Best CPU Processor for Gaming in 2017

Best Gaming Processors for 2017

The Central Processing Unit, is more commonly known as the processor, these days, is the most crucial component of your desktop. The choice of processor dictates the final build of your gaming rig, and therefore picking the right processor is paramount. For instance, if you are using a top-end graphics card on a low-end processor, the graphics card would not be able to unlock its full capacity, and the result will be a reduced 30 fps performance, instead of a 60+ fps.

However, going for the most expensive processor is not the way forward either, as the difference between the fastest processors and those that barely suffice, is a very small window which reduces as each day passes.

We as gamers can use this to our advantage and go for a processor that is capable of handling all the gaming requirements without burning a hole in our pockets. Also, your processor can be overclocked to match your gaming needs. Some aspects that need to be kept in mind while buying a processor include, the number of cores and threads, noise, heat, and power consumption.

We have reviewed some of the best gaming processors for you, that are worth including in your next gaming rig.


AMD FD8350FRHKBOX FX-8350 FX-Series 8-Core Black Edition CPU for Gaming

AMD Processor

Our Expert Review

For all you gamers out there looking to enrich their gaming experience get ready for the best gaming processor by AMD, the FX-8350 8-Core Black Edition CPU. This is part of the AMD FX-Series processors and is one of the best AMD processors. The 8-core black edition is the first 8-core desktop CPU that provides the extra kick needed to increase your processing speed for maximum performance. This core is a good processor for gaming as it can handle high overclocking time and mega multi-tasking operations with a dynamic performance potential.

The processor contains a total of 8-cores that can give the performance a significant boost. This along with the ‘Bulldozer’ architecture that makes use of the AMD Turbo core technology assures long lasting potential without causing a drain on your power. It features a shared L2 and L3 cache with 8MB which enhances the scheduling and fetching capabilities of the processor and allows for smoother gameplay. The data queue sizes are also significantly increased by the 8-core processor.

The FX-8350 has a core clock of about 4 GHz that can be overclocked to 4.5 GHz with the help of the wraith coolers. These coolers are virtually silent in their operation and come with a backlit illumination and a sleek shroud for the fan. The cores also possess a multi-threading capacity with the highest clock rate in its class series. Each core allows direct communications in the Dual-Core mode and contains APIC registers in each core. This greatly increases its application capabilities and can several intensive applications without experiencing a drain in its performance.

The series also comes with a Hyper Transport technology that ensures quick access times to the I/O and a higher bandwidth of 8 GB/s that can go up to 37 GB/s for a total processor-to-system bandwidth. The integrated DRAM controller along with the AMD Memory Optimizer technology not only provides a high bandwidth but also reduces any latency in terms of its memory control.

The processor also enables a superior experience when dealing with virtual systems with the help of the AMD Virtualization (AMD-V) technology. This technology coupled with IOMMU guarantees a safer and reliable environment when allowing any virtualized applications access to the memory. The overall cooling of the system is maintained efficiently with the Cool-n-Quiet technology that ensures manual activation and deactivation of the components of the processor. The tuning does not require a BIOS interface and the power can be turned off without the slightest impact on its performance.


Can run a multitude of gaming and modelling applications without any drain
The 8-Cores offer multi-threading capabilities and a sizable cache
Efficient cooling with Cool-n-Quiet technology
Overall, the AMD FX-Series FX-8350 8-Core Black Edition processor is a definite pick for those looking for a top gaming processor to increase their gaming run time with a decent overclocking capability along with an intensive multi-tasking function.
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Intel Boxed Core i7-6850K Gaming Processor

Intel Boxed Core Processor

Our Expert Review

The CPU is still the undisputed critical component of any computer, and those looking to upgrade their PC for the next best gaming processor can give the Intel Core i7-6850K a try. The core is based on the Broadwell-E architecture and a 14nm technology. The processor offers six cores that have the capability of multi-threading and hence contain a total of 12 threads which delivers a high performance needed for all your gaming and virtual reality needs. It works along with the Intel X99 platform and houses a quad-channel DDR4 memory with up to 4 channels and an L3 cache with a 15 MB for better data fetching capabilities.

The Intel X99 chipset allows a whopping 40 PCle lanes that lead an incredible expandability and far more processor cores than the previous models. The use of the Intel Turbo Boost Max technology not only helps to identify the best performing core(s), it also delegates the work to that core in order to reach higher levels of performance. The overclocking ability of the processor is also increased, and this makes it one of the best i7 for gaming. The increase in the amount of the PCle lanes also provides four discrete graphic card slots for those looking to heighten their gaming experience.

The base clock of the i7-6850K runs at 3.6 GHz with the turbo clock that can go up to 3.8 GHz. This brings us to its overclocking capabilities which are at a decent 4.4 – 4.5 GHz that permits a high performance in all types of gaming. However, this comes at the cost of power consumption. The overclocking of the CPU has a severe drain on power depending on whether it is running on a single core or multiple cores. It is not a complete fit for those looking to invest in a power-saving CPU. However, if power is not an issue, then this will provide an advanced multi-tasking capacity with high clocking speeds.

The SLI and CrossFire technology are the highlights of this model as they help to transfer data and frame rates between the various GPU cards without any loss and thus show 10-15% increase in gain. This gain goes up further depending on the type of graphic card used. For those looking to enjoy 4K gaming at a smooth 60 fps, can opt for this gaming processor as a solution for running their gaming applications.

Contains six full cores with hyper threading capabilities
Overclocking is smooth with a substantial increase in performance
Good for running multiple GPUs with good multi-tasking
It has 40 PCle lanes for expandability
The Intel i7-6850K offers one of the fastest processors available in the i7 series but lies in the medium price range. The performance of the processor works well even when coupled with more than two GPUs, and the overclocking ability is worth the price.
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By Intel

AMD FD6300WMHKBOX FX-6300 6-Core Gaming CPU

AMD Processor

Our Expert Review

Though a proper motherboard and state-of-the-art graphic cards help to enhance your gaming experience, it is all for naught if you do not have the necessary processing power to back up your components. The AMD FX-6300 is one of the best AMD CPUs for gaming. It offers a 6-Core 32nm technology that is based on the Pile driver architecture. The processor has 6 physical cores with a total of 6 threads and has a base clock of about 3.5 GHz with a turbo clock up to 4.1 GHz. The overclocking capabilities of this processor make it one of the top gaming processors in its budget bracket.

The AMD FX-6300 like all other in the FX-Series has the Cool-n-Quiet technology that helps to dissipate the heat for a smoother performance. There are provisions such as a thermal interface along with a heat sink and fan to regulate the temperature so that there is no excess load on the CPU. This efficient way of controlling the heat allows for greater multitasking operations even while gaming. The processor also houses a Turbo Core technology that helps to boost the performance of all applications. It also provides a superior overclocking ability for its price range. The overclocking capacity can be pushed beyond its 4.1 GHz if it is equipped with a proper cooling system along with its built-in heat sinks. The Virtualization technology makes running virtual systems on the processor easy and reliable.

The speed and power of the FX-6300 are given a relative boost with the use of the AMD Power technology and AMD Catalyst control centre. These ensure that the processor is working at its utmost speed capacity without any sacrifice regarding its performance level. The L3 cache has a capacity of 8 MB which is a decent cache memory that provides a reasonable scheduling and data transfer rate for faster operations.

The highlight of this processor is its single-core performance that outshines many 8-Core processors out in the market. The efficiency of running the tasks on an individual core is better than the expensive models, and this makes the FX-6300 a good CPU for gaming. Not only does it heightens the gaming speed but also allows extensive multi-tasking without a major power requirement.


Provides a stellar single core performance
Intensive multi-tasking is possible without a power drain
The fans run silently
Best gaming processor for a strict budget
The AMD FX-6300 is the go-to CPU for those working on a tight budget. However, despite its low price, the CPU packs a rock solid punch in terms of its performance level and can run a number of applications smoothly without encountering any serious problem.
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AMD A6-6400K Richland 3.9GHz Socket FM2 65W Dual-Core Desktop Gamer Processor

AMD Radeon Processor

Our Expert Review

The AMD A6-6400K Richland Desktop Gamer Processor is one of the finest processors on offer in the market. The gaming processor weighs around 249 grams which make it rather light and manageable.  The memory type that this gaming CPU supports is the DDR3 SDRAM. Also, the processor uses only 65 watts of power. It presents an APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) with Radeon HD 8470D and an FM2 socket as well. This process has 2 cores and a stock speed of 3.9GHz that automatically turbos up to 4.1GHz when required and can handle anything you want it to. An impressive feature is the processor’s overclocking ability. Some may reach 5GHz or more on efficient air cooling.

This processor comes with an onboard IGP, HD 8470D, which is the best feature. This is because it is equivalent to HD 6650 and can play any game with low/moderate settings. This processor allows delivering balanced architectures for future heterogeneous computing. Also, the GPU performance is stable and incredibly powerful. It is the best budget GPU and an absolute must for all gamers who are looking for excellent performance. While it will satisfy the needs of several gamers, the processor is meant for those who are beginners in the PC Gaming industry. Apart from all these qualities, it also functions well during multi-tasking. The gaming processor comes with its own 1GB graphic memory. With all these plus points, it has been noticed that the processor is most compatible with Windows 10. It allows you to play GTA V at high graphics and very smoothly. The game DOTA-2 can also be run on medium settings without any trouble.

While the processor has the best specifications, it is also incredibly easy to install the GPU according to the instructions. A few other factors that make the GPU the real deal are its relatively low cost and high power efficiency which are basically the most crucial factors to determine performance. One important aspect is the cooling effect. This processor provides OEC cooling, and therefore no additional efforts to facilitate cooling are required. The processor works really well with SSD. Nothing pushes the APU despite all the stress tests one may use and comes out a winner.


Value for money
Power efficient
Quality Integrated Graphics
Well-built, sturdy design
The performance of this particular CPU is not meant for playing high-end games. However, it is sufficient for beginners and is rather affordable for those who are new to the arena of gaming, and it offers quite a decent performance at this level.
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AMD Athlon X4 880K Gaming CPU

AMD Athlon Processor

Our Expert Review

AMD has introduced a new line of products that use the FM2 sockets with no integrated GPU by the brand name Athlon. The Athlon X4 880K Gaming CPU is the most high-end processor out of the new brand of “Athlon”. It is an A10 processor with the integrated GPU (iGPU) disabled. This lowers validation cost while offering effectively equivalent CPU performance. The processor’s clock is higher as compared to A10-7870K at 4.1GHz clocks. This processor is also based on the “Godavari” core. Thus the processor is aimed at mainstream workstations or gamer computers with video cards.

This processor seems to be the apt one for those who are budget conscious and want good quad-core performance. One important feature worth talking is the new cooling solution that AMD Athlon X4 880K comes with. It consists of four heat pipes which come in contact with a copper base and arch up towards an aluminium fin array for optimal heat dissipation. Thermal dissipation is rated at 125W which means there’s some thermal headroom if you want to overclock this 95W processor. While the design isn’t exclusive, it definitely doesn’t have the illuminated shroud. It is important to provide excellent cooling services with their processors because people do not want to buy a third party cooling device along with a processor. It also has a near silent 125-watt thermal solution. It is a quite affordable processor for gaming at 1080p. The X4-880K has four cores and is, therefore, capable of running the newest games. Most modern games require more than two cores so having a quad-core is an advantage.

The four cores are based on 28nm process and are clocked at 4GHz with a boost clock of 4.2GHz. The processor may at times overclock up to even 4.5 GHz and is also rather affordable. This processor is good for those who already own an FM2+ motherboard. This processor has a slightly quieter fan and is, therefore, better than the noisier ones. The K in the product name indicates that it is unlocked and this lets you increase the performance with great ease. It achieves a Cinebench score of 367 which shows a 10-25% increase in performance depending on the benchmark. Apart from this, it is important to pay attention to temperatures and voltages. This chip is easily the best one for those who want to use a dedicated graphics card as well.


High core count
Great clock speed
Overclocked to 4.5 GHz
While the features may not seem to be all that great, the processor is aimed at new gamers and matches their requirements. So if you are new to gaming and want to build up your own empire, you might as well consider the Athlon X4-880K processor.
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Intel 3.70 GHz Core i3-6100 3M Cache Processor

Intel 3.70 Processor

Our Expert Review

The latest processor that Intel has come up with is Skylake. The Intel 3.70 GHz Core i3-6100 3M Cache Processor is a complete Skylake processor and not a renamed older version of the same. The main difference from the previous generations is that the manufacturing process has developed from 20nm to 16nm and upgradations to silicon have been made to improve performance and reduce energy consumption. Because it is a lower end chip, you will notice some compromises, but none of these reduces its efficiency. The processor provides 3MB cache and the processor graphics provided are Intel HD 530 graphics. This processor has 2 physical cores, 4 logical cores or threads and 3 MB L3 cache memory.

