastic?

Buying the right mouse pad for your gaming needs is paramount because if you get it wrong, it will have a significant impact on your in-game performance. So, think before you buy a mouse mat for your gaming rig. When it comes to the material type, there are three types of gaming mice on offer – metal, plastic and cloth.

Metal – Metal mouse pads provide quick movement that is ideal for an FPS game, so if you’ve been missing to nail that perfect headshot for a while now, maybe you need to get a metal gaming mouse pad for your setup. Metal mouse mats not only offer quick, sharp movement but also give a stylish touch to your gaming setup. So, if you’re looking to add a touch of style to your gaming setup and you’re an FPS gamer, this mouse pad is meant for you. Plus, metal gaming mouse pads are sturdy and are quite durable.

Plastic – Plastic gaming mouse pads are ideal for an FPS gamer, as it offers precise movement which is crucial in this type of games. Also, if you’re using a laser mouse and not an optical one, you are better suited to go for a plastic gaming mouse pad as it offers improved performance, thanks to its hard surface. Plastic gaming mouse mats are incredibly easy to clean, and that’s a handy feature most gamers love to have.

Cloth – If you’re an RTS (real time strategy) gamer, a soft, cloth mouse pad is the best bet for you, thanks to its surface that offers impressive accuracy. A metal or a plastic mouse pad wouldn’t be good for you because those are more suited for quick movements and in an RTS game, accuracy matters more. So, a soft, cloth mouse mat is always a good choice for RTS gamers. Also, cloth mouse pads are great for optical mouse pads, so if you use one, you should go for a cloth mouse mat over a metal or plastic one.

So, depending on your gaming and other requirements, you can go for a perfect gaming mouse pad that allows you to enjoy the game.

Do  gaming mouse pads make a difference?

Most gamers often neglect the mouse pad when they’re upgrading their gaming setup. This proves to be a mistake because mouse pad makes a lot of difference to your gaming performance and at times, is the fine line that separates the winner from the loser. So, it is always a good idea to use a good gaming mouse pad for your gaming needs to ensure top performance.

While a hard surfaced mouse pad made of metal or plastic is good for FPS gamers where you need swift movements, a soft mouse mat if often the preferred choice when it comes to RTS games where the requirement is accuracy, and not speed. So, depending on what kind of games you play, you should get a gaming mouse pad accordingly.

Every time you click a mouse button or hit a keyboard button, you put pressure on your wrists. Having a mouse pad beneath your gaming mouse also reduces the pressure on your wrists, and also the risk of getting your wrist injured. While a mouse pad is undoubtedly good for a mouse, it is also ideal for your keyboard. Thanks to the large size gaming mouse pads on offer, you can place your keyboard on the pad, too. This gives a noise-free, improved typing or gaming experience that is less risky for your wrists. Thus, a gaming mouse pad can make a lot of difference to your gaming experience and make it a lot better and comfortable.

Which One Should I Buy?

1. Top Pick

A good gaming pad can bring a lot of difference to your gaming experience. The SteelSeries QcK XXL Gaming Mouse Pad can be a good choice if you’re willing to shell out a few extra bucks for a quality product. It has a smooth cloth surface that offers a precise and consistent glide for smooth performance, while the rubber base prevents the mouse from slipping. For a gamer, a small mouse pad can often cause a bit of an inconvenience. Thankfully, the SteelSeries QcK XXL Gaming Mouse Pad isn’t a small one and offers ample surface area for gamers’ mouse movements. This gaming mouse mat is a tournament-grade product that has been a part of numerous gaming glories over the years. The SteelSeries QcK XXL Gaming Mouse Pad with all its amazing features and quality, is a great gaming mouse pad that you can go for, is our top pick amongst the gaming mouse mats.

2. Premium Choice

Two things matter the most in any gaming tournament – speed and control. The Razer Firefly Gaming Mouse Pad offer strikes an excellent balance between the two that clearly reflects in your gaming experience. It has a hard, micro-textured finish that allows it to provide pinpoint accuracy and high speed. This surface ensures that you can rely on the mouse movements into effective cursor movements for a great gaming experience, and this product does really well on that front. The Razer Firefly Gaming Mouse Pad setup a bit time-consuming but it surely worth the effort. The design and quality material used translates into a better gaming performance regardless of which mouse sensitivity settings you use. You can not only enjoy a great gaming performance because of this mouse mat but also get a chance to personalise the whole setup. With over 16.8 million colour options, you can get a great display of lighting effects while you enjoy your game. The mouse mat is great when it comes to the design, as the matte black finish looks quite stylish. Overall, this product has top quality features, amazing looks and everything a gamer wants, making it a premium choice product to go for!

3. Great Value

If you’re looking for a mouse mat that offers great value at an affordable price, the Glorious Extended Gaming Mouse Mat is an ideal product. This is a large sized mat so you can keep both your mouse and the keyboard on it. This ensures that you can minimise the noise and movement of your keyboard that results in a better, improved typing experience. This gaming mouse pad is made of a soft, smooth cloth surface that allows for a quicker mouse movement without compromising on the accuracy – improving your gaming experience considerably. The non-slip base made of rubber makes sure that the mouse doesn’t slip or slide – a very handy feature that ensures accuracy is not compromised and you can nail that perfect headshot without worrying about mouse movements. Overall, this Glorious Extended Gaming Mouse Mat can be a good choice if you’re looking for a gaming mouse that offers an excellent value for money!

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