11 Best Gaming Desks for PC or Console Gamers in 2017

We all understand the struggle of having a gaming desk that doesn’t fit all your devices. It is annoying to keep looking for your drink or headphone while you’re in the midst of a long battle gaming session. Not to mention, the chances of spilling your drink all over your perfect PC set up isn’t not only horrifying but also a probable reality. Some desks are too big or way too small for us. If you already a perfect gaming set, it isn’t too much to also accentuate it with the best gaming desks available in the market, is it?

If you’re a serious and hardcore gamer, you understand the pangs of desk space limitations. You wish it stored your online games for you, you wish you had a charging station to keep your gadgets on the go and you also wish you could pay bills right from your chair without moving a muscle. Have a look at the top gaming desks that let you do all of it and more. They are sturdy, stable, portable and have enough space not only for your devices but also for your coke can and headphone. To top it all, these finest gaming desks come with adjustable settings and are very versatile and durable, to say the least.


ApexDesk Electric Height Adjustable Standing Gaming Desk

ApexDesk Electric Height Adjustable Standing Gaming Desk

By ApexDesk

The ApexDesk Electric Height Adjustable Standing Gaming Desk is one of the best budget gaming computer desk ideal for all the game lovers who are obsessed with the idea of gaming. It is made of medium density filter board (MDF) with high-pressure lamination. Other gaming desks of the same price range are made of inferior quality low-grade particle board whereas the ApexDesk uses materials used on high-quality furniture, which not only makes it top-notch but also durable for extended periods of time. The gaming desk is scratch-resistant and ergonomically shaped to deliver better results.

This Elite Series desk derives its stability and durability from one piece center beam. It is designed with no crossbar to allow more leg room. Users can also add an exercise bike or treadmill to this custom computer desk. It is absolutely easy to assemble as it comes with no screws and lessens the hassle. The lifting column is connected to the secure beam via efficient levers that make it more endurable and stable for heavy usage. It is the perfect desk to accentuate your gaming setup. Most designers add a crossbar to a gaming table and limit the legroom area, which makes the person thoroughly uncomfortable. This comes with a no crossbar that prioritizes your legroom space and the comfort that comes with it. Moreover, the under frame it relies on is heavy duty and makes this PC gaming desk a robust one.

To make it more convenient and appropriate for you, the ApexDesk can be adjusted 29" to 48" at 1.3”/second. Also, it comes with dual motors and a button controller, that add to its versatility and convenience of the user. The makers believe standing increases your focus and keep you healthy while doing your work. This standing desk is the best two in one gaming desk you could ever across – as you can also use it while sitting. Avid gamers who are conscious of their health and fitness would be thrilled to get their hands on this computer gaming desk.

Durable and stable
Plenty of space for monitors and devices
Increased space for legroom
If you’re willing to settle for a gaming desk that stands for ulterior quality, thoughtful engineering, scratch resistant table top and adjustable settings, ApexDesk is the best you could get.

Atlantic Ultimate Gamer Desk For Pros

Atlantic Ultimate Gamer Desk For Pros

By Atlantic

The Atlantic Ultimate Gamer Desk for Pros is the best budget and most efficient computer gaming desks ideal for game lovers, worldwide. If you’re a serious and hardcore gamer, this would be the perfect gaming desk for you to accommodate your monitors and desks which also has enough room for your headphones and beverages. Between long sessions of gaming, headphones and beverages should be within your reach and this Atlantic Gaming Desk allows much room for that.  It comes with a television stand and a 27-inch flat screen television can fit easily here. Besides, it has enough space for your laptop, a headphone, a couple of speakers and a few controllers. It also has plenty of room to accommodate like five games.

Designed with a sturdy and elevated panel, this modern computer desk comes with a charging station for electronic devices and a power strip holder to have everything including your phone within your reach. With this, adults could pay bills or even purchase more games online. It is furnished with a cable management system and has a scratch-resistant top that is made of silver metallic and carbon fiber. Its non-marring steel rod feet make it more convenient, durable and robust for extended periods of time. This gamer desk has a cup holder to keep your cold drink in place and a headphone hook. There’s a storage drawer for all other needs and a table top reinforcement bar to accommodate everything else. It also a game storage rack, speaker trays, wire-management trim plates and a monitor stand. It is literally the best PC gaming desk you could get for around US$100. It comes with no crossbar to allow more legroom and to help you make yourself comfortable with ease.

