Best CPU Processor for Gaming in 2018

Best Gaming Processors for 2017

The Central Processing Unit, is more commonly known as the processor, these days, is the most crucial component of your desktop. The choice of processor dictates the final build of your gaming rig, and therefore picking the right processor is paramount. For instance, if you are using a top-end graphics card on a low-end processor, the graphics card would not be able to unlock its full capacity, and the result will be a reduced 30 fps performance, instead of a 60+ fps.

However, going for the most expensive processor is not the way forward either, as the difference between the fastest processors and those that barely suffice, is a very small window which reduces as each day passes.

We as gamers can use this to our advantage and go for a processor that is capable of handling all the gaming requirements without burning a hole in our pockets. Also, your processor can be overclocked to match your gaming needs. Some aspects that need to be kept in mind while buying a processor include, the number of cores and threads, noise, heat, and power consumption.

We have reviewed some of the best gaming processors for you, that are worth including in your next gaming rig.

1. AMD FX-8350 8-Core Black Edition CPU Gaming Processor

best overall ratingAMD Processor


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Overall, the AMD FX-Series FX-8350 8-Core Black Edition processor is a definite pick for those looking for a top gaming processor to increase their gaming run time with a decent overclocking capability along with an intensive multi-tasking function.

Why We Like It

  • Can run a multitude of gaming and modelling applications without any drain
  • The 8-Cores offer multi-threading capabilities and a sizable cache
  • Efficient cooling with Cool-n-Quiet technology

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2. Intel Boxed Core i7-6850K Gaming Processor

premium choice ratingIntel Boxed Core Processor


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The Intel i7-6850K offers one of the fastest processors available in the i7 series but lies in the medium price range. The performance of the processor works well even when coupled with more than two GPUs, and the overclocking ability is worth the price.

Why We Like It

  • Contains six full cores with hyper threading capabilities
  • Overclocking is smooth with a substantial increase in performance
  • Good for running multiple GPUs with good multi-tasking
  • It has 40 PCle lanes for expandability

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3. AMD FD6300WMHKBOX FX-6300 6-Core Gaming CPU

great value ratingAMD Processor


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The AMD FX-6300 is the go-to CPU for those working on a tight budget. However, despite its low price, the CPU packs a rock solid punch in terms of its performance level and can run a number of applications smoothly without encountering any serious problem.

Why We Like It

  • Provides a stellar single core performance
  • Intensive multi-tasking is possible without a power drain
  • The fans run silently
  • Best gaming processor for a strict budget

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4. AMD A6-6400K Richland Desktop Gamer Processor

AMD Radeon Processor


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The performance of this particular CPU is not meant for playing high-end games. However, it is sufficient for beginners and is rather affordable for those who are new to the arena of gaming, and it offers quite a decent performance at this level.

Why We Like It

  • Value for money
  • Power efficient
  • Quality Integrated Graphics
  • Well-built, sturdy design

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5. AMD Athlon X4 880K Gaming CPU

AMD Athlon Processor


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While the features may not seem to be all that great, the processor is aimed at new gamers and matches their requirements. So if you are new to gaming and want to build up your own empire, you might as well consider the Athlon X4-880K processor.

Why We Like It

  • High core count
  • Great clock speed
  • Overclocked to 4.5 GHz

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6. Intel 3.70 GHz Core i3-6100 3M Cache Processor

Intel 3.70 Processor


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Intel’s i3-6100 is one of the market leaders and of course for its great performance. Despite being a locked processor, it is very much capable of providing the best frequency speed.

Why We Like It

  • Fast single-core performance
  • Low power requirements
  • Skylake for a great value

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7. AMD FD8320FRHKBOX FX-8320 FX-Series 8-Core Processor

AMD Processor


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If you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket, then this best budget gaming CPU is what you should be aiming for. This is so because AMD FX-8320 is the cheapest eight threaded CPU available in the market. Plus, this is something that is ideal for a satisfying gaming experience.

Why We Like It

  • The processor comes with a decent upgrade in the existing AMD setup
  • It is available at a relatively lower and affordable price
  • Multithreading with up to eight threads
  • Great, affordable processor for gaming

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8. Intel Processor for Gaming Core i5-7600K LGA 1151

Intel Core Processor


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All these features have contributed highly in making the Intel Core i5-7600k, one of the best PC gaming processor available till date. You can definitely go for this processor for your gaming requirements.

Why We Like It

  • Great performance
  • Excellent overclocking potential of about 4.9GHz
  • Z270 platform offers more PCle lanes

Editor Rating:


9. AMD Ryzen 7 1700 CPU

AMD Ryzen Processor


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The AMD Ryzen 7 1700 is a great processor for all gamers who require a hardcore, sturdy and robust approach to gaming and all the functions that come with it.

Why We Like It

  • Sold at an affordable cost
  • Attractive, with LED illumination in RGB and a sleek design
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Equipped with energy saving functions for the best performance of the CPU

Editor Rating:


10. Intel Core i7-4790K Gaming Processor

Intel Core Processor


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If you are looking for a top-end processor for your gaming rig, the Intel Core i7-4790K can be a good choice.

Why We Like It

  • Lower operating temperature
  • Higher processing speed as compared to the Core i7-4770K processor
  • High turbo boost and clock speed
  • Faster as compared to its predecessors

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Buyers Guide Questions

Is a gaming processor and CPU same thing? What does it mean by overclocking?

The CPU or as the abbreviation’s full form suggests – Central Processing Unit is informally known to be the brain of the computer. It is here only, where all the commands, decisions, etc. are taken by the computer. It is the backbone of any computer, and without which, a computer cannot perform.

The Central Processing Unit is a piece of hardware which will carry out all sorts of instructions that need to be carried out for the functioning of a computer. It is the very basic tenet of any PC. Here, in the CPU, the primary arithmetic, logical as well as input or output operations of the PC are handled. No matter how minimal the function is; be it pressing a single button on your keyboard, to complex tasks such as the installation of games; all are governed by the CPU.

Gaming Processor and CPU

In general, the CPU is also referred to as the “Processor”, by people in general. Thus, there is no difference between a gaming processor and a CPU. These words might be very commonly used interchangeably by the folks around. What they tend to mean is the Central Processing Unit only.


In the simplest possible words, overclocking refers to that process where the computer’s components are pushed further harder and faster than they are actually meant to go, when the manufacturer designed them. All this is done so that you can even accelerate the speed of your cheap computers to have a high end and fast working computer at your desk.

When a person intends to do overclocking to his CPU; what he basically does is try to set the speed of the CPU as well as the memory to run at a higher pace than what was originally intended, or officially expected of it. There is always a probability that your gaming processor has the capacity of performing way better than it does in the usual course, and this is so due to  the process of manufacturing being twisted towards a better quality of chips. Hence, there remains this odd possibility. This speeding up of CPU or “overclocking”,  is done to check the caliber of PC and to explore the fastest speed that it can deliver.

hat is the role of a processor in the PC?

Just as the popular notion runs, the Central Processing Unit is the ‘brain’ of any PC. To sum it all up, the work that a CPU does is that it’s the “thoughts” processor, where it manages the thoughts of the computer. This is it does by receiving different inputs from various sources and then works to process the data that it has received. Once the data is processed completely, the CPU then sends the output of such data.

However, the CPU differs from the human brain. The CPU is unlike the human brain regarding storage of data; where unlike the human brain, the processor is not the primary place for storage of all data.  The saving of data for long term or short term are tasks managed by other components installed on the PC, such as the hard drive and the RAM, whereby the hard drive looks after the long-term storage of the data, and the short term storage is in the hands of the RAM.

Usage of the CPU

All sorts of actions that the computer effects, has to be authenticated by the CPU. Without such recognition by the CPU, no task can be performed. Be it a simple mathematical calculation or really complex tasks; the Processor handles them all.