One severe limitation is that they do not have Turbo Boost which does not allow them to overclock to run at higher speeds. However, this limitation may not be one for few customers as it already runs at 3.7GHz without a Turbo Booster. As most games are still single threaded, this is the best gaming processor one can ask for. The processor only has two cores and therefore has lesser energy requirements. It has a 51-watt TDP, and despite this, it works at 47 watts during overload.

The processor isn’t expensive. It also device protection technology with BIOS Guard 2.0 and boot guard protects the system during boot. This GPU incorporates support for HVEC, VP8 AND VP9 to run ultra HD 4K video hyper threading. This processor also provides a maximum memory of 64GB and provides three display supports. The Intel 3.7GHz Core i3-6100 3M Cache Processor supports DDR4-1866/2133 and DDR3L-1333/1600 memory type at 1.35 volts. The chipsets this processor is compatible with are Intel H170 chipset, Intel H110 chipset, Intel Z170 chipset, Intel Q170 chipset, Intel Q150 chipset and Intel B150 chipset. Gamers will prefer Core i3 as it is a better value product. It clocks well when paired with faster memory. The Core i3 6100 is considerably faster, and the surrounding chipset is light-years ahead in terms of features and upgrades paths as well. This processor may bottleneck while using CPU intensive games which makes us realize how important performance is.

Fast single-core performance
Low power requirements
Skylake for a great value
Intel’s i3-6100 is one of the market leaders and of course for its great performance. Despite being a locked processor, it is very much capable of providing the best frequency speed.
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By Intel

AMD FD8320FRHKBOX FX-8320 FX-Series 8-Core Processor for PC

AMD Processor

Our Expert Review

AMD has won the hearts of people for long with its worth remembering products that have hit the markets. The FX-8320 was launched by AMD along with the AMD FX-8370E which are both lower-powered octo-core PC processors. These were specially launched keeping in mind the market of power conscious consumers.

The AMD FX-8320 is just another blessing that AMD has endured on its customers. With the Bulldozer process technology built in the good gaming processor, the device is capable of squeezing into a 95W TDP and this it can done by using a lower base clock as well as maintaining the Turbo clock simultaneously. Keeping all that in mind, the processor for games is noted to run at a standard of 3.3 GHz. Not just that, it has the capability of being run as fast as 4 GHz as and when needed. When the processor is running at 3.5 GHz, it has been duly noted that the clock speed hits somewhere around 300 MHz higher than usual.  This is a fascinating point, as just for the loss of 300 MHz of CPU horsepower, you get to witness 30 Watts of less consumption of power.

Further, the FX chip has multi-threaded productivity with up to eight threads. This enables the quad module design processor for gamers to possess too much of processing power which is sheer value for the money that you are paying for this product. The sad part about the gaming CPU is that there is no scope for native support for both USB 3.0 and the PCIe 3.0. Because of this, the users will have to be reliable on the board manufacturers as only they can provide the solution to this by offering third part silicon to resolve the matter.


The processor comes with a decent upgrade in the existing AMD setup
It is available at a relatively lower and affordable price
Multithreading with up to eight threads
Great, affordable processor for gaming
If you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket, then this best budget gaming CPU is what you should be aiming for. This is so because AMD FX-8320 is the cheapest eight threaded CPU available in the market. Plus, this is something that is ideal for a satisfying gaming experience.
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Intel Processor for Gaming Core i5-7600K LGA 1151 Desktop Processors

Intel Core Processor

Our Expert Review

In the world of computers and software, there existed a time when the CPU played the most important role. It was responsible for everything going on inside the computer screen. However, now, at present, it is indeed the processor which is a necessity in order to run the Operating system. Nowadays, everyday tasks for instance gaming are not much affected by the CPU cores beyond 4 in number. This is what makes the Intel Core i5-7600k important.

