11 Best Microphones for Gaming in 2018

Best Microphone for Gaming

Gaming has evolved a lot over the last decade, and you need top-end components to enjoy a great gameplay experience. While one shouldn’t compromise on the quality of the processor or the RAM for that matter, the gaming microphone shouldn’t be ignored, either.

Most gamers, however, ignore this aspect and settle for the attached mic of the gaming headset. Although that can be a great choice if you’re just setting up your gaming rig, a standalone microphone offers a really top-class sound quality that makes communications with your rivals and your team members a breeze.

So, if you’re a serious gamer, it is high time you go for a dedicated mic because that can allow great communications which can boost your gaming performance by several notches. And when we talk about a standalone mic, we don’t necessarily mean a studio-level microphone because as gamers, we don’t need that.

It should be something better than your headphone’s inbuilt mic. Also, factors like ease-of-use, budget, and setup options can be a bit tricky, so depending on what works for you, you can go for a gaming microphone accordingly. In this article, we’ve reviewed some of the best gaming mics on offer.

Looking to upgrade your gaming experience with better quality audio? Then, search no more as the Blue Yeti USB Microphone is everything you are looking for and more. The Blue Yeti mic is one of the best gaming microphones out in the market that is worth its price. It is an advanced and versatile gaming microphone that allows you to create studio-quality sound with just your computer.

The microphone comes in a sleek design that has the classical look of the olden-times microphone. It is built on a hinge system that allows for easy positioning and adjustments. The screws help to keep it in place, and the hinge helps to fold it up for easy portability.

The Blue Yeti microphone is built with a proprietary tri-capsule technology that allows you to create sharp, clear, and pristine-quality recordings. The three condensers on the mic are fit to record under any situation without any noise problems making it an obvious choice for gameplay and game streaming. The mic also has four diverse pattern modes such as the stereo mode, cardioid mode, omnidirectional mode, and the bidirectional mode. The stereo mode allows the use of both the right and left channels of your audio output and produces a realistic sound that is used for a more general use.

The cardioid mode records sound from sources that are located in front of the mic, and this allows it to deliver a rich and intense sound. This mode is suited for podcasts and game streaming. The omnidirectional mode captures sound from all directions whereas the bi-directional mode captures sound from the front and back. The Omni-mode provides the ambiance of the sound such as in the case of live performances while the bidirectional works well with instrumental sounds or even for interviews.

With all these excellent features you would expect a hassle to set it up, but, there is no fuss involved. All you have to do is plug in the mic into the USB port, calibrate it to your operating system of choice, and voila! You are good to record. This microphone can be set with both Windows and Mac operating systems as long as the system, has a 64 MB RAM making it an excellent microphone for computers.

Some of the accessories that come along with this microphone include a 3.5 mm headphone jack that allows you to listen to the recording in real-time. The headphones have zero-latency and come with a volume control and a mute function as well.

Why We Like It

Gaming Microphones By Blue Microphones

  • Versatile PC mic that provides top-quality audio with no latency
  • For different recording modes for all situations
  • Compatible with both Windows and Macintosh

Though the Blue Yeti microphone is in the medium range in terms of its pricing, it is well worth the money as it provides a superior quality sound that elevates your gaming experience making it one of the best microphones for gaming.

Editor Rating:

For a top performance in terms of delivering a crystal-clear audio recording to improve your gameplay, the Audio-Technica AT20202 microphone is the one to beat. It is one of the best microphones for streaming, and it delivers on its promise. It is also a good gaming microphone as it works on both the Windows and Macintosh operating systems and its secure connectivity makes it a viable option as a gaming mic.

The build of the mic is sturdy with the mic capsule elements placed inside a wire mesh that is supported by a solid metal framework. It comes with a pivot mount and a desk stand. The desk stand has a tripod with a rubber tip to provide friction, and the pivot has adjustable screws that allow you to set the required angle. The mic is also easy to set-up as it involves connecting it to the USB port of your computer and a system software download to get it running.

The mic is made of the AT2020 cardioid condenser that provides studio-quality record capability with excellent articulation and comprehensibility. The custom fit low-mass diaphragm offers an extended frequency response. This allows you to record a wide frequency without any backlash. The cardioids pattern reduces the pickup of sound from the sides and the rear and brings sharp focus to the intended sound source. This helps when you want to connect with other gamers or record your gaming session with the least amount of interference. The amount of noise is also quite low, so it is well-suited for high-quality, sophisticated recording situations such as for youtube gaming videos.