Connected to other Computer Components

The processor is fixed and connected to the Motherboard of the computer. It is the processor’s kingdom, and this is where it gets to rule. Via the CPU socket in the motherboard, the CPU gains access and firm control over all other components of the computer, such as the hard drive or the RAM or the gaming Graphics card, etc.

Clock Speed and Cycles

The clock speed of the processor is often referred to as the ‘speed”. It is on the clock speed as well as the cycles present in the processor on which the rate of the functioning of your PC majorly relies.


The cores are just another way of measuring the statistics of the Central Processing Unit other than the usual way of measuring it, in clock speed, which is measured in GHz. This is just another element in the CPU that will enhance the speed of the computer. The higher the numbers of cores there are in a PC; will determine the increased or higher capacity handling of the PC to serve several tasks simultaneously.

How to choose the best processor or CPU?

To build the best gaming computer, one surely has to select an outstanding graphics card.  This aside; the selection of the processor is far more important. The logic behind this is that for a game to function perfectly, the graphics card needs to work up to its full potential which is only possible if you use the right processor. Selecting the right processor for your computer is a confusing and challenging task because it involves determining from a range of options that might suit your requirements. The main factor when deciding on which computer processor to select as the most optimum one for you; is to determine the way you plan to use your computer. The primary factors are listed below:

  • Requirements

You need to find out the statistics of processor usage in your daily tasks. If you use a high percentage of your processor’s ability, then you need to have a processor with high-performance capabilities.  If your tasks consume only a small percentage of your processor, then you are good to go with a low-end functioning processor too. Based on that, you can base your decision on a shorter list of processors to choose from.

  • Number of cores

There are processors with a single core and with several cores too and to decide between them, you need to know what you are going to use them for. If you are going to use your PC for gaming, video editing or Photoshop, then you need to go for a processor with at least four cores. However, if you are using your computer for regular browsing or emails or office administration and productivity tools, then one or maximum of 2 cores would be sufficient enough for you.

  • Processor clock speed

You need to research details of the clock speeds a processor has to offer, because a higher clock speed means better performance. A clock speed dictates how many actions a CPU can perform in one cycle. You should research reviews on processors to determine best performance and features, as a processor might have an incredible clock speed on paper, but may tend to disappoint in real-time, as there are many extenuating factors involved that need to also be considered.

  • Budget

Your budget is a major factor in deciding what kind of processor you need for your computer. Doing your research is the best way to tackle a budget issue, if there is one. You might find an incredible processor which is the most suited for you, in the same price range as a basic processor from a premium series, so one must undertake the necessary research before deciding.

  • Compatibility

Buying a processor has to go in parallel with the graphics card you are using because if you have a massive graphics card but a low-end base processor then you might end up overheating your system or you might experience undesirable shutdowns or force stops. To avoid that, make sure that your graphics card and your processor’s performance go hand in hand. Also, make sure that the socket type of the processor is compatible with your motherboard so that you don’t have to go through the troubles of replacing it later on. The socket type is always listed in the processor’s specifications. Make sure to check out all compatibility issues.

What are the different types of processors?

The cores and clock speed of a processor dictate the level of performance on your PC. So processors can be classified on the basis of the number of cores available, as follows:

  • Single Core or Dual core:

With single core and dual core processors, one can carry out regular gaming on their PC. The task handling capacity is sufficient enough. For the people who use their PCs for browsing the web or streaming videos or using office administrative programmes and tools like Word or Excel, a processor with single or dual core will be sufficient. Not just that, but some dual cores perform better than quad cores in regular games.  The difference is considerably more noticeable during high-end games.

  • Quad core:

For high-end gaming, quad-core processors are considered the best. Most of the games in today’s date need four cores to run optimally. This is why four cores are deemed to be the best buy for gamers. Not just that, the multitasking capability of the PC is increased by a substantial amount.

  • Six or Eight cores:

As most of the games require four cores to work without any lags, the 6 or 8 core processors are not really needed for gaming, but with the latest advanced VR gaming or 3D modelling, the six or eight available cores might smoothen the job to a perfect level. The people who need to work on multiple, high-power consuming tasks simultaneously, would definitely need to have these many cores in their PC.

