EVGA GEFORCE GTX 1660 Ti Graphics Card Review

EVGA GEFORCE GTX 1660 Ti Graphics Card Review

An Advanced Graphics Card at a Low Price

GeForce graphics cards have been a dominate force in the computer industry for awhile. They’re known for being powerful enough to satisfy gamers, but they’re cheap enough to be accessible to almost everyone.

The model that we’re going to look at today is the EVGA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti. It follows GeForce’s usual formula for success by combining an affordable price with powerful hardware. For an average price of $300, the GTX 1660 allows you to play the vast majority of demanding games on high settings.

It also benefits from some of the most advanced technology in the graphics industry. You’ll have a hard time finding another $300 graphics card that has turing technology inside of it.

This is all due to the impressive hardware that GeForce has packed into it. The following sections will highlight each of those hardware systems, and some of the special programming that is included with the EVGA GTX 1660.

Built Like The Best

The EVGA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti may be cheap, but its main system is based off of the turing architecture that is used by graphics cards that cost almost 8 times as much.

The turing system in the 1660 Ti isn’t as sophisticated as the one found in premium NVIDIA cards, but it’s powerful enough to allow the 1660 Ti to out perform nearly every other card in its class.

Since the turing system is usually only found in NVIDIA’s premium cards, the GeForce 1660 Ti can do things that most graphics cards can’t, and it costs less than the majority of cards that are capable of matching its speed.

Designed to Work With OBS

Open broadcasting software is one of gaming’s most recent developments. It allows gamers to share their game footage with people around the world, and they can do it live. However, graphics cards are just now being adapted to work with OBS systems.

The GeForce 1660 Ti is optimized to run faster while broadcasting than previous models in the GeForce product line. It can perform fifteen percent more efficiently, and that allows streamers to provide higher-quality videos for their fans. If you’re a streamer, you know the positive impact that high-quality videos can have on your income.

GeForce Experience Compatible

The GeForce Experience software lets you update and manipulate your graphics card at the same time. If you need new drivers for the 1660 Ti, you won’t have to hunt them down on the internet. GeForce Experience will automatically search for updated drivers, and it’ll install them automatically. It also works as a hub for broadcasting controls and other fun features.

GeForce Experience isn’t shipped with the 1660 Ti, but you can get it as a free download on NVIDIA’s website. It’ll only work with GeForce branded graphics cards.

Professional Photography with NVIDIA Ansel

Taking screenshots is an important part of gaming culture, but the majority of graphics cards produce grainy screenshots, and they don’t capture the image the way that you’d expect. Even high-end cards often have problems with accurately capturing screenshots.

To solve that issue, EVGA has included the NVIDIA Ansel software with the GeForce 1660 Ti. Ansel allows you to take professional-grade screen shots, and it has a large amount of editing features built into it. So, you won’t have to put your favorite screenshots through several different editing programs to get them to look the way you want them to.

Fast Hardware

The turing system helps the 1660 Ti perform better, but it’s not where the bulk of its speed comes from. The card is built with high-quality hardware. It has 6 gigabytes worth of DDR6 memory, and it can use that memory at speeds that exceed 12Mbps.

It also has a powerful clock that can run at 1770MHz. If you need to, you can overclock it to perform more efficiently.

You’ll want to make sure that the gaming monitors you use with the 1660 Ti have a fast enough refresh rate to keep up with the card. You’ll only be able to see what your gaming monitor is capable of outputting.


The 1660 Ti uses NVIDIA’s EVGA utility to monitor its performance while it runs. The utility allows you to see when the graphics card is struggling to keep up, and it lets you overclock the system with a single click to make it perform better. EVGA isn’t a one trick pony, though. It’ll allow you to tune the other parts of your graphics card, too.

VR Compatible

As VR grows in popularity, more manufacturers are designing their graphics cards to work with VR headsets. The GeForce 1660 Ti is one of those graphics cards.

It’s more than fast enough to run smoothly with an Oculus Rift, and it’s one of the few graphics cards that can do that without costing a fortune.

NVIDIA Stands Behind the 1660 Ti

While the 1660 Ti isn’t ridiculously expensive, it is still a rather large investment for most people. If the thought of it breaking within a year scares you, you can relax. NVIDIA provides a 3-year warranty with the 1660 Ti, and they have a 24-hour support line to help with any issues that you might run into.

While the warranty is impressive on its own, it benefits from NVIDIA’s reputation. They’re known for keeping their word, and they don’t try to get out of honoring replacements and refunds.


The EVGA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti is simply a powerful graphics card that is still affordable. It has features that are usually only found in the $2000 price range, and the rest of the features are the highest-quality possible.

It may not have a whole lot of really advanced software packed into it, but it has enough to give you the options you need for any practical situation. When it comes to gaming on a budget, you really can’t go wrong with the EVGA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti.