DXRacer OH/CE120/N Classic Series Gaming Chair Review

DXRacer OH/CE120/N Classic Series Gaming Chair Review

A Gaming Chair for Novices & Pros

Being a serious gamer isn’t cheap. Whether you’re grinding on the esports circuit, trying to establish a name for yourself in the professional community for the first time, or simply a hardcore gamer committed to excelling at your hobby, there are a lot of investments to consider. A high-quality gaming rig can set you back thousands of dollars, and then you may have to consider peripherals like keyboards, mice, and headphones. But while gamers spend a lot of time thinking about the quality of their gaming performance, their quality of life is something that’s often neglected.

Sitting for long periods of time can cause pain and discomfort, but quality gaming chairs can help alleviate that. While the DXRacer Classic Series gaming chairs may seem similar to a traditional office chair on the surface, they sport a number of features that make them particularly useful for pro, semi-pro, and hardcore gamers. As their name might suggest, DXRacer first got their start manufacturing seats for use in luxury racing cars, and they’ve brought that acumen off of the race track and into the office or games room with impressive bravado. 


There’s no way around it. Products designed with gamers in mind are often flashy to the point of being gaudy. And while complex RGB backlighting and devices with sharp corners may intimidate opponents and impress fans, DXRacer’s gaming chairs aim instead towards a more subtle look. This looks, for the most part, like a seat that could have been ripped from a nice race car and refitted for office use. The DXRacer logo ornaments the cushy head rest without being too ostentatious, and the simple, ribbed structure of the chair backing offers texture to the chair without being exceedingly loud about it. The frame itself looks like what you’d expect from office or gaming chairs with a stable five wheel base and plastic arm rests. 


The Classic Series chair has the look of a hulking monstrosity. This is a chair that’s clearly built with the needs of larger gamers in mind, and it’s suitably dense to accommodate that. While those who pick up the chair for the first time may be concerned that it’s overly rigid and uncomfortable, they can quickly put those worries to rest. While the Classic Series will likely take a few days to break in, it’s clearly built from the ground up with ergonomics in mind. This isn’t a chair that’s going to mold to suit your frame and create a fluffy cushion of comfort, but that’s by design.

DXRacer understands that gamers or professionals who are going to be sitting in a chair for a longer period of time need a chair that will maintain good posture rather than just conform to the shape and size of the user. That means that while it may take some time to get used to, you can expect a chair that will support your spine and your posture even when you’re grinding through marathon gaming sessions. The headrest is eminently comfortable, and this chair even comes with an additional cushion in case you need some added support. 


As a chair built with larger gamers in mind, durability is obviously a practical necessity. Fortunately, DXRacer has delivered the same sort of workmanlike engineering you’d expect from a company that specializes in race cars. The aluminum base is incredibly sturdy, and that approach to durability is reflected in everything from the industrial design to the quality of the materials around the board. While this chair is capable of withstanding weights of up to 300 pounds, its shape also allows it to be accommodating to people with much smaller frames. The five point base maintains an added degree of stability, while the gas spring that controls its vertical movement is expertly designed. 


All of the materials that go into the construction of this chair are both practical and sturdy. The metal base is constructed from pure aluminum, while the seating, back, and arm rests are molded out of a high density molding shape foam for an added level of comfort. All of this is wrapped in leather style vinyl. The result is a chair that’s highly resistant to wear and tear, but the construction of the vinyl itself isn’t terribly breathable, meaning that it can sometimes become a bit warm under extenuating conditions. 


The Classic Series chair itself weighs in at nearly 80 pounds in total, and while that may be intimidating when you’re lugging the pieces out of the box, it’s actually incredibly easy to construct. The casters lock into place without much effort, and the backrest eases into the seat’s attachment points without a terrible amount of pressure. The only issue you might have is in lifting the seat yourself, so you may want to enlist help in locking it into place. That said, the whole assembly process can be completed in a matter of minutes. 

Adjustment Features 

You have a variety of options to get in the position that’s most comfortable to you in this DXRacer gaming chair. A unique, multifunctional mechanism at the bottom of the chair allows you to adjust both the height of the chair and the reclining angle from a single lever, and levers are built into the arms for vertical adjustment. The 3D straight arms hold their horizontal angle firm no matter how you adjust them. 


This is a sturdy chair and one that’s likely to last you a good, long time. But if something does go wrong, you shouldn’t have to worry. The frame itself comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty, and a two year warranty is extended to all other parts. 

Final Thoughts 

The DXRacer is a monster of a chair. Everything from its heavy weight load to its massive frame to its utilitarian design suggests a chair that can take a beating. But it’s surprisingly comfortable as well. If you want a sturdy and ergonomic chair that will keep your posture solid rather than an overly soft design that will provide you with immediate comfort but wreak havoc on your spine, this is the chair for you. If your budget can’t stretch this far, we recommend taking a look at our gaming chairs under $200 guide