The Intel Core i5-7600k is the latest and the most efficient member of the Kaby Lake processors which is meant to be run in the same motherboard and socket as Skylake. The major improvements in the current version include modifications in the 14nm process that allows Kaby Lake to clock around 3000 Mhz higher than Skylake i5-6600k, which is extremely useful as it enables 8% better performance in situations where the CPU has a limited role. Another addition is the enhanced video block that supports HEVC 4k encode/decode, but this feature can be implemented by coupling it with processor graphics, a little less significant from the gaming point of view.

A very common competition here is with the Intel Core i7-7700k. The Core i7-7700k is a more expensive option than Core i5-7600k. The core i5 shows a benefit of less than 5% in comparison to the faster and higher priced Core i7-7700k.

This latest i5 series member has factored out IPC that is instructions per clock making Kaby Lake an advanced version of the Skylake processors. An important advancement is that all Kaby Lake processors offer a frequency boost over their Skylake predecessors. Therefore in the Core i5, the base and turbo clocks receive a good uplift. This results in improved computer performance and better processing speeds.

Another important feature offered by this new age processor is a significantly high overclocking potential. The Skylake-based Core i5 6600K overclocks sufficiently enough to 4.5GHz, while the newly developed Kaby Lake chip offers rock-solid stability at 4.8GHz. It also has the possibility of hitting over 5.0GHz with the aid of air-cooling. The overclocking enables the processor to run at higher speeds than its base clock speed.

On a general outlook, the Intel Core i5-7600k showed a better performance than its previous versions i5-4690k by 5-15 percent, i5-4670 by 10-20 percent, from the i5-3570 by about 15-30 percent and about 20-40 percent from the ancient i5-2500k. All this shows a positive development phase from the 2nd and the 3rd generation of Intel.

Great performance
Excellent overclocking potential of about 4.9GHz
Z270 platform offers more PCle lanes
All these features have contributed highly in making the Intel Core i5-7600k, one of the best PC gaming processor available till date. You can definitely go for this processor for your gaming requirements.
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By Intel

AMD Ryzen 7 1700 CPU

AMD Ryzen Processor

Our Expert Review

Rated one of the best brands for the manufacture of Central Processing Units, AMD is back with their newest addition to the Ryzen line of processors, with their best yet: the AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Processor with Wraith Spire LED Cooler. With a sophisticated, sleek and attractive design, processing units have never looked better.

The AMD Ryzen 7 1700 is a cool and quiet processing unit, which uses a grid of smart sensors that allows it to function at its best conditions at all times. It keeps track of the CPU temperature, resource usage and the amount of energy and power used by it. The adaptive control it possesses allows it to reduce and increase the power used by it according to the amount of work given to it by the user. Thus, due to these measures of reducing the power used by this processor, gamers can play using this CPU without worrying about the amount of heat generated by it, or the disruptive noise created by it, allowing us to play an immersive game or browse the internet in peace.

In order to increase the speed of the processor, AMD has created an artificial intelligence inside the processor, which performs several functions for the most efficient working of the processor. It is a true neural network within the CPU, which builds a map of how the programs on the computer use the processor to get their work done and optimises these pathways for maximum efficiency. Thus, the user can be ensured that the CPU will always be working at maximum speed.

The processor is tuned to adjust the performance of the processor according to the requirements of the application being used. In order to optimise performance, the processor adjusts clock speeds at 25 MHz increments, all while the program is still running un-paused. This results in high precision performance.

The AMD Ryzen 7 1700 processor comes with a Wraith Spire LED cooler.  This ensures that the CPU and computer never heat up and always function at optimum temperatures. This is perfect for computers with no exceptional coolers of their own, thereby increasing the performance of the processor and the computer as a whole.

With 8 processor cores and 16 threads, this CPU is designed for the large and complex programs that other processors struggle with. Increasing its powerful stance is a highly low TDP (Thermal Design Power) of 65 W. It consists of AMD SenseMI technology and customised, colourful LED illumination.

At a relatively cheap cost, this processor is the best for overclocking and can withstand a high amount of stress. It is known for its extravagant and sturdy nature and can support all kinds of new platforms with relative ease.


Sold at an affordable cost
Attractive, with LED illumination in RGB and a sleek design
Sturdy and reliable
Equipped with energy saving functions for the best performance of the CPU
The AMD Ryzen 7 1700 is a great processor for all gamers who require a hardcore, sturdy and robust approach to gaming and all the functions that come with it.
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Intel Core i7-4790K Gaming Processor

Intel Core Processor

Our Expert Review

In the year 2013, Intel launched its 'Haswell' range of desktop processors. They had better graphic processors, but they lacked in any kinds of improvements regarding processing power and built-in GPU's.To cater to all such problems Intel launched i7-4790K Processor codenamed as the 'Devils Canyon'. Packed with a processor speed of 4.1 GHz, the Intel Core i7-4790K Processor has a turbo boost of 4.4 GHz and a clock speed of 4 GHz which was a major improvement from the 3.9 and 3.5GHz of its predecessor Intel Core i7-4770K Processor. This feature has been made possible because of the set of extra capacitors that help deliver power to it and due to the use of a new thermal material in it providing extra cooling. Both of these features seem like a positive sign for the gaming world as it improves and enhances the computer's performance and speed which in turn is a necessity for efficient gaming.

Another prominent comparison of the core i7 processor is with the core i5 processor. The Core i7-4790K Processor chip is based on 22nm process and is equipped with 4 CPU cores. It also possesses an integrated Intel HD Graphics 4600 graphics processor. All of this makes it a better suited for multitasking, high-end gaming and many other scientific works. Also, the i7 processors are faster in most cases as compared to the i5 genre. Although, this may not always be true if both are quad cored processors.

The Core i7-4790K has incorporated the Intel's Hyper-Threading technology, which means that its four cores are split into eight logical cores, which greatly enhances its multitasking and multi-threading performance. The Intel Core i7-4790K has the same 8MB of Level 3 cache as the i7-4770K which is equally distributed between all the processor's cores. This larger cache or the onboard memory helps the processor in dealing with repetitive tasks in gaming and other applications at a much faster rate. This again serves as an edge over the i5 processors which have a relatively slower rate in such matters thereby making i5 vs. i7 gaming pick much simpler.

Just like the other Haswell processors, the Core i7-4790K is compatible with Socket LGA1150 motherboards. It has been designed to work on motherboards that make use of the Intel Z97 chipset but also have the flexibility of working suitably in older Z87-based motherboards, requiring just a few updates in the firmware.

Lower operating temperature
Higher processing speed as compared to the Core i7-4770K processor
High turbo boost and clock speed
Faster as compared to its predecessors
If you are looking for a top-end processor for your gaming rig, the Intel Core i7-4790K can be a good choice.
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By Intel

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Buyers Guide Questions

Is a gaming processor and CPU same thing? What does it mean by overclocking?

The CPU or as the abbreviation’s full form suggests – Central Processing Unit is informally known to be the brain of the computer. It is here only, where all the commands, decisions, etc. are taken by the computer. It is the backbone of any computer, and without which, a computer cannot perform.

The Central Processing Unit is a piece of hardware which will carry out all sorts of instructions that need to be carried out for the functioning of a computer. It is the very basic tenet of any PC. Here, in the CPU, the primary arithmetic, logical as well as input or output operations of the PC are handled. No matter how minimal the function is; be it pressing a single button on your keyboard, to complex tasks such as the installation of games; all are governed by the CPU.

Gaming Processor and CPU

In general, the CPU is also referred to as the “Processor”, by people in general. Thus, there is no difference between a gaming processor and a CPU. These words might be very commonly used interchangeably by the folks around. What they tend to mean is the Central Processing Unit only.


In the simplest possible words, overclocking refers to that process where the computer’s components are pushed further harder and faster than they are actually meant to go, when the manufacturer designed them. All this is done so that you can even accelerate the speed of your cheap computers to have a high end and fast working computer at your desk.

When a person intends to do overclocking to his CPU; what he basically does is try to set the speed of the CPU as well as the memory to run at a higher pace than what was originally intended, or officially expected of it. There is always a probability that your gaming processor has the capacity of performing way better than it does in the usual course, and this is so due to  the process of manufacturing being twisted towards a better quality of chips. Hence, there remains this odd possibility. This speeding up of CPU or “overclocking”,  is done to check the caliber of PC and to explore the fastest speed that it can deliver.

hat is the role of a processor in the PC?

Just as the popular notion runs, the Central Processing Unit is the ‘brain’ of any PC. To sum it all up, the work that a CPU does is that it’s the “thoughts” processor, where it manages the thoughts of the computer. This is it does by receiving different inputs from various sources and then works to process the data that it has received. Once the data is processed completely, the CPU then sends the output of such data.

However, the CPU differs from the human brain. The CPU is unlike the human brain regarding storage of data; where unlike the human brain, the processor is not the primary place for storage of all data.  The saving of data for long term or short term are tasks managed by other components installed on the PC, such as the hard drive and the RAM, whereby the hard drive looks after the long-term storage of the data, and the short term storage is in the hands of the RAM.

Usage of the CPU

All sorts of actions that the computer effects, has to be authenticated by the CPU. Without such recognition by the CPU, no task can be performed. Be it a simple mathematical calculation or really complex tasks; the Processor handles them all.

Connected to other Computer Components

The processor is fixed and connected to the Motherboard of the computer. It is the processor’s kingdom, and this is where it gets to rule. Via the CPU socket in the motherboard, the CPU gains access and firm control over all other components of the computer, such as the hard drive or the RAM or the Graphics card, etc.

Clock Speed and Cycles

The clock speed of the processor is often referred to as the ‘speed”. It is on the clock speed as well as the cycles present in the processor on which the rate of the functioning of your PC majorly relies.


The cores are just another way of measuring the statistics of the Central Processing Unit other than the usual way of measuring it, in clock speed, which is measured in GHz. This is just another element in the CPU that will enhance the speed of the computer. The higher the numbers of cores there are in a PC; will determine the increased or higher capacity handling of the PC to serve several tasks simultaneously.

How to choose the best processor or CPU?

To build the best gaming computer, one surely has to select an outstanding graphics card.  This aside; the selection of the processor is far more important. The logic behind this is that for a game to function perfectly, the graphics card needs to work up to its full potential which is only possible if you use the right processor. Selecting the right processor for your computer is a confusing and challenging task because it involves determining from a range of options that might suit your requirements. The main factor when deciding on which computer processor to select as the most optimum one for you; is to determine the way you plan to use your computer. The primary factors are listed below:

  • Requirements

You need to find out the statistics of processor usage in your daily tasks. If you use a high percentage of your processor’s ability, then you need to have a processor with high-performance capabilities.  If your tasks consume only a small percentage of your processor, then you are good to go with a low-end functioning processor too. Based on that, you can base your decision on a shorter list of processors to choose from.

  • Number of cores

There are processors with a single core and with several cores too and to decide between them, you need to know what you are going to use them for. If you are going to use your PC for gaming, video editing or Photoshop, then you need to go for a processor with at least four cores. However, if you are using your computer for regular browsing or emails or office administration and productivity tools, then one or maximum of 2 cores would be sufficient enough for you.

  • Processor clock speed

You need to research details of the clock speeds a processor has to offer, because a higher clock speed means better performance. A clock speed dictates how many actions a CPU can perform in one cycle. You should research reviews on processors to determine best performance and features, as a processor might have an incredible clock speed on paper, but may tend to disappoint in real-time, as there are many extenuating factors involved that need to also be considered.

  • Budget

Your budget is a major factor in deciding what kind of processor you need for your computer. Doing your research is the best way to tackle a budget issue, if there is one. You might find an incredible processor which is the most suited for you, in the same price range as a basic processor from a premium series, so one must undertake the necessary research before deciding.

  • Compatibility

Buying a processor has to go in parallel with the graphics card you are using because if you have a massive graphics card but a low-end base processor then you might end up overheating your system or you might experience undesirable shutdowns or force stops. To avoid that, make sure that your graphics card and your processor’s performance go hand in hand. Also, make sure that the socket type of the processor is compatible with your motherboard so that you don’t have to go through the troubles of replacing it later on. The socket type is always listed in the processor’s specifications. Make sure to check out all compatibility issues.

What are the different types of processors?

The cores and clock speed of a processor dictate the level of performance on your PC. So processors can be classified on the basis of the number of cores available, as follows:

  • Single Core or Dual core:

With single core and dual core processors, one can carry out regular gaming on their PC. The task handling capacity is sufficient enough. For the people who use their PCs for browsing the web or streaming videos or using office administrative programmes and tools like Word or Excel, a processor with single or dual core will be sufficient. Not just that, but some dual cores perform better than quad cores in regular games.  The difference is considerably more noticeable during high-end games.

  • Quad core:

For high-end gaming, quad-core processors are considered the best. Most of the games in today’s date need four cores to run optimally. This is why four cores are deemed to be the best buy for gamers. Not just that, the multitasking capability of the PC is increased by a substantial amount.

  • Six or Eight cores:

As most of the games require four cores to work without any lags, the 6 or 8 core processors are not really needed for gaming, but with the latest advanced VR gaming or 3D modelling, the six or eight available cores might smoothen the job to a perfect level. The people who need to work on multiple, high-power consuming tasks simultaneously, would definitely need to have these many cores in their PC.

Best Processors

There are a lot of amazing processors available in the market that can help you boost your gaming performance in a lot of ways. The major companies which sell processors are:

  1. Intel
  2. AMD

The gaming processors which everybody wants to buy are expected to handle the games they play efficiently. The ability of handling games for a processor varies from game to game. Like for high-end games, high-end processors with multiple cores are required while on the other hand, for regular games, processors with one or two cores might suffice you.

If you want to buy a processor that can handle high power consumption games, then the Intel i7-6950 which has all that a gamer could wish for. It is a top of the line processor with six full cores with hyper threading and 40 PCIe Gen3 lanes for SLI/CF. Not just that, it can be tremendously overclocked, and it has great performance in multitasking and streaming too, but it is power hungry.  In the case of AMD, the A10 series is comparable to the Intel’s i5 or i7. The AMD’s FX series is very power hungry but provides an excellent gaming experience and multitask handling capacity.

If you are looking for budget oriented processors then, AMD’s Athlon X4 860K, Athlon X4 870K, and Athlon X4 880K are some of the best available in the market that performs well. The FX series of AMD might provide you with a better performance that might be comparable to Intel’s i5 line. Also, Intel’s Pentium line is a cheap alternative to providing huge performance out of the box. Intel Pentium G3258 can be overclocked and provides a tough competition to the Intel i5 and i7 series. It is initially clocked at 3.2GHz and can be overclocked to 4.7GHz.

On the other hand, if you want a high peak multitasking on your PC, you might look for a high number of cores series by AMD. The AMD Ryzen 1700X and 1800X series will deliver incredible value in the case of multiple workloads because of the whopping eight cores used in them. They have been upgraded from their previous generations by a considerably brilliant amount, and they perform exceptionally well.

On the whole, in the case of gaming, Intel wins the race by a considerable margin. So based on all of this, one can decide which processor to go for based on his expectations from his PC.

Which one to go for?

Top Pick

The AMD FD8350FRHKBOX FX-8350 FX-Series 8-Core Black Edition CPU for Gaming is our top pick from all the processors available in the market. This AMD processor is a value for every buck you spent on it. With a whopping number of cores at 8, the processor can manage all of your tasks at once without any lags whatsoever. It has a base frequency of 4.0GHz and overdrive frequency of 4.2GHz which is sufficient enough to handle your heavy games and make them run smoothly. The AMD’s next generation architecture used in this series ensures up to 24% better frame rates in massive demand games to guarantee an unbeatable gameplay. This CPU provides an incredible performance without exhausting your wallet; making it a top choice product.

Premium Choice

Intel Boxed Core i7-6850K Gaming Processor is the best choice for people who have no budget issues. This premium choice of ours has a top of the line gaming performance along with high multitasking capabilities to offer. The Intel’s 6850K is a six-core processor and supports a quad-channel DDR4 memory. It is one of the first processors to feature the NEW Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 which boosts the processor frequency dynamically to deliver unmatched performance, ever. It supports high-speed storage and up to 40 PCIe 3.0 lanes to meet exciting demands. If you are a heavy gamer and have a great budget, then this is the processor you have to go for because anyone can not easily forget the gaming performance offered by this premium processor; making it a premium choice product to go for.

Great Value

If you are low on budget and want a processor to satisfy your gaming needs, then the AMD FD6300WMHKBOX FX-6300 6-Core Gaming CPU is the processor you need to go for. The AMD processor offers a bang for the buck with a great six cored CPU to take control of all of your tasks at once. With a base clock speed of 3.5GHz, the processor offers an unlocked clock multiplier for a powerful overclocking so that your games perform exceptionally well. Also, with the AMD Overdrive software provided by the company, the CPU has a highly configurable power and performance curve. At an affordable price, the AMD FX-6300 would never disappoint you in your multitasking or gaming performance.


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