The Audio-Technica comes with an attachable headphone that can be attached to hear the recording in real-time without any latency. You can also listen to another audio file as you continue to record using the mic. The microphone allows for direct connection to your editing software, and this makes it easier to edit your audio content.

Why We Like It

Gaming Microphones By Audio-Technica

  • Provides high and sophisticated recordings
  • Excellent off-axis rejection for better sound capture
  • Noise from the mic is non-existent

Those looking for a mic that can connect directly to the editor without any hassle will find the Audio-Technica as the perfect fit. The zero-latency and high-quality streaming capability of this mic makes it an excellent mic for both gaming and other high-end recording situations.

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The Blue Snowball USB gaming microphone is one of the best cheap microphones for gaming. The mic offers the best of both worlds in terms of its performance and budget and offers great studio-quality recording. The microphone’s compatibility with both Mackintosh and other PCs makes this one of the best gaming microphones.

The body of the mic comes in a retro design with a metal grille and an aluminum frame that gives it the feel of the olden-time microphones. The recording component holds true to its name in that; it is in the shape of a snowball with both front and back recording capabilities. This dual capsule design allows for both cardioid, and omnidirectional recording pattern and the state-of-the-art circuit design provides crisp and clean audio without any form of distortion and noise. Both the modes are useful for game session recordings and for communicating with your fellow teammates in the game.

The Blue Snowball offers gamers to toggle between three different recording settings. The cardioid mode records from a sound source that is directly in front of the mic and as such are suitable for podcasts, game chats and other voice works that require a full-bodied and intense audio. The cardioid mode also contains a -10 dB mode that can capture loud sounds with higher precision. The omnidirectional mode, on the other hand, records sound equally from all directions to capture the feel of the ambiance.

The mic comes with an adjustable tripod that helps to position the microphone to capture the sound in order to deliver the best quality audio. There is a LED indicator on the mic that glows red to show that the mic is powered and ready to use. The advantage of this microphone lies in its hassle-free setup. There is no need for additional drives and unnecessary complications. It is a simple connect-and-use mic with a minimum requirement of a 64 MB RAM.

Why We Like It

Gaming Microphones By Blue Microphones

  • Crisp quality sound capture
  • Three different recording patterns with easy toggle
  • Multitude of colors at affordable prices

For those looking for a mic for streaming and to improve their communication with their teammates or fellow gamers at an affordable budget, then, the Blue Snowball is the best choice as one of the best budget microphones.

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Gaming microphones are essential for a complete and wholesome gaming experience, and no mic provides this experience better than the Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone. With high-quality audio recordings and a cardioid microphone pattern for ideal live streaming and voice chats, this mic is sure to exceed your expectations. Attractive and compact, it is colored a stylish black and weighs 1.8 pounds. It also includes a 6 foot USB cable and a desktop stand that allows you to place the mic where it is convenient, and thereby use the product to its whole potential. People with cluttered desks or a lack of space to keep a mic will prefer this mic for its compact design and the length of its USB cord.

With a custom condenser capsule for the clearest and brightest voice recordings and game streaming over YouTube, this is a great product you can go for. It has a Plug and Play function wherein it connects easily and efficiently with your Mac OS X or the operating system of your gaming PC, without requiring any drivers or additional software. Thus, it is simple and easy to use anytime. It is also compatible with the PlayStation 4 gaming console, and so gamers will easily be able to shift from one medium to another without buying separate products or installing software from the internet.

Despite being sold at a very low price, the Blue Snowball iCE is quite sophisticated looking and does its job very well. YouTube video recordings and voice chats over multiplayer gaming are very clear and make the voice sound great and clear without much effort on the user’s part.

Why We Like It

Gaming Microphones By Blue Microphones

  • Easy to use, with the Plug and Play function
  • Inexpensive pricing
  • Attractive color and design
  • Amazing sound quality and clarity

For a person who is looking for a professional quality microphone which is convenient to use and is sold at a low price, the Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone is an ideal choice.