This gaming desk helps you to play as well as work and fits everything you have. It is easy to assemble desk that also works as a TV stand and storage of games.

Allows plenty of space for everything
Elevated flat panel stand for right balance
Presence of charging station, an added advantage
Speaker brackets are compatible with all speakers
It’s versatile and convenient and the most preferred gaming desk by professionals. The desk is a conveniently adjustable one that can be adjusted from time to time, considering your needs. Its steel rod construction with a metallic finish not only provides stability but also gives it an attractive appearance.

Arozzi Arena Adjustable Gaming Desk

2017's Best Gaming Desk For Gamers


The Arrozi Arena Gaming Desk deserves to be touted as a masterpiece of craft. Its colossal area of seemingly unbreakable rock solid surface gives you more than enough space to unleash the wild gamer in you. This desk can house three large monitors to give you a holistic gaming experience. The depth provides a vast layout for mouse, keyboard, and other devices. Now you can enjoy a multiplayer experience like never before. The custom mouse pad has a water-resistant  – machine washable microfiber cloth surface and covers 100% of the desk’s surface area. The padding goes easy on your hands and reduces friction, thus increasing gaming efficiency. It has a unique cable management arena. The solid construction of the desk attracts the gamers for a stout and tranquil surface for working comfortably. The arena is available in five different attractive colors like red, green, blue, white and black.
A solid & rigid state of the art construction of this desk gives you a stable, placid surface for comfortable high-intensity gaming sessions. With adjustable height, now you don’t have to crank your hand, allowing you to have a proper body posture.
The assembly of this gaming desk is a trivial task and can be done easily after going through the step – by- step instructions provided. The desktop and frame are divided into only 3 sections. Arozzi Arena is all set to steal your hearts with 5 color variants – Black, Blue, Red, Green, and White.

Covered in 5 millimeters of soft padding
Extremely spacious so you can keep all your stuff
Easily portable, thanks to its lightweight build
Gaming on the Arrozi Arena Gaming Desk is a truly liberating experience. It exuberates a no - nonsense gaming attitude, never letting your back down. This Swedish marvel gives the ultimate bang for the buck.

E-Blue USA Wireless Glowing LED PC Gaming Desk Table

E-Blue USA Wireless Glowing LED PC Gaming Desk Table

By E-Blue USA

With gaming becoming the cult obsession these days, E-Blue EGT series tables have gained quite popularity. Available in a wide range, these specially designed desks can save gamers from fatigue and eye irritations caused due to the excessive playing. One of the remarkable products in the series is E-Blue USA wireless glowing LED PC gaming desk table. Loaded with all the advanced specifications this glowing gaming desk table is an absolute delight for the gamers.

Entire designing is done paying a detailed attention to all the smooth gaming-requirements. The hand support system, in addition to the extended desktop, works perfectly for reducing the hand pains. Establishing a great balance between the measurements and the eye-desktop distance, the E-Blue wireless gaming computer desk table is an ace performer. Along with many drool-worthy features, this E-Blue desk table guarantees an unbelievable gaming experience. The built-in glowing lights system, introduced in this product establishes it as super trendy. The other noticeable features include the wireless access to control the speed and the glowing effects. This wireless E-Blue desk table has a satin finished surface for excellent optical sensor reflections. The advanced technology in this product uses L-shaped feet bar to not only provide additional support to the table but also to take a good care of your feet.

If you are a gaming enthusiast, then you sure look out for the durability and comfort before buying a gaming desk table. This E-Blue wireless glowing LED PC l shaped gaming desk is well packed with medium density fiberboard, doubling the durability. The spaceshift craft concept designing makes it even more desirable gaming desk table to improve your gaming experience. The well-finished corners and edges protection backing, which ensures the durability of this gaming desk and comfort for the user. It also comes with a facility of adjusting brightness level and even turn the LED’s using the wireless remote systems. This corner gaming desk is highly recommended to all the gamers looking to upgrade aesthetics of their setup.

L-shaped feet bar for a great gaming experience
First ever wireless glowing desk table
Faster sensor reflection with Satin finished surface
This E-Blue USA wireless glowing LED PC gaming desk table is an absolute delight for all the gamers out there. It is a perfect pick offering a perfect blend of comfort and unbelievable gaming experience.

Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk

Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk For Gaming

By Origami

The Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk for Gaming is one of the most reasonably priced and efficient desks for gaming. This desktop desk is not only lightweight and portable but also stable and sturdy for regular use. This is almost a custom PC desk which can be folded in less than a minute. It’s easy to set up and assemble. As it requires minimal assemblage, it is ready for use from the moment you buy it. It has a foldable frame design which makes it convenient and versatile.

It comes with a two-piece folding mechanism and dual locks.

It is a good gaming desk that allows an inbuilt computer tower above the ground to store your CPU and not let it mingle with dust. The tabletop is removable and is made of steel. It allows a wide surface area to accommodate your monitor, controllers, speakers and everything else. The wheels on its feet add more portability and convenience to it. It comes in a black attractive color and is a reasonably priced setup that comes within US$100. It's lightweight and you can easily shift it to any place, hassle-free.

Designed in a sturdy steel frame, it has a particle wood top that is also scratch-resistant. This multi monitor desk has a built-in extra shelf that works as a crossbar and also accommodates your CPU and speakers. It is capable of holding a maximum weight of 250 pounds and has a plenty place to have more than one monitor. You could also keep accessories like printers, speakers, and keyboards. Most computer desks do not allow room for so many devices and aren’t as reasonably priced as this one. Evenly distribute all your accessories on the surface and make sure your gadgets do not wobble. Its weight is near 46 pounds. It is a fully assembled gaming desk which needs no extra tools or doesn’t include the hassle of screws and lever. Its sturdy yet lightweight nature makes it durable for extended periods of time. This desk is an all-rounder desk. One could use it as a modern gaming desk as well as a study desk. It holds books and other gadgets quite efficiently.

Portable – easy to carry around
Accommodates almost everything
In-built shelf above the ground
If you’re looking for a lightweight and portable gaming desk that has plenty of room for all your devices, this is the thing you need.

Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk

Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk

By Walker Edison

This timeless multi-utility beauty is the perfect addition to your home décor! With a sleek modern design giving it a professional look, the Walker Edison Soreno 3 Piece Corner Desk ranks as the best seller amongst home office desks. It consists of 2 detachable desks connected by an L-shaped corner wedge for maximum space optimization. A sliding keyboard tray has been provided, which can be mounted on either side of the gaming desk. A CPU stand is an intelligent addition to judicious use of space.

You can get sufficient space for doing anything on the top of the gaming computer desk. The two long rectangular pieces can be completely separated in 10minutes.yo can also easily modify this desk. The keyboard tray can be used as a monitor stand, which can come in very handy. The frame of the keyboard tray and 4 holes are drilled into the corners and little legs are screwed on through these holes. The glass edges of the desk are angled to prevent scraping of limbs and chipping of the glass, making it a great adding to your gaming setup. This elegant gaming computer desk is crafted with durable steel accompanied with a powder coat finish and a thick beveled tempered safety glass; thus enabling it to withstand higher loads. Its maintenance is not a daunting chore as it can be easily wiped clean with a piece of cloth.

The Walker Edison Soreno 3 Piece Corner Desk comes in 5 attractive colors – Black, White, Smoke, Silver, and Multi; with custom color combinations of the glass and frame also available.

This corner desk is available at a very affordable price with free shipping. You can either assemble the parts yourself, by following the easy step– by–step instructions attached therewith, or can opt for an expert assembly for some extra bucks. This gaming desk supports multiple monitors and desktop computers without concern of collapsing. It comes with a 30-day manufacturer warranty against defects. Overall, looks and durability are its prime objectives, and it does not disappoint at all in those aspects.

Priced reasonably and hence, easily affordable
Extensive range of color variants on offer
Detachable, according to your needs
Walker Edison Soreno 3 Piece Corner Desk can prove to be the best value for money addition to your home. Fulfilling your day-to-day home and office needs is now a walk in the park!

Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Gaming Desk

Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Gaming Desk

By Z-Line Designs

Keeping up with the times, the Z – Line Belaire Glass L – Shaped Computer Gaming Desk has emerged as one of the most brought and most reviewed product in its category with a high star rating. It's L – shaped structure makes it ideal for corner placement, thus making maximum utilization of the space available. The Gaming desk has a sturdy metal frame with reinforced plates on metal joints. A black powder coat finish makes this l shaped gaming desk irresistible to the eyes.