Best Processors

There are a lot of amazing processors available in the market that can help you boost your gaming performance in a lot of ways. The major companies which sell processors are:

  1. Intel
  2. AMD

The gaming processors which everybody wants to buy are expected to handle the games they play efficiently. The ability of handling games for a processor varies from game to game. Like for high-end games, high-end processors with multiple cores are required while on the other hand, for regular games, processors with one or two cores might suffice you.

If you want to buy a processor that can handle high power consumption games, then the Intel i7-6950 which has all that a gamer could wish for. It is a top of the line processor with six full cores with hyper threading and 40 PCIe Gen3 lanes for SLI/CF. Not just that, it can be tremendously overclocked, and it has great performance in multitasking and streaming too, but it is power hungry.  In the case of AMD, the A10 series is comparable to the Intel’s i5 or i7. The AMD’s FX series is very power hungry but provides an excellent gaming experience and multitask handling capacity.

If you are looking for budget oriented processors then, AMD’s Athlon X4 860K, Athlon X4 870K, and Athlon X4 880K are some of the best available in the market that performs well. The FX series of AMD might provide you with a better performance that might be comparable to Intel’s i5 line. Also, Intel’s Pentium line is a cheap alternative to providing huge performance out of the box. Intel Pentium G3258 can be overclocked and provides a tough competition to the Intel i5 and i7 series. It is initially clocked at 3.2GHz and can be overclocked to 4.7GHz.

On the other hand, if you want a high peak multitasking on your PC, you might look for a high number of cores series by AMD. The AMD Ryzen 1700X and 1800X series will deliver incredible value in the case of multiple workloads because of the whopping eight cores used in them. They have been upgraded from their previous generations by a considerably brilliant amount, and they perform exceptionally well.

On the whole, in the case of gaming, Intel wins the race by a considerable margin. So based on all of this, one can decide which processor to go for based on his expectations from his PC.

Which one to go for?

Top Pick

The AMD FD8350FRHKBOX FX-8350 FX-Series 8-Core Black Edition CPU for Gaming is our top pick from all the processors available in the market. This AMD processor is a value for every buck you spent on it. With a whopping number of cores at 8, the processor can manage all of your tasks at once without any lags whatsoever. It has a base frequency of 4.0GHz and overdrive frequency of 4.2GHz which is sufficient enough to handle your heavy games and make them run smoothly. The AMD’s next generation architecture used in this series ensures up to 24% better frame rates in massive demand games to guarantee an unbeatable gameplay. This CPU provides an incredible performance without exhausting your wallet; making it a top choice product.

Premium Choice

Intel Boxed Core i7-6850K Gaming Processor is the best choice for people who have no budget issues. This premium choice of ours has a top of the line gaming performance along with high multitasking capabilities to offer. The Intel’s 6850K is a six-core processor and supports a quad-channel DDR4 memory. It is one of the first processors to feature the NEW Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 which boosts the processor frequency dynamically to deliver unmatched performance, ever. It supports high-speed storage and up to 40 PCIe 3.0 lanes to meet exciting demands. If you are a heavy gamer and have a great budget, then this is the processor you have to go for because anyone can not easily forget the gaming performance offered by this premium processor; making it a premium choice product to go for.

Great Value

If you are low on budget and want a processor to satisfy your gaming needs, then the AMD FD6300WMHKBOX FX-6300 6-Core Gaming CPU is the processor you need to go for. The AMD processor offers a bang for the buck with a great six cored CPU to take control of all of your tasks at once. With a base clock speed of 3.5GHz, the processor offers an unlocked clock multiplier for a powerful overclocking so that your games perform exceptionally well. Also, with the AMD Overdrive software provided by the company, the CPU has a highly configurable power and performance curve. At an affordable price, the AMD FX-6300 would never disappoint you in your multitasking or gaming performance.

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