9 Best Headset Stands of 2018

Best headset stand review

The headphones are one of the new gadgets designed to enhance your workspace and let it look ‘cooler’ and give you an exclusive feeling that takes you away from the world around you. They are also mobile so no matter where you go, you have good quality sound. However, there’s always one problem with these headphones.

Where to keep your new prized products? Where should they be placed so as not to clutter the place with the wires? How to keep them untangled and ready for use at all times? A stand that can easily be affixed on your worktable gives the perfect solution! Let’s take a look at the best headset stands on the market for 2018 that have made it to our top 10 list:

Headphones are a big part of your gaming or working life in 2017. Having a place to put them where they are not going to get damaged or all tangled up in wires is essential. The Audio Technica AT-HPH300 is the ideal stand for your headphone. Not only does it rotate to give you access from any angle, it is slip resistant and made from durable plastic. This is one of the best on the market for 2017 and you can get it now at a reasonable price at Amazon.

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A safe place to set your headphone down when not in use. The LUXA2 HO-HDP-ALE1SI-00 E-One Aluminum is easy to attach, durable and stylish. One of the best available in 2017.

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A good stand that will allow you to store away your headphones easily and simply. For the price this is good value item that will serve you well for years to come. Best in price and quality that is available on the market in 2017.

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good offering in 2017, the Turtle Beach - Ear Force HS1 Universal Gaming Headset Stand is stylish and simple as well as being very user friendly and comes at a good price. What more could you ask for?

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Not everybody has the luxury of a large workspace, so having a compact and space saving option that will accommodate any headphone set is a bonus. The AmoVee is one such a product and one of the best available and that is why it makes our list of best headset stands for 2017.

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A lovely elegant and sophisticated offering that is both sturdy and stable and with adhesive feet will not move from where you put it. This will protect your expensive headphones and allow you to leave them tucked on your workspace with confidence. One of the best available on the market for 2017.

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If you are looking for a solution for your small workspace you found it in the Sound Blaster, this stylish, compact and universal stand will make storing your headphones with confidence easy. Good quality and a reasonable price is why it is on our list of the best for 2017.

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Sturdy, stylish and fit for all and one of the best on the market for 2017. This one looks quite vibrant and adds a hint of energy to your table with the blazing red hue. Ideal for passionate gamers and music enthusiasts, this is one quality, stable and durable stand that can hold all types of headphones.

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This is one very strong, durable and high-quality product. The stand is the right fit for most headsets, and an organized, clutter free space.

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The stand offers much more than simple hold to your headphone. It also includes the USB ports, cable organizer as well as a port for plugging in your headphone to the base. All in all, a good device to be used with any of the Apple PCs or other accessories too.

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Buyers Guide Questions

Picking out the best headset stand is not an easy job. Yes your headphones are mobile and travel with you, but what to do with them when at home, or even when traveling. You need to have somewhere to put them. So which is the best stand for you?

You can get a major part of the answer to this question from the type of workspace you own and the type of headphone you have. If you are thinking of getting a good headphone too, then here’s a complete guide to help you through.

Other things you need to be mindful of depending on your expectations or requirements from the stand itself:

Size of the Stand: The size of the stand must preferably be small, light and compact. This can be useful to carry it with you when you are mobile, especially if you are using your headphone at more than one location or have lesser work space available.

Compatible: It also has to be compatible with your headphone, preferably with ALL or most types of headphones. Since you may in the future consider switching to another type.

Safety: The stand MUST under all circumstances keep your headphone safe and secure from any kind of fall, scratches or damage.

Material: Usually, the stands are made from either wood, alloys or plastic. The metallic, aluminum and alloys are usually heavier but sturdy and hence price they demand in comparison to the other types. But they are also more durable, so will last you longer.

Style: One of the key elements people usually consider prior to the purchase is the style. There are many aesthetically designed stands, as well as some other practical options. All depends on what appeals to you and what space you have available in your bag if you are mobile, or at home.

Apart from the other benefits, these products are pretty useful for placing your headphone when it is not being used, especially during gaming when you often switch between using the speakers and the headphones.

What is a Gaming Headset Stand?

It is quite simply a place to keep your headphones. These are not new on the market, however there are a lot of new designs for the more modern equipment available now. The main purpose of such a device is to minimize the clutter and to keep your workspace organized. It also helps keep the headphones within reach for when you need them as well as keeping them safe from falls and other accidents.

Another annoying factor often associated with the headphones is cord entanglement. This too can easily be avoided if you have the best product. Since gamers’ frequently have to live through a cluttered gadget-filled gaming station, a little organization is always a plus, as long as it makes it fast and convenient to use.

What Should Be Taken Into Consideration When Choosing a Headset Stand?

Choosing a headstand, may really not be as easy as it seems, but finding a place to keep your new headphones is essential. Although functionality wise, they all give you the same benefit, it usually just boils down to the personal preference. If you are often mobile you need one that will be easy to travel with and then there are other consideration. However, it is always best to do your homework before blindly ordering one and regretting later.

Looking for the best headset to place on your new stand? We reviewed the best of the bunch here.

Some key points to keep in mind include:

Quality and Durability: Always look for the material used in the manufacture of the stand. It must good quality, only then it will be durable. Since you would never want to keep on buying a cheaper alternative, these stands are a one-time thing. So, look for the top quality product.

Type of Headphone: Many of these products are curved in shape. Ensure that you look for one that will accommodate you headphone, as often compatibility could be an issue. Essential details to check here include the size, height, and also the wired or wireless set you have.

Weight Bearing Capacity of the Stand: The whole purpose of this product would be lost if it fails to hold your headphones. Many stands have a certain weight limits defining the total weight they can take on. Check this vital detail, to minimize any chances of your headphone falling or getting damaged in the process when storing.

Adjustability: Many of the stands are also height adjustable. These are wonderful if you use more than one headphone or have difficulty finding the right size for your set. Also if you are mobile a lot get one that will suite any workspace.

Value: It must provide value! A good headset should provide the best value and the best price – see our preferred list of gaming & pc headsets for under 100 dollars.

Functionality: Apart from the basic function, i.e. holding the headphones in place, the stand may also serve a number of other functions. For instance, you will find some that may offer to hold more than one headphone at a time. Or, some may have USB ports, cable organizers or even a connectivity port for the headphones. It must ALWAYS be practical as well. If a design looks good, but does not provide the benefits or fails to hold the headphones securely, it will not be worth the price you pay for it.

Do Headset Stands only come in one Size?

While many of the products, we’ve also included in our top 10 recommendations can be used for ALL types or sizes of headsets, many still have a certain limitations. Most manufacturers try to ensure the stands are universal for all types or sizes of headphones, but there are always a variations in size and height of the products that could lead to them not fitting your product.

Here are the basic types of headset stands you see in the markets in 2018:

The Under Desk Headset Stands: These are affixed under the table. They usually come with an adhesive or clamp which helps bind them to the upper or lower surface.

The Upright Headset Stands: At times, also termed as the freestanding headphone stands. These are the best for the mobile user. They self-reliant and do not require any external support for standing. These are placed on tables only, and the headphone is placed on top.

The type to choose also depends on the type of workspace you have. Often many of the users find the adhesive types easier to stick on to the sides or literally any free place they find not only tables. The upright ones are preferred if you have space for it or wish to have the headphones right in front of you for the easiest access.


These headphone stands are the simplest and easiest solution to keeping the wires at bay, and also for keeping your headphones safe and handy. No matter what kind of headphone you own, you will find life to be a lot easier when you find it tangle-free, ready, and without any undesired scratches or dust, whenever you want to use them.

These stands are especially welcome for the gamers, who love to keep their gaming area clean and neat so that they can access their tech easier and faster. They are also mostly mobile and travel to tournaments and such, so to have a product that will protect and keep their expensive equipment safe and secure is a bonus. In our reviews of the best on the market for 2018, there is something for everybody, from the office worker to the gamer.

Audio Technica AT-HPH300

Top Pick

The Audio Technica AT-HPH300 Headset Stand Hanger is our top selection for 2018. Highly recommended, this one is smart, can be rotated to a complete 360 degree and is quite durable. Simply clamp it on to your worktable and enjoy you clutter free space and tangle-free headset, every time.

LUXA2 HO-HDP-ALE1SI-00 E-One Aluminum

Premium Choice

The LUXA2 HO-HDP-ALE1SI-00 E-One Aluminum Headset Stand makes it to our premium selection for 2018. A high-quality product with the most convenience. This one will always spruce up your workspace, and showcase your headphone in the best way. Universal, durable and very easy to assemble, a must have!

The Anchor - THE ORIGINAL Under-Desk

Great Value

The Anchor – THE ORIGINAL Under-Desk Headphone Stand offers the greatest value to the user both in quality and price. It allows you to place two headphones on it at a time, based on its design and is strong enough to carry over 40 pounds! Usable on the glass, steel, and wooden surfaces, it can be placed underneath the desk, overhead shelf or even the side space. One of the best product for quality and price on the market in 2018.


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