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The famous and much acclaimed Zalman Zm Mic 1 is regarded by all online gaming critics as the cheapest microphone in the market with such great audio quality. With an extremely compact and attractive design, this mic is made for the most convenient usage. It clips onto your headphone wire using three clips which ensure that the wires do not get tangled and damaged. The wire the microphone comes with is approximately 10 feet long and thus ensures that the user is comfortable and allowed to sit as far away from the USB port as they need to.

The mic is light and small, ensuring that it does not take up any space on the cord and allowing the user to focus on their games and not pay any attention to the mic on their cord. It is highly sensitive, and thus the user does not have to strain or make their voice too loud to have the microphone pick it up. The audio picked up by the mic is clear and natural, and therefore is ideal for voice chats for multiplayer gaming as well as live streaming games online. Recording game plays also made much easier and more convenient with this microphone.

At such a low price, this mic is economical and does its job very well. It is very easy to use and can be made functional by inserting the microphone jack into the mic input port on the computer. Thus, it requires no additional software and starts working easily and efficiently. It is durable for its size and can be used for several purposes, such as live streaming, gameplays and can also be used for Skype calls and so on. The clarity of sound is superb and is thus recommended to users by several gaming websites and newsletters.

Why We Like It

Gaming Microphones By Zalman

  • Most affordable mic
  • Light, and has a very long cord for maximum versatility
  • Sensitive and efficient when recording audio

Thus, for incredible quality at a dirt-cheap price, the Zalman Zm Mic 1 is a great gaming microphone for you if you’re looking to setup your first gaming rig!

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Antlion, one of the gaming world’s most reliable and consistently amazing brands has released yet another high-quality microphone into the market. The Antlion Audio Modmic Microphone is a stylish and classy attachable microphone ready for you to use for your gaming needs. Easy to attach to your headphones, it has a magnetic clasp that holds tight to headphones of any size and thus is positioned at convenient heights for the gamer to use as per preference. It also comes with an extra clasp, so that more than one headphones can use it. With a durable and sturdy design, this microphone is built to last for a long time and looks quite attractive as well.

The Antlion Audio Modmic has a high fidelity electret capsule condenser microphone, known for their natural and voice oriented recording. Its microphone pattern is a cardioid pattern which can be adjusted so as to remove all surrounding sounds. This is especially useful in noisy environments and hence ensures that the microphone is ideal for live streaming and multiplayer voice chats in gaming, especially since these media are so focussed on the voice of the gamer. The cord of the microphone is given copper coaxial shielding, which improves its stability and makes sure that the signal emitted by the microphone is clear and natural sounding. Its cable is 3.3 m long, which is more than adequate for comfortable gaming. It weighs 4 ounces, making it not only sturdy but light and easy to wear.

This Modmic is a boom microphone of the ModMic 4.0 line, which is a highly acclaimed and respected line which manufactures high-quality boom microphones focussing on canceling background noise for excellent gaming communication. It comes with plug and plays as well, so it is easy to connect with any gaming PC. With a response frequency of 100 Hz to 10 kHz and a high sensitivity of -38 dB, this microphone is not one to be dismissed. It is perfect for live streaming, recording game plays and other activities that require a clear and accurate voice transmission.

Why We Like It

Gaming Microphones By Antlion Audio

  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Affordable and attractive in design
  • Clear and natural sounding voice recordings
  • Plug and play for gaming PCs

The Antlion Audio Modmic Microphone is a great buy for an affordable price and provides such a clear sound that it is a must have for any gaming rig.

Editor Rating:

The Snowball ice invariably offers quality sound for voice and computer-based audio recordings as well. Be it at home, at the office, or anywhere for that matter, the Snowball ice USB microphone delivers such an audio quality that’s definitely much better and way ahead of the computer’s original built-in mics that are given away at the time of delivery. Since a gamer requires the best quality audio for microphones, this can be a really good bet!

The custom cardioid condenser capsule of this mic offers crystal-clear audio to solve all your purposes of communicating, creating and recording, thus, providing you the best gaming experience. One of the best features of this product is that it is Skype certified. Thus, there are no questions asked and no shimmer of doubt about this product! You’re guaranteed to get great results and the best sound quality. Also, Snowball Ice comes with a ready to go, Adjustable desktop mic stand and a USB cable. It even works automatically with a Mac or any other PC and requires no special drivers for installation.

It includes Blue Microphones Snowball Black iCE Condenser Microphone which is known to give the best results. Other features of this product include Knox Pop Filter for Broadcasting & Recording Microphones which is a much-needed feature of gamer microphones. It also has Knox Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm with 5/8-27 Threading (Black) whi9ch adds to the experience of the user.

Since this product is Skype certified, it gives clear audio for Skype and other similar applications like messages and FaceTime. The sound quality is beyond fantastic. With this product, you can record vocals, create podcasts, and add narration to your home movies very simply. Thus, this product suffices all your gaming needs and other requirements as well. It is like one arrow, two birds! It is very easy to setup and install. You can plug it and play directly to your Mac or PC. No drivers are needed to be installed to use this mic. Along with this product, you get a desktop stand and a USB cable.

Why We Like It

Gaming Microphones By Blue Microphones

  • Clear audio and is Skype certified and is perfect for Skype, Messages and FaceTime.
  • Easy to record vocals, create podcasts, and add narration
  • Easy plug and play

It is a great combination and is of great value. You will not be disappointed if you are looking for good recordings at a relatively low price.

Editor Rating:

In most cases what happens is that there is not much space on your work desk where you could accommodate a high profile with the large setup. In such a situation, what you need is a small, compact and compatible mic that does the same kind of work that another heavy set up and large spaced microphone would do, but takes up less space and is great value for money. This mic is a great deal, and it provides all the features that you might be looking for. Also, while looking for a great gaming experience, you’d be willing to look for a microphone that is compact and does not disturb your gaming experience.

This one is a cardioid condenser mic that is ideal for podcasting, home studio recording, field recording, and voiceover use. The product is very easy to use and plugs right into your computer’s USB port. This way, you don’t have to worry about connection problems while focussing on a really tough fight in a game. The microphone functions flawlessly with your beloved recording software. It has a large diaphragm side-address condenser that offers a USB output for easy connection to your computer; it has the capability of recording directly onto your computer.

It also possesses high-quality analog-to-digital converter that provides excellent reliability. It features a headphone output with level control that is provided for monitoring purposes. So, it makes it easier to monitor while you are in the middle of a game. The built-in headphone jack allows you to do the monitoring directly from your mic. The cardioid polar pattern reduces pickup of unwanted sounds from the surroundings thus, keeping the noise level pretty low. The headphone volume can be adjusted easily with easy-to-use controls present on the front of the microphone. This would definitely ease your gaming experience as well!

Why We Like It

Gaming Microphones By Audio-Technica

  • Easy to connect, USB connectivity
  • Microphone output can be monitored directly without audible delay
  • Easy-to-use controls

The microphone is fully compatible with both Windows and Mac. Its low-mass diaphragm provides excellent frequency response, and can be a good buy for your new gaming rig. This is a great microphone at the given price!

Editor Rating:

The audio quality of a microphone is an in-depth check. Some streamers use the mic on their gaming headsets; others need a dedicated one. There are a lot of things to talk about the Blue Yeti. This microphone contains three precision, 14-mm, tuned condenser capsules which make it compact and easy to handle. It has added features like Mic gain control, Mute button and master volume control which facilitates easier control over the microphone, making your gaming experience less worrisome and more comfortable. This value for money bundle includes pop filter made to fit Yeti microphone and headphones

The Yeti mic is one of the best sellers. An excellent feature of the mic is that it is a USB mic which comes out to be one of the most important features of a microphone because USB ports are available almost everywhere and are compatible most of the times while you get certain problems with an audio jack! What thrills you in this microphone is how easy it is to use right out of the box. This mic works wonders for novices and experts, both and provides all that is needed. The setup is very easy and has no complication.

The Blue Yeti is one of the best experiences for live streaming and gaming. Users are using it for high-end production.

The construction of this microphone catches the eye. It is robust and well-weighted. The design and aesthetics of the product are very pleasing. Also, all color choices are available for personal preferences. The microphone is incredibly responsive and has a great pickup; just the sort of thing that you’ll be looking for in a gaming microphone. The pop filter is highly recommended for users who require precision. The microphone catches the little nuisance S, T and P sounds quite well.

The compatibility is flawless. Windows and Mac, both identify it almost instantly, and so does your gaming software! Also, there is no need to eject after use. And you need not install any drivers too! It can be utilized for any mic application on any system. The recording side is fantastic. The focused mode is wonderful at isolating issues at its immediate scope. The microphone easily catches the richness and subtle nuances of the speaker’s tone.

Why We Like It

Gaming Microphones By Blue Microphone

  • Four polar pattern selectors which are Stereo, Cardioid, Omni, bi-directional.
  • Added features such as Mic gain control, Mute button and master volume control
  • Easy setup, no drivers required
  • Available in great color choices

Themic also has headphone input, so, the user can hear a more direct, live feedback of his/her voice as recording. This microphone is all in all, very professional experience for a USB application. The mic is versatile and gives something to everybody!

Editor Rating:

The best part about the Shure PGA27-Address Cardioid Condenser Microphone is the fact that it has a large diaphragm cartridge that provides a wider dynamic range for clear highs and strong lows.The large diaphragm also offers fantastic sensitivity. The Shure PGA27-LC Large-Diaphragm Side-Address Cardioid Condenser Microphone also features a cardioid polar pattern. This design helps the microphone pick up audio from the source and reject all the unwanted noise. Along with this, the microphone also has an excellent finish.

It has updated industrial design with metallic black finish and grille for unobtrusive visual presence. This microphone also provides advanced facilities like a high-pass filter in order to carry out additional control of unwanted low-end signal. It also has a -15dB switchable attenuator for additional SPL versatility. The microphone includes a shock mount for additional set-up stability and minimization of unwanted mechanical sounds. It comes with a padded zipper case for extra protection and storage during storage or transport.

The sound quality of the Shure PGA27-LC Large-Diaphragm Side-Address Cardioid Condenser Microphone is astounding and adds to a better gaming experience. This microphone can very well be named the best microphone for gaming. The most impressive feature of the PGA27 microphone is the shock mount that has a great design.

The design has been engineered in a clever way to secure the microphone and isolate it from any low-frequency ramble. This budget microphone is meant to be the best preferred one by musicians and gamers alike.  Microphone audio quality is crucial for the ultimate gaming experience, and this can be achieved by using the Shure PGA27-LC Large-Diaphragm Side-Address Cardioid Condenser Microphone. The microphone has to be handled from a hands width away which makes gaming a little tough as it comes up in the way of the screen.

Why We Like It

Gaming Microphones By Shure

  • Great sizzle at higher frequencies
  • Easy to use shock mount
  • Includes a handy case

The Shure PGA27-LC Large-Diaphragm Side-Address Cardioid Condenser Microphone is the best microphone for your PC available at the most affordable price.

Editor Rating:

The Razer Seiren Pro Elite Digital Microphone is a great tool to record professionally. The microphone provides HD recording facilities with amazing clarity. The microphone also offers a range of four different recording patterns, namely, cardioid, stereo, Omni and bi-directional. The four patterns allow us to switch quickly between them. Each polar pattern performs its specific functionalities and works well. Besides this, the microphone has quick controls for headphone volume and mic gain. The microphone also comes with a built-in headphone amplifier with zero latency output. The plug and play recording can also be achieved via a single USB connection.

The essential features of the Razer Seiren Pro Elite XLR and USB Digital Microphone don’t tell us about the amazing sound quality it hosts. The microphone is made of metal which makes it incredibly durable. To set up this microphone all you need to do is install Razer Synapse, and you are ready to go. It also has a high pass filter at the bottom which eliminates any sound with a frequency of 10MHz or less and makes it easier to drown the sound of an AC, fan or PC fan.

This microphone works well for gamers, but most of its features won’t be used. Most of the gamers use a cardioid polar pattern, and therefore, this microphone can offer much more than that. Therefore, this microphone is definitely overkilled for gaming. Despite that, it is one of the most affordable microphones with specifications to kill for. The crystal clear sound of the microphone will definitely make you want to buy it. If used with tact and utilising switching between the four patterns, the microphone will definitely serve your gaming needs as well.

Why We Like It

Gaming Microphones By Razer

  • Great look
  • Extremely versatile
  • Flexible recording ability

The microphone does provide four different patterns and might seem to be a little expensive. However, if you can think of ways to use it judiciously and think of it as buying four microphones together, then it is the best microphone.

Editor Rating:

Buyers Guide Questions

What are gaming microphones?

Generally, modern games, especially when they include the option of multiplayer gaming, involve voice chats where the player has to speak to other players or give a vocal input to the game itself. Gaming PC’s or consoles do not have the best quality microphones and can tend to give grainy or garbled output. Live streaming games is also a trend that has caught on to gamers in recent days, and for this, gamers require to make their voice as clear as possible for their audience, else they could fail to grab their attention and therefore lose out on views.

Gaming microphones are the perfect solution to this problem. A high-quality gaming microphone could significantly improve the quality of a voice chat, and result in good synchronization between teams and an improved gaming experience while playing multiplayer games. Even the worst quality of gaming microphones would prove significantly better than a gaming PC’s inbuilt microphone.

A gaming mic is any microphone sold separately from a gaming kit in order to be utilized for the purpose of gaming or streaming games. There are several kinds of gaming microphones, which can be used for several uses, but live streamers tend to require mics of a much better quality than regular gamers.

When are gaming microphones needed?

Gaming microphones are meant to be used for multiplayer team gaming, where players have to work together as a team. Voice chat significantly improves the gaming experience and reduces the time taken for the players to respond to one another as compared to on the traditional written chat. Thus, while playing a First Person Shooter game which requires a lot of strategy and tactics on team challenges, using a gaming mic is recommended.

Certain games like World of Warcraft and MMORPG’s (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) require mics as the entire team may be using one, and thus nobody will communicate through written chat. This results in people without microphones being left out of the team chats. Therefore, when a gamer is playing such games, it would be better for them to have a mic ready.

The disadvantage of talking to teammates over voice chat is that if they are all strangers talking online, they may be abrasive, rude, loud, and distracting or otherwise putting off. Certain players prefer not to use mics and headsets unless they are playing with close friends and associates for this very reasons.

Other reasons not to use voice chat as it may be distracting and remove them from the world the game takes place in, especially if it is a fantasy game or something of that sort. Thus, in a game which does not require too much team coordination, a gaming microphone is not necessary. Obiovusly, if you are using the gaming mic for youtube tutorials and walkthroughs, having the highest quality is paramount – make sure you have a good quality camera if you enjoy youtube vlogging.

How do I choose the best gaming mic?

The best gaming microphones for you may be hard to find, as the gaming world is full of great quality mics which may or may not suit your system. In order to find the perfect microphone for you, you will have to look at particular important features such as:

  1. Microphone Type

  2. Microphone Pattern

  3. Usage

Microphone Type

All microphones can be classified into two broad classifications, each of which comes with particular advantages. They are dynamic mics and condenser mics.

Dynamic Mics

These mics provide a warm, full sound which borders on artificial but leaves the speaker sounding friendly and comforting. It tends to leave out high-frequency sounds, so if you play your games in a noisy room, dynamic mics are for you. Due to this, they can be held close to the mouth as well, for a louder and more bass voice.

While dynamic mics are generally used for radio recording and the narration of audio books, using them to play a game will be more than adequate. However, if your voice is too bass, or low in frequency, it may result in a blurry, unclear sound. Dynamic mics are also not very sensitive, leaving out high-frequency notes and therefore not capturing everything fed to them.

Condenser Mics

These mics are used to get a clear, natural sound. Thus, these mics are the best for live streaming and voice chats while gaming. They do not garble words and are usually the best kind of mics to record anything factual online.

Their only disadvantages are that condenser mics require phantom power, which means a DC power supply fed directly to the mic. Thus, condenser mics are usually USB microphones or have an equivalent connection to connect the DC source of power. They are also much more expensive than the simple Dynamic Mics.

There are two kinds of condenser mics, large diaphragm mics and small diaphragm mics.

The large diaphragm mics are generally better at transmitting natural and clear sounds but tend to be more expensive than their small diaphragm counterparts, which give a higher frequency output than what is inputted.

Microphone Pattern

The best microphone design for gaming is the cardoid pattern. This mic pattern is heart-shaped and tends to reject outside sounds in order to provide the clearest sound possible of objects closest to them.

The omnidirectional mic pattern is also popular, but this pattern is only used when the surroundings of the gamer are absolutely quiet, as this picks up on sounds from the environment easily.


Mics can be used in several ways. For example, some microphones are used to clip onto gaming headset (click here if you’re on a budget) wires or the wire of headphones for easy access. These mics are convenient and cheap but do not provide the clearest or best sound.

There are also microphones which sit on the desk top and provide great quality sound. However, these mics have to be placed quite close to the mouth and hence may be inconvenient to use.

These factors do not matter on microphones with amazing quality, as they would compensate for convenience and great quality recordings with the pricing at which they are sold.

For cheap mics, though, the gamer has to decide how they will use their mics. Gamers who mainly use their mics for voice chats should buy a clip on mic. Gamers who use their mics for live-streaming their games are better off with standing mics.

The better the quality of the gaming mic, the higher it’s price. Thus, the gamer must keep their budget in mind as they shop for their ideal gaming mic.

Which are the best gaming microphones?

Gaming microphones come in all shapes and sizes, but there are always those top quality mics that are a cut above the rest. The best gaming microphones for all gamers, in three categories, are:

The best standing gaming microphone:

The Blue Yeti is by far the best standing microphone used for gaming. With crystal clear audio, an attractive look and an incredibly adaptable design, this mic leave all others in the dust. However, it is too sensitive for casual gaming and thus may pick up on a lot of external noise. It is also quite expensive compared to other microphones.

The best attachment microphone:

Of all the mics which attach to your headphones, the Antlion Modmic is by far the best in quality.

It is convenient to use and has an excellent audio quality, with amazing noise cancellation features which allow a gamer to record their games or participate in voice chats even in noisy environments. It is also set at an affordable price. However, it is not quite as sensitive as the standing microphones and therefore may pose a problem for gamers who wish to record more than their voices.

Despite this, though, it is the best choice for gamers who are okay with wearing headphones while they play.

The best budget microphone:

The best mic sold at an unusually low price is the Zalman Zm Mic 1, which is so ridiculously cheap that it is featured on several gaming websites as the best mic for the lowest price. It clips to the cord of your headphones and has a surprisingly good audio quality and sensitivity. This mic is a must have for gamers with tight budgets

Which one to go for?

Top Pick

Blue Yeti USB Microphone for Gaming is the microphone that we choose to keep as our top pick. With its multiple pattern selection and the tri-capsule array which can record any situation, the Blue Microphones’ Blue Yeti USB microphone takes care of all kinds of gaming sessions of yours and provides you with an amazing experience at an affordable price range. It has an outstandingly stylish design that can complement all kinds of computer systems. Not just that, the mic is very easy to set up too because it comes with a simple USB connection interfacing.

The Blue Yeti microphone provides a tremendous experience with instantly accessible buttons for headphone volume, pattern selection, instant mute, and mic gain. It’s a fantastic combination of affordability and performance makes it not only a great companion to your games but also to your budget.

Premium choice

For the people who are looking for a top of the line microphone with all the latest and updated features, the Audio-Technica AT2020USB Cardioid Condenser USB Gaming Microphone is the right choice to go for. It has a studio-quality top class output from the high-quality A/D converter used in it. The mic offers an outstanding award winning sound that brings you a whole new level of gaming experience.

The state of the art design of the Audio-Technica’s microphone comes with a built-in headphone jack which allows you to control your mic directly to avoid any delay and enjoy a lag free gameplay. Not just gaming, it offers an unbeatable performance for singer/songwriters, podcasters, voice-over artists, field recorders, and home studio recorders too. All of this makes the Audio Technicas’ AT2020 a perfect choice for people with a good budget.

Great value

Out of the numerous microphones available in the market, Blue Snowball USB Gaming Mic is the one with a great value for money. If you are looking for a low budget microphone but don’t want to compromise much in the performance sector, then this mic by Blue Microphones is just the one to go for. It offers a tremendous level of performance which continues to remain unbeatable at the price segment it comes for.

It uses a simple plug and play design without any hassle for software and offers professional studio quality performance. Not just that, it also supports three different pattern modes for versatile recording. The output offered by the mic is crisp and clear without any distortion and interference, thus allowing you to have a wonderful gaming experience.

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