The charismatic Z – Line Belaire Glass Computer Gaming Desk ensures that it can have multiple uses along with providing a hassle free gaming experience. It boasts of spacious dimensions which make it easy for you to play games and also add additional monitors with ease. The crystal clear transparent glass surface gives this gaming computer desk a chic look but does not compromise with the strength. A carefully crafted tempered glass finds its place on the desktop, display shelf, and slide - out keyboard tray. Two style variants, namely “Feliz L Desk” and “Belaire L-Desk” are up for grabs.

The gaming desk gives ample space for various desktop components like a printer, UPS, modem, etc. along with unrestricted movements of the mouse. It has a limited lifetime warranty and comes disassembled. You can either assemble the parts yourself, by following the easy step-by-step instructions attached therewith or can opt for an expert assembly for some extra cost.

Great looks for a stylish makeover of your room
Extremely spacious – allows you to stuff all your accessories
This gaming desk is easy to assemble
The Z – Line Belaire Glass L – Shaped Computer Gaming Desk is a must have for anyone who is looking for a robust gaming desk at an affordable price.

HomCom 69″ Modern L-Shaped Glasstop Gaming Station

HomCom 69" Modern L-Shaped Glasstop Gaming Station


The HomCom 69” Glasstop Office Workstation Computer Desk can leave anyone mesmerized with its sleek design and smoky undertones. This multi-purpose curved beauty can double up as an office workstation as well as gaming desk. Its sophisticated looks can deceive most of us. In reality, it provides humongous space for computer, mouse, office articles, and includes a sliding keyboard tray and a cute CPU stand. The L-shaped desk does not take too much of space, thus leaving room for other works.

The powder coated steel frame and MDF panels this l shaped gaming desk offers with black finish make it look very elegant. It does not have excessive shelves and drawers, thus making it user-friendly and easy to handle. The strength and durability of the HomCom Office Desk come from its steel body but does not accentuate its weight. Furthermore, it is built to withstand a permissible weight on the long and short desks respectively, making it one of the best gaming computer desks you can go for. A huge load carrying capacity allows you to extensively pile up items is another added benefit.

The assembly of this gaming computer desk can prove to be a daunting task, owing to its complexity. But it is a one-time affair and can be undertaken after going through the assembly instructions. The desk is available in only one hue, which is black. This shouldn’t be an issue if your sole intention is to go for a robust gaming computer desk.

On offer at an affordable price
High load bearing capacity
Its myriad uses make it a perfect candidate for home, dorm room or office use. The two desks can allow for 2 persons to carry out their work assignments or use the desk for a session of multiplayer gaming. It proves as a good buy in that price range.

Techni Mobili Hip Black Glass Corner PC Desk

Techni Mobili Hip Black Glass Corner PC / Gaming Desk

By Techni Mobili

The technology has stretched its wings and all the modern generation has slipped under it. There are new products launching every other day supporting the trend. Techni Mobili Hip Black Glass Corner PC Desk is one such advanced corner PC desk which establishes a comfortable user-technology relationship. This advanced techno-friendly corner PC desk comes with a lot of handy features. It combines a sophisticated heavy duty tempered glass desktop with a curved chrome steel frame of stylish lines. This ultra-trendy and user-friendly glass corner PC desk support in-hand technology, making it very easy to be used.

Of many highlighting features, there are a few specific ones which are to be looked out for in this elegant piece of modern furniture. Techni Mobili Hip Black Glass Corner PC Desk has a flexible L-shaped design which provides the user a choice to adjust the desk as per the need. The long and the short sides are interchangeable adding more to the required adjustments. The designing standards have been taken a great care of, which provides and edge to this particular corner PC desk over all the available corner tables.

The desktop panels used are rectangular and curved in style with each capable of holding 110lb and 66lb respectively. The available keyboard tray is designed to hold 33lbs and is also equipped with a safety stop, which really comes in handy while gaming. These capacity standards help the user to have an edge while selecting the desktop gaming desk for use. Techni Mobili Hip Black Glass Corner PC Desk is very simple to assemble, which makes this gaming desk a suitable choice for all those who do not want to get messed up with the technology complexities. Durability is always the first concern of the buyer; this Techni Mobili Hip Black Glass Corner PC Desk is well checked and comes with a warranty of 5 years. The guaranty assured helps to build a trust relation with the buyer.

Ready and easy to use
Interchangeable long and short sides, comes in handy while playing games
A 5 years warranty for complete protection
Techni Mobili Hip Black Glass Corner PC Desk is very easy and ready to be used. With a comfort-oriented designing, stylish approach and handy technology involved, this glass desktop table can be trusted with the ongoing trend.

Bestar Hampton Corner Gaming Workstation

Bestar Hampton Corner Gaming Workstation

By Bestar

Trust Bester when it comes to the quality. The newest in the row is Bestar Hampton Corner Gaming Workstation. This workstation is a modern piece of furniture which is highly suitable to add sophistication to your home office. A fresh furnishing touch introduced with this Bester gaming workstation sets it apart from all the other available gaming workstations. Supporting and L-shape design, this Bester Hampton corner gaming workstation is dynamic in its approach. It gives you a choice to use the desk from either side allowing you to save a lot of space and style it as per the requirement.

This great looking workstation has been designed, paying a great attention to your comfort. The designing is done in a fashion which increases the workspace while keeping everything well organized and in reach. Its compact size makes it handy to be used and also allows you to make adjustments as per the need. This compact collection comes with a lot of the high-end features which add advanced technology values to the product. The deluxe .25 mm shock resistant PVC edge featured in the 1” (25 mm) work surface adds to the durability of the workstation making it safe and secure for the use.

Available in sand granite & charcoal colors this Bestar Hampton corner gaming desk can be placed in a combination of any color. This easy and comfortable workstation unit comes with a fine monitor shelf, open and closed storage. The keyboard shelf supported on the ball bearing slides makes the operations quiet and smooth. If you are someone who has to give long sittings working on the monitors, this feature must catch your attention as who else then you know how annoying that scratching sound of pulling out keyboard shelf is. The dimensions of the gaming computer desk allow you to keep everything you need within your hand’s reach.

Attractive and stylish look for a great experience
Durable with shock resistant PVC edge bearings
Dynamic as put to work from either side
Overall an attractive and stylish gaming workstation for your home or office needs, which can give the place a stylish makeover. This Bestar Hampton corner gaming workstation is manageable and is great for all who are looking to give their home office an upgrade.

Best Choice Products Wood L-Shape Corner Computer Desk PC

Best Choice Products Wood L-Shape Corner Computer Desk PC

By Best Choice Products

If you are looking out for a stylish piece of home office furniture, then the latest addition to the Best Choice Products is a thing for you. This L-Shape Corner Computer Desk PC Workstation is all fashionable and easy to use. The comfortable and handy home furniture corner computer desk table is a fine combination of style and class. The beautiful wooden material is used to give this one a perfect blend of modern and elegant look. Apart from adding the class to your space, the desk will make your room look more organized by providing it an additional space without making it appear clunky.

The Best choice is a trusted brand to deliver modern and durable products and this wooden computer desk workstation fits right into the category. Well designed by taking good care of all the essential sections, this workstation offers a sturdy frame which is well supported by an edgy architectural look. This worked out design provides backing to all your office essentials. The desk comes with a keyboard drawer and also with a stand for your computer tower. Available in the black color, this wooden workstation weighs 46.3 pounds.

Given its size, the product can be easily adjusted to the workspace which is a great and useful feature any gamer looks for. This design is highly recommended for you if you want to style your small room with a good desk space. Best choice products wood L-Shape corner computer desk PC workstation is durable and well built, meeting all the requirements a gaming lover looks for. The gaming desk is delivered unassembled but the assembling of the workstation is very easy. It only takes a few hours of work which can done by following the guidelines from the manual, which is provided with the packaging. Once assembled, gaming computer desk assures you with an amazing experience keeping all your stuff well within your reach. This simple and elegant Best Choice Product wood L-Shape corner computer desk PC workstation is trendy which helps you to add style to your home and office space alike.

Cost effective product, really affordable
A very attractive and trendy look
Great desk space for keeping all your gaming stuff
If you are looking for a product to simply increase your desk space without covering too much room, you totally should give Best Choice Product wood L-Shape corner computer desk a shot.

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Buyers Guide Questions

Should my gaming desk have enough room for two or three monitors?

If you are gaming freak then it is always a great thing to go for desks which can accommodate two or three monitors simultaneously. It is seen that people with two or three monitors are more than satisfied than people not using them, obviously because the latter get more space. But if you are going for two or three monitors then it is better if you go for an L-shape desk, as it will give more space and will really be comfortable to use all the three monitors’ simultaneously. It is also seen that dual monitors help in increasing productivity, and it is a dream of for every gamer to have multiple monitors.

You can use your multiple monitors for doing many things such as writing articles, comparing spreadsheets, documents, doing research, having a check on social media feeds etc. While you may face a lot of issues in your vertically oriented monitor and scrolling through long documents may get irritating at times, but you may not face this issue if you have multiple monitors.

You will have a time of your life if you are a gamer and you have multiple monitors. You know better how great it is to have two or three-plus monitor set-up is to you. You need to have enough room in your gaming desk to fit your two or three monitors and therefore, an L-shaped desk is a great choice because there’s plenty of room for all three monitors to fit in easily. Moreover, you need not worry about fitting extra things like your keyboard and stuff; you can do that with ease as well.

The extra space will help you keep all your stuff organized and help you stay organized. It will also help in accessing your accessories, as you can have little shelves and drawers that are also accessible. The extra room of the gaming desk looks stylish and classy as well. A cool designed desk with the right look gives you the most satisfaction.

How do I maximize my gameplay ability with a gaming desk?

Though games nowadays are being accessible from phones to laptops, but the satisfaction you get from playing on a desk is the utmost satisfaction. First things first – using a desk is good for your health, if you sit and play for long hours and spend a long time in front of a desktop then using a gaming desk is the best option available. You don’t need to spend a lot for a gaming desk; you can get an affordable one at the best price on all online websites along with plenty of deals.  Always pick a gaming desk with plenty of leg room, ample space to keep the keyboard and the desk is open enough to place all your stuff properly. Generally, CPU stands help in playing with ease without worrying much about things falling apart and overheating of the CPU. This will enhance your gameplay ability and also makes sure that the computer works efficiently.

The best part of a gaming desk is that you can upgrade it as per your convenience. You can add drawers, cup holders, and much better accessories every now and then. This will increase your ability to play games at ease and help you increase you gameplay ability. Moreover, you can build your own custom desktop according to your wish and the size of your monitor. By adding comfortable chairs you can play your games with ease and for long hours, which will increase your gameplay ability as well. Reliable features and personalized compartments are made exclusively for the gamer to increase their ability. Make sure that you have detached the stand for better placing of your monitor or shelf like stands if you are placing more monitors. This will help you manage your cables in a way better way. Ample desk space helps you keep your accessories in place and keep your gaming setup organized.

You should prefer desks made up of PVC, glass or steel as they are durable and you need not worry much about changing the desk frequently. Every material has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, it depends on the gamer what kind of material he is used and one prefers. Flexibility is very much important for a gamer to play with ease and increase the ability to play.

What is the correct posture for sitting at gaming desk?

A great gaming desk and chair goes a long way in offering a great gaming experience. And also you should keep in mind the correct posture to avoid further complications. No matter how much you enjoy playing a game, you should always keep in mind the correct posture to sit at the gaming desk. It is important to make sure that you have your body and posture right.

The most important thing you should keep in mind is that you need to sit up straight. You should make sure that your feet are flat on the floor and the thighs parallel to the ground. Maintain this posture all the time while you’re sitting on the chair. Some gamers neglect the way they sit which will alters their posture eventually. Always keep your upper and lower back supported, and by all means, you can use a soft cushion or a pillow for this. See that your armrests are at comfortable level and maintain a relaxed shoulder. You can adjust your keyboard height, this will help your shoulders be relaxed and increase your ability to do work.

Remember to adjust your monitor properly and see that you’re sitting some distance away from the monitor. You should maintain a minimum of an arm’s length from the monitor screen and see that the lighting in the room is perfect i.e. neither too bright nor too dim.  Do keep your neck in a very relaxed position and play in a relaxed manner without many jerks.  If you are facing difficulty in reaching the ground, make sure you adjust your foot rest according to your height so that your legs are not hanging in the air. By doing this, it will help your blood to circulate better.

Gamers should be aware that they should be at least two feet away from the screen. This will not affect your vision and also help you balance if you are sitting correctly. Always make sure to use wrist rests. Wrist rests are used only to rest the hand palms when typing. Always remember to keep your trackball as close as possible to the keyboard.

Last but not the least, always remember to take frequent breaks and try to relax in between your gaming sessions. Sitting for a long stretch of time affects your health in a negative way, therefore, avoid sitting for long hours.  A frequent, short break of one or two minutes after every 30 minutes is important for gamers to avoid health related issues. Sitting for long hours also has severe health implications for your spine in the long run. Further, it puts your eyes under stress which need proper rest as well. Stretch your hand muscles and your fingers every now and then. By stretching your hands, the tension built up in the muscles for long hours are relaxed. Make sure you take care of body by following these simple tips because prevention is better than cure!




Reviews to suit you

  1. Cheapest Gaming Desk

If you are looking for an affordable gaming desk that lets you do a lot, you can go for this Best Choice Products Wood L-Shape Corner Computer Desk. This is ideal for all gamers as it is reasonably priced, comes well within your budget and has an L design which lets you much more than you can think of. You can keep this at a corner perfectly and it will not occupy much space as well. It will add a classy look to your room. The tabletop is made of pure wood and reflects its top-notch quality and sassy design.

Its design allows one to constantly keep playing without discomfort, inconvenience or pain of any sort. There is enough legroom so that you can make yourself comfortable. The desk is strong, sturdy and robust and supports all devices that are placed on it if evenly distributed. You also have an extra space below the desk which gives additional room to support a computer tower. The computer tower is well above the ground to keep it dust-free. You need not worry about your keyboard as it has a roller drawer that rolls over to keep your keyboard. This desk is lightweight, weighing about 46.3 lbs, but firms enough to hold all that you require.

If you looking for a perfect gaming desk at an affordable price, you can go for Best Choice Products Wood L-Shape Corner Computer Desk PC without any doubt. It has great attributes, the perfect look and comes well within your budget. Happy gaming!

  1. Good All-rounder

If you are looking for a simple, sturdy and spacious gaming desk, you can end your search here. This gaming desk fits all your needs. It is simple and easy to use. This Atlantic Gaming desk is named as an all-rounder as it has everything you might ever need. It has ample space for keeping monitor of any size, keyboard and also a laptop. The best part of this gaming desk is that it comes with a built-in stand for the monitor, a flat elevated panel to make your gaming experience revolutionary. This wonderful piece includes a charging station, storage drawer, speaker trays, and table-top reinforcement bar, two controller hooks, game storage rack, rear power-strip holder, headphone hook and a cup holder. Moreover, the Silver metallic steel and carbon finish top give a classy look to the desk. It is robust and sturdy. Its steel construction makes it extremely efficient and stable. Are you worried about maintaining it? Worry not, as it is super easy to clean and requires minimal assemblage functions.

This Atlantic Gaming Desk is the best all rounder as it lets you play all you want while keeping your juice and headphone within your reach. Pay bills, download and store online games and do much more!


  1. Top Quality

If you prefer top-notch quality over stylish looks and extraordinary design, you should go for ApexDesk 71″ W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk. It looks simple but it is of ulterior quality and is sturdy enough to retain weight. It has a sleek deign and the underframe is made one piece center beam which adds to the table’s stability. This gamin desk is more suitable than most others which come with a crossbar and restrict legroom space. While a user gets more legroom to be comfortable in, they can also attach a trade mill to it for exercising purposes.

The robust nature of the underframe adds to the durability and stability of the desk. This gaming desk comes with an option to adjust height accordingly from 29” to 48”. It also has in-built dual motors with 235- lb capacity and 2 button controllers to make it more convenient for the user. You usually find most of the desks built with low grade practical board which can be of poor quality, but this desk is made of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). The elevated top is made of scratch resistant high laminate material that adds to the extraordinary finished look and ulterior quality and gives your gaming setup the much-needed style boost.

Undoubtedly, this is the top quality gaming computer desk among all the desks available. It is definitely worth the money!

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